Sunday, May 22, 2011

All About Amelia - 19 months old!

Amelia, you're 19 months old!!

You're close to 28 pounds and you're 32 1/2" long.

You wear a size 5 diaper.

You're wearing 18-24 month clothing and size 5 shoe. We're going shoe shopping this're starting to say "tight" when we put on some of your shoes. Size 6 is too large, so I think it's time to go up a half size!

Your Daddy loves that you give him kisses on the cheek whenever he asks.

You want to dance as soon as Daddy walks in the door in the evening. He has danced with you since we brought you home from the hospital and it's the sweetest thing ever. You say "" You love your Daddy so much.

You go to bed at 8pm and wake between 9:00-10:00 every morning.

You've been fighting nap time for over a month but since getting back from Papa & Granny's house - you've started taking an afternoon nap again!

You've started trying to snap your fingers. :)

You're very attached to Daddy & Mommy right now. Leaving you is hard. You cry when we take you to the nursery which you've never done before. Thankfully you don't cry the entire time - just at first.

You love to eat. Ranch dressing is your new favorite thing. You will dip anything and everything in it and now ask for it when we go to a restaurant.

You love tomatoes which makes Mommy very happy. :)

About a week ago, we were on the road and went through a drive-thru for dinner. You tried a hamburger for the first time. You took about four bites, handed it back and said, "no."

You've learned how to drink out of a water bottle.

You're constantly asking me to put shoes on your feet. This trait you received from your Aunt Joy. She can't stand to be barefoot and you seem to be the same way.

You know that 2 comes after 1, that 6 comes after 5, and that 8 comes after 7. You love your numbers and alphabet puzzles. We ask you to spell your name and you say, "A-e-e-i-i-o." Close enough. ;)

You pretend to read a book and it's hilarious. You have your own little language and sound so cute.

Mommy told you to do something while we were at lunch with Granny - you looked at me and said, "no I not." My jaw hit the floor. I couldn't believe you said that or even knew how to say it!

We've found that asking you to lay your head on the table when you start to have a meltdown at restaurants really helps. You don't have these often, but when really tired - it has happened. We rub your back and you sometimes even go to sleep right there at the table!

Since Aunt Joy had surgery, we ask "how is Aunt Joy?" Sometimes you say, "she sick" and sometimes you say, "she better." :)

You hear a sound and immediately mock it. You get this from your Mommy! You love to ring the door bell and mock the sound.

You carry a purse or shopping bag on your arm constantly.

Every Sunday we blare the worship music and sing along. Mommy tells you that we're praising Jesus and you start raising your hands. I think this makes Jesus smile. :)

Your favorite cartoon is Caillou. You constantly ask "where Caillou?" When he's not on TV - we tell you that he went night-night, so now you say "Caillou...nigh-nigh?"

You love bracelets. If it's round and fits - it's on your wrist.

You like to wear sunglasses now. You ask for "cool" when you want us to put them on you.

You say "baby" whenever you see a baby carrier in the store.

You fall a lot right now. You also hit your head a lot. You are the perfect height and seem to run into tables constantly. We may have to buy you a crash helmet if you keep this up! :)

A few other words you're saying:

"Hit Head"
"Blank" (Blanket)
"Nock" (Milk)

Amelia, we can't believe you're now closer to TWO than you are ONE! No doubt your 2nd birthday will be here before we know it. You bring constant laughter to our're always entertaining us. You have so much're on the go as soon as your feet hit the floor in the morning! We remember our lives before you were here and wouldn't change it for the world. It's those memories that keep us from taking one day with you for granted.

We love you, sweet girl!
Daddy & Mommy


andreajennine said...

That's my girl, turning down those yucky hamburgers! (For whatever reason, I've always disliked ground meat, and hamburgers are my least favorite.) And it's so cute that she says "cool" to ask for sunglasses!

Linda Lou Rogers Averitt said...

so sweet and growing up too fast:)

Linda Lou Rogers Averitt said...

so sweet and growing way too fast!

Immeasurably More Mama said...

Amelia's hair is getting so long! I remember when Dillan was 19 months old...seems like yesterday. He was Amelia's age when we finalized his adoption so 19 months will always be a special age to me. :)

Heather said...

What a sweet, sweet girl! She and Avery Kate would have SO MUCH FUN together!!! :)

Jillian said...

I love all of Amelia's pictures this month. So fun! I had to comment to say that we just gave Lily ranch dressing about 4 days ago and she LOVED it. She kept saying "dip dip"...funny. I love this phase even though they are non-stop because she learns something everyday and the copying is crazy huh...Thanks for sharing!

Kym J said...

Jill, she is so cute. Seeing how big she is getting makes me face reality on my Amelia..:( Love the hamburger part.

Faith said...

Look at her hair getting so long! Oh mercy, she is just growing too fast! I laughed out loud at the thought of her saying "no" to the hamburger. Haha! And, that picture of those sweet little legs with one foot on her tip toe is the sweetest thing. Love that little princess so much!

Mel said...

What an angel. She is so beautiful, I love her!

I say it all the time but something happens at 18 months that is just amazing. The personality/relationship explosion is just awesome. I know you are loving it.

amy (metz) walker said...

Sweet post...her lips are just literally perfect! Like Shiloh Jolie-Pitt lips. ;-)

Kristen said...

I love that she raises her hands when you listen to praise music on Sundays! How very sweet!

Joannah said...

She is so beautiful, Jill! I can't believe she's already 19 months old.

Dana Michelle said...

I just started reading your blog and I love it! Your daughter is PRECIOUS! Have a great week!


Rhonda Rae said...

oh my she is getting so big. You can see so much of both of you in her.