Thursday, June 27, 2013

Growing up...

I take the girls outside to snap a few photos every so often. 
They're growing so fast, y'all. 
I look back at pictures from just three months ago and cannot believe how much they've grown.

I'm shooting more video these days. 
I love going back and watching videos from when Amelia was a teeny-tiny.
Before she could really talk. 
She can definitely talk now and having video of them both will be priceless.

We were running errands one day last week and for some reason it was just me and Amelia.
There are times she'll tell me "we make a great team, Mom!"
She's right. 
I hope she'll always want me on her team. 

Does she look 3 1/2?
Please say, yes.

She's registered for a ballet workshop that will take place in a couple of weeks. 

She's most excited about the recital at the end. 

She has watched lots of Angelina Ballerina and thinks she knows everything 
there is to know about dancing. 

I was explaining they would teach her ballet and different types of dance. 

Her response: "Well, I already know how to dance."

Heaven help her teachers. 

Talk about growing up. 
Sydney will be 16 months in just a week.
She's saying more and more words. 

She said "Granny" this week!
And "yes ma'am."

She can give a look that gives you no doubt what she's thinking. 

I'm blaming her Aunt Joy for that one. 

She's so funny. 

And stubborn.

I love this baby so much.

We ended today with a few rounds of crazy Bible eights.
I try to tell Amelia how to play sometimes. 
I see it as teaching.

She does not.

Love to all,

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Sprinklers on a hot day....

I had to look at my calendar to see which day it was.  

It's Wednesday by the way.  Oh, and June is almost over.  How did that happen?

Sydney woke up at 6am for some reason.
This was her by 9am.
She's not used to getting up that early.
Silly baby.

I took the girls to lunch with Aunt Joy and Pryce today.  We went to Home Plate Diner.  I love that place.  Everything is so good.  And Amelia loves the free jukebox.  

We headed to Target after lunch for a few things.  

And then we headed over to get our first snow cone of the summer.  

It was messy but it was good!!

Alex grilled dinner this evening.  
It was delicious.

And the girls played in the sprinkler for an hour. 

I remember playing in the sprinkler as a child. 
I loved it. 
It was the only way to cool off on a hot, summer day.

And then afterwards, we went in and took warms baths.

And talked about how well we would sleep tonight because of it. 

Except this one. 
You just never know with this one. :)

We had a little snack from the garden too.

Fresh cherry tomatoes.

And then we watched a little tv.

Time for bed. 

Love to all,

Monday, June 24, 2013

Busy Weekend...

This post actually covers Wednesday-Sunday.

Some friends of ours came into town on Wednesday evening. 

Amelia and Presley became fast friends. 

They stayed the night with us the first night. 

Mellow Mushroom opened last week and I've been wanting to try it. 
I didn't know when I would get a chance to go since Alex doesn't eat pizza.

So while Alex was at work on Thursday, we headed over to check it out.
It was SO GOOD.

Amelia and Presley.

Allie and Sydney.

On Thursday evening, our friends stayed at a hotel just a few minutes from our home.

They asked Amelia to stay with them.

This would be her first sleepover without family or her Mama!

She was so excited to swim and have a sleepover. 

I was sort of a nervous wreck.

She was cool as a cucumber.

They painted nails and stayed up way too late. 

Just like you're supposed to do at a sleepover!

I picked them up on Friday afternoon and we headed back to our house.

Allie watched the girls while the Mamas went to get a pedicure. 

I was so embarrassed by my feet. 
I hadn't been in over 7 weeks.
They were bad.

Luckily, I've been going to the same person 
for over 10 years and she doesn't judge me.

Our friends headed home on Friday afternoon.

Alex wanted us to take my Mama out on Friday evening to celebrate her new job.
We went to The Pantry.  
It was yummy!

I'm SO EXCITED to have my parents closer to us!!

We went to Alexandria's last dance recital on Saturday afternoon. 

Sydney made it through the first hour but Amelia sat through the entire thing.
Alex took Sydney out and came back when it was time for Alexandria to dance. 
Nana let Amelia give her flowers to Alexandria. 
She thought that was pretty neat. 

Alexandria had a solo dance and Amelia said, 
"what Alexandria did was so amazing!"

Alex and Sydney were already in the car so they didn't get their picture taken. 

Can't believe this girl is starting her freshman year of COLLEGE in the Fall!

Fresh out of the bath on Sunday morning. 

She loves to brush her teeth. 
I'm talking at least three times a day.

Our girls before church. 

I love the expression on Sydney's face.

I didn't even realize they were holding hands 
until I started looking through the pics.
So stinkin' sweet. 

We went to lunch with church family after the service.
Made Amelia's day that Kandace was there!

Sydney has been a handful over the past few days. 

She insisted that Alex put all of these clothes over her dress last night. 

Or she would scream.

So he did it.

She had about 6 layers of clothing on in this picture. 
She was acting a little bonkers last night.  
I think teething has gone to her head.

I've been using instaquote a lot lately. 
I've noticed several people using it and I've had people ask me about it.
It's an easy way to keep up with what your little ones are saying.
I like having a way to post them on my blog as well.
I know how easy it is for me to forget the funny things she says
and the thought of being able to go back and read them - love that!

I finally picked up the Jesus Storybook Bible for my girls a couple of weeks ago. 
Everyone at the DotMom Conference recommended it.
I noticed they've also come out with DVDs.
There are two volumes so far.
We've all enjoyed watching them!

It's a new day. 
A new week.
We're always exhausted by the end of the weekend.
Monday is our lazy day. 
We're still in our pjs and it's almost noon. 

Mondays aren't so bad.

Love to all,
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Sunday, June 23, 2013


Watching Amelia run to the potty throughout the day makes me laugh.

And makes me so happy.

She'll be playing and all of the sudden
jumps up and takes off running without saying a word.

It's crazy to me how it just happens overnight.
All of the sudden it "clicks."

We've had ZERO accidents since she finally decided to go #2!!

She's thrilled to wear panties every day.
She wants to wear them at night for bed but we're not ready for that yet.
Not sure how long that will take.

We went to Build-A-Bear. 
She was promised this trip many, many months ago. 
The conditions were she had to be potty trained.
She was promised two stuff animals and clothes for her bear.

She decided to make one for her and one for Sydney.
She said she didn't need two.
It was sweet of her to think of her sister.

My friend, Ginny and her girls were in town for a few days. 
They joined us for the B-A-B trip. 
This is Amelia with Ginny's youngest, Presley.

Amelia chose a plain, white bear for Sydney.
And a rainbow bear for herself. 

Here she is filling her bear with "fluff."

About to put the heart in Sydney's bear. 

Washing and drying her bear.

Dressing her bear.

Sydney made herself comfy while waiting.

She chose a princess t-shirt.
A rainbow tulle skirt.
A pair of rainbow sunglasses. 
A pair of rainbow tennis shoes 
and a pair of skates.

All to go on her rainbow teddy bear.

Named "Lovey."

And she named Sydney's bear, "Dovey."

Girl loves to rhyme.

When it was time to leave 
she strapped on those skates...

And rolled to the register.

Checking out.

She was happy, happy, happy!

Aunt Joy stopped by with Amelia's favorite chocolate chip cookies.
Granny gave her a neat Lalaloopsy sticker book.
Ginny gave her some fun activity books.
Family and friends have been so sweet to text Amelia a message
just telling her how proud they are of her. 

They know how long we've been waiting for this day! 

She told me "seeing Sydney going on the potty really helped me."
And followed it with "I'm potty trained before Sydney." (LOL)

Speaking of Sydney, she's getting her one year molars.
She hasn't been herself for at least a week.  
Poor thing!

It's so weird and nice to only have one in diapers.
I'm usually sad to see them grow out of certain things.

This one.
Not so much. 

I'm proud of my big girl!