Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Summer Diary: The Beach - Day Seven & Eight

The Disney store is always on the to-go list. It's at the outlet mall and the girls love it.

They even asked me to make a list. 

This is what they wanted to find. 

I was determined to only buy things they would actually use every day. Luckily, that's what was on their list. They chose an Ariel dress and tea set to share and each found a pair of snow white dress-up shoes. They play dress-up and are in their kitchen every single day, so I was happy with their choices.

I stood strong every single time they brought a stuffed animal over and said, "isn't this cute, Mama!??" 

There was no way I was purchasing another stuffed animal. 

Amelia's love for stuffed animals is BIG. 

So big that she needs a king size bed to make room for them at night. 

We found Sydney a pair of flip-flops too. 

She was so proud of them.

The only other thing we bought was a pair of Fall boots for Sydney and that pair of jelly shoes that she's wearing in this picture. 

She insisted on them and thankfully, they were less than a dollar on sale!

Girl loves shoes.

Someone was ready for a nap.

We had lunch at Cheeseburger in Paradise and then headed back to the condo.

We didn't spend a lot of time at the pool this year, but both of our girls are doing really well in the area of swimming.  

They both took off their floaties and would swim to their Daddy.

Amelia was even swimming across the pool! 

I think they'll both be swimming by next summer. 

Snuggles on the patio.

Nothing like a Daddy's hugs.

We spent about five hours straight on the beach the last day. It was great!

We went out to eat on Friday evening. 

We tried a new place and really liked it. 

The girls loved watching the boats.

We had some fun at Harborwalk Village after dinner.

Ice cream at The Fudgery.

Amelia wanted to try something new...

While Sydney was happy just holding Mama's hand.

I was a little surprised she wanted to do this.

She had that look of excitement/terror the entire time.

But loved it and said she would do it again!

We said goodbye to the beach on Saturday morning.

Stopping at Another Broken Egg on our way out of town. 

Sydney ordered chocolate milk with breakfast. was covered in whipped cream and chocolate chips!? 

She was in heaven.

And then we hit the road to head back to Arkansas.

Want a hint on how to get your kids to sleep?

Turn off the DVD and turn on Sinatra.

It was a WONDERFUL time with family at the beach. 

We have a week of memories that we'll never forget. 

Love to all,