Saturday, September 20, 2014

Two Little Pirates...

It was a fun Friday night with the girls! 

I bought these tickets months ago and saved them for a surprise. 

They both wanted to dress like a pirate instead of a princess. 

And luckily, we had two pirate costumes in the dress-up closet!

I have no idea what Sydney is doing with her leg. 

I said, "let me take your picture" and she grabbed her leg and held it like this.

New pose, I guess.

This was the response to Doc McStuffins coming out to sing!

Sydney loved Sophia the First and Mickey Mouse more than anything.

And when Sophia's necklace lit up, theirs lit up as well. They thought that was pretty cool. 

Amelia loved Jake and The Neverland Pirates.

Peter Pan even made an appearance!

 Me and my baby.

Me and my big girl.

Things like this always keep her attention.

She also loved the blue cotton candy.

Amelia in her Jake hat.

 Happy girls.

This picture cracks me up.

Alex and I pretty much sit back and watch their reactions to everything when we go to things like this.

It's fun watching your kiddos have fun.

Love to all,

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Where Did September Go?

Y'all, we're halfway through September. 

How did that happen? 

Alex had a little surgery last week and thankfully, he's doing really well. 

This is only the second time he has ever been put under for surgery. 

He's a healthy guy, so whenever he has to have anything done, I fight worry. 

My mind can think of all kinds of crazy, freak accident things that could happen. 

I love this man.

I was thankful for my uncle and father-in-law. They came to the hospital and sat with me while I waited. 

And I quickly realized what it meant to the people in my Daddy's congregation, all those years, each and every time he went to the hospital. He has spent countless hours in the waiting room. 

And it meant something to those families.

What would we do without our pastors?

I'm mighty thankful for mine.

Since our weather has been giving us a glimpse of Fall, I made an apple pie.

And I have an apple tart recipe that I'm going to try this weekend. 

I wish I loved all things pumpkin, but I do not.

I like the smell of pumpkin but not the taste.

I participated in LPL Simulcast last Saturday. 

My Aunt and my Mom hosted. 

God had a word just for me and I'm thankful I chose to go. 

Speaking of September being half gone. 

My baby turns five years old in October. 

Can't even believe that. 

We were happy to have Roo over on Saturday night!

Amelia is loving ballet. 

We had a big day at CBS this week!

Sydney memorized a Bible verse for the first time! 

I'm so proud of her. 

She's doing great at CBS this year. 

Seriously, this picture makes me smile so big.

We went to the mall after CBS. 

First we ate. 

Yes, that's Sydney taking a huge spoonful of ketchup. *GAG*

We had to find some Fall clothes to fit these girls. 

Sidenote: children grow way too fast.

I really dislike shopping for clothes for the girls WITH the girls. 

I'm a huge fan of online shopping.

I had to bribe them with rides on these things to get them to cooperate. 

They're always tired of it after the first pair of pants. 

And we had to try on about 12 pair to find some for Amelia. 

She is so tall. A lot of the 6's were too short!

We found a few things and then decided we were exhausted. We decided to give it another go some other time. 

Or Mama would shop online. is hard for the two year old.

And for the parents of the two year old. 

I've been praying for some clarity on how to discipline my strong-willed child.

Sydney is quick to get angry and if you let her stay that way for too long, she will try to take it out on her sister or whoever is closest to her. 

Sounds like some adults I know. (HA!)

So as soon as she gets angry, I say, "go jump your anger out."

And she's goes to the trampoline and just jumps and jumps. 

Surprisingly, it's working.

After she jumped the first time, I said, "who is happy!?" 
And she said, "I AM!" 
And then I said, "who is angry!?" 
And she said, "I am!" 
And I said, "keep jumping!"

You do what you gotta do! Right?

We had a low-key day, today.

We took Pryce lunch and then ran some errands.

Why do they love to play in the car when you get home?

No really, get out of the car.

Alex is home tomorrow and we have a big surprise for the girls. 

I can't wait!

It's going to be a great weekend. 

Love to all,

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Life Lately...

This is a picture of Sydney pointing out a gray hair. 

That more than likely, she gave me through her strong-willed ways. 

We cleaned out our garage and attic. By we, I mean Alex and Pryce.

And a lot more of the big stuff on the right will be out of there soon. It feels so good to get rid of stuff. I'm not bringing anything else into my home, unless it's needed and we have a place for it.

Sunday morning pictures. 

Love my babies.

The weather was amazing on Sunday evening. 

Alex grilled dinner and I sat and watched.

The girls jumped on the trampoline and ran around like crazies until dinnertime. 

I've been introducing them to movies that I loved as a little girl. 

Like Parent Trap and Pollyanna. 

True Disney Classics. 

Amelia started back to ballet. 

Her cousins are taking ballet too...she was just a little excited about that.

She got to sit in their car while waiting on Mama to pick her up. Thanks, Aunt Jen!

We headed over to Ray's for dinner and ended the day with bubble gum gelato. 

That stuff really tastes like a stick of bubble gum too! 

Quite tasty. 

My girls love to play dress-up or to dress themselves. 

I love to see what they put together. 

Amelia loves to wear things on her head. 

We had CBS today.

Not sure why we're standing in the flower bed for pictures.

Sydney and her little backpack make me smile.

She had a great day today. She walked right in and didn't even look back to say "bye."

Sydney is starting to say the cutest things. 

I use instaquote to record what they say.

One day, I'll make a little book of their funnies to keep.

Rumor has it, Fall weather is on it's way. 

Can't wait!

Love to all,

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A Fall Favorite: CBS Is Back!

Summer is quickly coming to an end and today we started back to CBS (Community Bible Study). 

We received calls from our new teachers last week and have been looking forward to this morning! 

We like to give our teachers little gifts throughout the year. 

I came across this idea on Pinterest, a few weeks ago. 

It's amazing how much will fit into one of these Aladdin mugs.

Everything came from Target, Dollar Store, Office Depot, and Walmart. 

Easy and inexpensive!

I doubt they'll even use the eraser and crayons, but they were pink, so we grabbed them. 

My two sweeties.

Sydney wanted that bubble gum. 

Ready to go meet our new teachers! 

They both had a great time. 

Sydney only cried for a few minutes when I dropped her off. 

It always takes her a little bit to warm up to new people. 

We're thankful for our teachers who give of their time, every single week, to teach us God's Word.

Looking forward to our Fall Semester at CBS!

Love to all,