Thursday, May 30, 2013

May 2013...

May has come and is almost gone.  

It has been a different kind of month for us.
We've had someone in our home to help us for over 5 weeks straight. 
I'm slowly rebuilding my strength/stamina after this surgery. 
I'm experiencing lots of headaches, nausea, hot flashes, night sweats, abdominal pain.

Stuff like that. 

I'm REALLY looking forward to HRT. 
I'm hoping that will help 4 of the 5 things listed above. 

We've been home a lot this month. 
We found out that Amelia really loves puzzles.
And she's really good at them too.

This was her latest puzzle.
It was 45 pieces - she had been working 25 piece puzzles.
Took her about 20 minutes to put Jake together. :)
She has put him together more times than I can count now.
And now she's asking for another puzzle!

We spent a day at the condo with Papa & Granny.
And a few of our favorite cousins! 
Amelia had a great time with Jackson, Millie and Will.
Sydney enjoyed snooping around the condo.  
She's always on the go. 

Sydney is growing like a weed. 
I love this age and she's sure keeping us on our toes!

We have lots of this when she doesn't get her way.
I'm curious how the terrific-twos will play out.

Alex and I had a date night this month. 
If we get one a month it's a miracle but we sure love it when it happens.
I just love having dinner together, talking without interruption. 
He's my best friend and I adore him. 
Doing life with him is a gift.
I love him a lot.

And chocolate soufflĂ©.  
I love that too.

I had the opportunity to take Amelia on a little daytime date.
She was cracking me up.
She requested to sit outside and thought it was the coolest thing ever.
She would make this face (below) and say, 
"what a perfect day to sit outside and sit under the umbrella!"

I ate this amazing veggie sandwich on a pita.  
I think I need another one of these tomorrow.

I really love her.

Me and my girl.

Amelia and Sydney went to their cousin, Peyton's graduation.
This is Amelia with her Daddygrand.

Amelia, Peyton, Laila, and Mika.
Sweet Cousins.

We've spent a good amount of time outside this week. 
We like to take the girls outside to play after dinner. 
They get good and tired, we bathe them, and then we all sleep really well!

Amelia and I sat outside for a good hour this morning.
Alex put up a gazebo canopy so we sat on the deck while it rained.
I enjoyed my coffee while Amelia checked on her strawberries.
And we've started planning her 4th birthday party. 
We're both excited about the theme!

June is only a day away and will be a busy month for our family.
Lots of fun stuff but busy.
I bet I take a few pictures.

Love to all,

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Class of 2013...

Our nephew, Cody graduated almost two weeks ago.  

I love this picture of Cody and Amelia. 
She adores her cousins.
She brought pom-poms to his graduation ceremony
and was making up cheers. 

My sis and brother-in-law with their graduate.

They only have one more in high school now.  
Hard to believe!

Cody was so over pictures by the end of the reception.
He dislikes his picture being taken.
He was a good sport. LOL

My people.

We celebrated over mexican food afterwards. 
Cody's favorite. 

The following night, we celebrated our niece, Alexandria! 
My emotions could hardly stand it. 
I changed their diapers and they have the nerve to go graduate high school on me!
Makes me feel like my girls will be putting on a cap and gown before I know it.

 We're so proud of Cody and Alexandria.  
They're good kids. 
They love Jesus and aren't ashamed to show it.
My prayer is they'll stand firm in their faith and seek Him in all they do.

1 Timothy 4:12 
Don't let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity.

We love you, Cody and Alexandria!!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


-Teachers laying on top of their students to protect them from the storm.

-Parents waiting for their babies to be found in the rubble that was an elementary school just hours before.

-Parents holding on to their children by their hair as the strong winds tried to rip them from their arms.

-Elderly who have lost everything they own and have no one.

The stories go on and on and they're all heartbreaking.  I cry every time I watch any of it.

There are so many ways to help.  One way that I'm helping is by giving to the They're in contact with the Oklahoma Baptist Convention and helping in any way possible.  Every single penny goes toward feeding and helping the victims of the Oklahoma tornadoes.  I urge you to find a way to give/help.  Here's a link of other organizations you can contact to give.

When I watched this clip from the news tonight, it made my heart happy.

I realize that many have nothing good to say about the church.  And though the church isn't perfect, because it's full of imperfect people like me, I'm still thankful to be a part of it.  The messy, chaotic, constantly-needing-fixed, beautiful bride of Christ.

God loves the church.

And so do I.

I'm praying continuously, Oklahoma friends.

Love to all,

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday...

Amelia chose "Someday" as her bedtime story book on Monday evening. 
I cry every time I read it to her. 

After reading it to her, she asked me, 
"are you crying because of the book, Mama?"

I told her, "yes."

She asked, "why?"

I explained that one day she'll grow up and move away
and before I could say anything else she quickly says

She looked so worried. 

I asked her why she didn't want to drink milk anymore. 

She tearfully said,
"Because milk makes me grow big and strong and I don't want
to grow big and move away, I want to stay here."

So I assured her she can still drink milk and she
can stay with Daddy and Mama for as long as she wants.
And she'll always be my baby. 

I love how her mind works.
And I love that she never wants to leave me.
Wonder if she'll feel that way in 15 years?

Alex's little sis has been staying with us quite a bit to help with the girls.

The girls call her "Apey."

She's so good with the girls.

She builds them tents...

She jumps on the trampoline with them...

She gives them lemonade...

Driving Miss Sydney.
April pushed her around the yard in this thing.
She would say, "put your feet up!"
And Sydney would prop her feet up on the steering wheel.

The girls have loved their water table.
They played in it a lot on Tuesday. 
It has been in the low 80's here. 
So nice.

Sydney likes to stick her face in the water like this.

She's all smiles while playing outside.

Nana took Amelia to work with her on Wednesday.
She wanted to wear a dress to Nana's office.
She looks so big in this picture.

They left early to go to Nana's house so she could get ready.
Amelia packed her backpack full of important things.
Like crayons and applesauce.

Nana said she was a good girl and helped with all sorts of things.
Amelia told me she helped Nana sell a few homes. (ha!)

Sydney got her tubes on Wednesday morning. 
Daddy was out of town on business.
I still can't carry Sydney so we were happy Aunt Joy could go with us.
She's their 2nd Mama!
Sydney calls her "Mama" too.  It's so sweet.

Getting a squeeze from my girl before going back.
She held onto her bunny until they took her to the OR.

She went with the nurse without crying.
I was so proud of her!

It took about 10 minutes and they were taking us to recovery to see her.

And bless it, she was not happy. 
The anesthesia made her so cranky.
She would arch her back and kick and fight.
Just as soon as she would settle down a bit, she would start again.
Aunt Joy held her and loved on her.

She cried the entire way home. :(

Until right as I was pulling in the driveway. :)

She has been doing SO WELL today.  

She giggles when I put in the ear drops and has been 
sleeping SO WELL. 

I'm thankful our doctor recommended we have the tubes now vs. later.
I think she's going to feel so much better now. 

Love to all,

Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day 2013...

I tucked Amelia into her bed last night and found myself overwhelmed with emotion.  

I kneeled beside her and told her, 
"Amelia, Mommy prayed for a baby for three years and then God gave me you."  
"You're an answer to prayer, baby girl."  
"You're a miracle."  
"These are happy tears."  
"Never forget that I am so thankful to be your Mommy."
"I love you with all my heart."  

As my tears hit her blanket, she began to cry.  
Nodding that sweet little head of hers.  
I love her tender heart.  She can't see me cry without crying.  
She asked me to tell her about Sydney.  
So I told her how we prayed for another baby and God blessed 
us within a month of praying with our sweet Sydney.  
They're both my miracle babies.  

Mother's Day celebrations started Friday evening 
with my Mama and her side of the family.  

Amelia and I picked out some cute Vera Bradley cups for all of the Mamas.
We also picked out a new Brighton charm for Granny and Nana's bracelets.
We bought Nana a charm with an angel on it - in remembrance of our Mimi.
This is her first Mother's Day in heaven.

Amelia's job was stuffing the tissue into the bag. 
She's a great helper.

Our family of four.  
Getting a picture with these two girls is comical.
This was take #578.
Between Amelia covering her face and Sydney ripping
Amelia's bow off her head - we didn't stand a chance. LOL

Me and my girls.  

My Mama with her girls!

I love this picture of my Grandma and Mama.
We love to laugh!

We love our Aunt Sandi! 
She and my Uncle Kevin hosted.
The guys grilled burgers and hot dogs for the girls. 
There were lots of yummy side dishes and desserts too.

Me and my sweet sisters.

Mama with four of her kiddos.
We were missing Cary and Andrew!

Daddy and Mama

I had to share this picture. 
Alex took us out for a shopping day on Saturday. 
I was so excited to wear this new necklace my sister gave me.
So excited that I left the tag on. 
I'm losing my mind. 

Another of me and the girls.
Sydney loves to have her picture taken. ;)

Trying on shoes.

Picking out a few bracelets. 

Daddy spoiled us all weekend.

Waiting for our table at Bravo.

Serious Sydney.

My M-I-L came over this morning to help me get the girls ready.
She even ironed our clothes for us!
We were twinkies in our black & white today.
I wore my new necklace again...but without the tag.

The kiddos answered questions about their Mamas at church. 
I would like to say, my three year old knows me VERY WELL.
She was asked what my favorite household chore is...
Her answer: TO RELAX!
So true.

The girls gave me this card. :)

We walked over to the Apple store after lunch. 
Amelia loves to play games on the ipads.

We ended our day with a nice, long nap!

I know just how blessed I am to be called Mama by 
Amelia Joy and Sydney Faith.

After their Daddy - they are my HEART.

They are so easy to love. 
I can't look at either of them without being reminded 
of God's love and faithfulness in my life.
They bring me so much joy.

I pray every day for God to make me the 
very best mother I can be for them. 

Mother's Day isn't an easy day for many.

It used to be a very hard day for me 
and because of that, my heart is always with

Those of you who are waiting to be called Mom.

Those of you who have lost your Mom.

Those of you who have lost a child.

Those of you who have lost the husband of your children.

Those of you who have lost the Mother of your children.

I pray you find joy in the only One that can provide it.

He is worthy of our praise - even though we don't know when.
He is worthy of our praise - even though we don't understand why.

I will bless the Lord at all times;
His praise shall continually be in my mouth.
Psalm 34:1

Love to all,