Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Amelia, how does your garden grow?

I took this picture of Amelia this morning.  She loves to water her garden and it's growing. Our cucumber basket is looking pitiful.  I'm not sure what's wrong with it.  The color of the leaves are fading and it looks like something has eaten part of the leaves.  A rabbit or squirrel took one of our big, red strawberries so we've sprinkled cayenne pepper around the garden.   We were told that would keep them away.  We'll see if that works.  We need some gardening tips! :)

We received these pretty flowers today from my sweet friend, Dina.  I love tulips!!  Made my day.

When I first came home from the hospital, I took a shower and got in bed and Amelia asked, "Mama, why are you going back to bed?" I thought right then "this is going to be a long 6 weeks." LOL  Now that it has been a few days, she's used to me needing to rest after being up for a while.  She brings games to my bed to play.  I beat her at Hello Kitty Memory yesterday.  It's one of her favorites and she always beats me.  Maybe she let me win because I'm sick?

This was Amelia at nap time today.  She has been sleeping on a cot beside my bed since I came home from the hospital.  So sweet.

Aunt Joy took Sydney to the doctor today.  I'm glad I thought to add her name to the list of people that can take her before having my surgery.  Sydney has been acting puny over the last week. She finished her antibiotic for ear infection on April 20th.  She always seems to feel better for a few days and then stops sleeping, won't eat/drink, etc.  I hate that I couldn't go with her but I can't drive and I'm still healing from my surgery.  Aunt Joy took good care of her.  We're being sent to an ENT next week.  I knew this day was coming - we were just waiting for her to get the # of ear infections needed for us to get the referral.  She seems to be just like Amelia in the ear infection department.  Tubes are in our future and I'm okay with that.  I remember dreading it for Amelia but it ended up being the best thing ever.  She didn't have one ear infection when she had those tubes.  

The only thing Sydney has agreed to drink today is CFA lemonade.  So we're giving her as much as she wants!

And I want to thank my wonderful friend, Faith!  She gave my blog a new look and I love it!  I told her I wanted a chalkboard header and what I wanted on it and within minutes she was sending things over for me to look at.   She's the best.

Love to all,

Sunday, April 28, 2013

That's love...

I've been home from the hospital for a few days.  Recovery is what I imagined it would be.  Frustrating. :)  I always think after surgery I'll read all those magazines or catch up on Pinterest and blogs.  In reality, I'm usually sleeping.  Every time I pull up Pinterest to start pinning, I doze off.

I've had some emails with questions about my surgery and recovery.  I'm thankful the surgery went well and I was able to keep my cervix, so it wasn't a total hysterectomy.  I'm dealing with the normal post-surgery stuff.  Pain, nausea, etc.  Things are just difficult at first for many reasons.  I'll start hormone replacement in 6 weeks.  We're praying I feel amazing after all of this is over!

It's hard to see my baby cry and reach for me and I'm not able to pick her up.  She doesn't understand.  I'm just hoping she still likes me after this 6 week recovery is over.

I'm beyond thankful for my husband.  He's a rock star.  He knows the next 6 weeks will = more work and less sleep for him but he's up for it and doesn't complain.  He even goes as far as to tell me he's happy to do it.  That's love.

I'm thankful for my parents.  They're willing to drive back and forth (6 hrs) to help take care of us.  Studying for Sunday's message between snuggles with the grandbabies.  My Mama is even willing to come back tonight, despite the fact that her two granddaughters shared their runny noses and colds with her last week.  That's love.

I'm thankful for my daughters.  They've been patient with their Mama while she heals.  They snuggle up and take a nap with me and let me comfort them even though I can't hold and carry them.   That's love.

I'm thankful for my sister, Joy.  She stops by and checks on us every day.  She goes to the grocery store, cleans my house, changes diapers, bakes cookies, does a load of laundry.  Anything that needs to be done - she's willing.  That's love.

I'm thankful for my Aunt and Uncle who have brought two meals to us already.  They offer to go to the store, watch the girls, anything they can do to make it easier for us.  That's love.

I'm thankful for my in-laws.  They've sent flowers and offer to watch our babies.  That's love.

I'm thankful for my local friends.  They email and text and call and pray and are offering to help in any way.  That's love.

I'm thankful for my friends who live in other states that check on me every day.  They pray, send a text, send an email, send a card in the mail, send gift cards for the girls, send gift cards for meals.  Their thoughtfulness...that's love.

I'm thankful for the emails that I've received from people I've never met.  Your concern and kindness...that's love.

So many have reached out and are helping my family during this recovery period.  We could do it without you but it sure would be difficult.  We're thankful we don't have to do it without you.

Thank you for showering us with love in so many ways.   We're blessed to have you in our lives.

"Every time I think of you, I give thanks to my God." - Philippians 1:3

Love to all,

Monday, April 22, 2013

Our life lately...

This is a random post about what we've been up to lately.

I'm two days away from surgery day.  I'll be having a total hysterectomy so lifting my girls will be out of the question for awhile.  I'm cherishing every bit of snuggle time beforehand and if this one reaches for me, I pick her up!!

We do lots of curbside and CFA when Daddy is out of town.  This was last week when we enjoyed shakes after dinner.  We don't give Sydney lemonade often - she barely took a breath while drinking it!

I hosted a 31 party for my SIL last week.  It was at dinner time so I did lots of appetizers.  I tried out the Velata cheese fondue and it was really good.  We had the chocolate fondue for dessert - so yummy!

Speaking of parties.  I L-O-V-E the new Martha collection at JCP.  I purchased a few things for my 31 party.  Super cute stuff for a great price.  They have the giant balloons that I've wanted to use for past parties and lots of candy to choose from.  I'll be going back for those balloons and more for Amelia's next party!

We had lunch a Purple Cow last week.  Aunt Joy joined us!  We always love time with her.

I love this picture of Sydney.  Lately, she loves wearing bracelets and carrying a purse.   She was crossing her little arms to keep her bracelets on. 

I was so excited to come across a Livie & Luca sale online.  65% off!!  We usually buy fall shoes/boots at the outlet mall while on vacation.  Now we just have to find boots/shoes for Amelia because Sydney is set!

Alex and I had lunch ALONE and it was such a treat.  Love this man so much.

I had a hair appointment after lunch with Alex.   I hadn't been to the salon since right after Sydney was born, so it had been almost a year.   My hair was in need of some TLC.  I had several inches cut off and it feels great!

We celebrated my nephew's 18th birthday on Friday evening.  I can't believe Cody is graduating this year!  I've been working on his graduation video for my sister and pretty much bawl the entire time.  My nephews/nieces are growing up so fast.  I remember when they were the age of my girls.   Makes me feel like I'll blink and I'll be working on Amelia's graduation video.

Which FYI: it's impossible for me to put 18 years worth of life into three minutes of video.  Just sayin'.  HA!

Papa and Granny were in town for a couple of days.  Amelia always loves for her Granny to read and sing to her at bedtime.  She goes right to sleep afterwards.   We look forward to having my Mama here after my surgery.

We went to dinner over the weekend and Amelia was stuck to her Daddy like glue.  I love seeing them together.  He's the best Daddy to our girls.

These pictures are from yesterday.  I usually take pictures of the girls right before church.  I love Sydney's facial expression in this picture.   She has the prettiest blue eyes.

And Amelia has beautiful hazel/brown eyes.  Oh this girl makes me laugh.  Her new thing when she's in trouble is to tell us "you're really discouraging me."  Heaven help.

We came across a photo booth over the weekend.  If Amelia spots one - we have to get our picture taken.

It's actually a lot of fun and I love having them from when Sydney was just a teeny-tiny with a huge paci larger than her face.  We plan on having a lifetime of photo booth pics.   We'll be cramming ourselves into that booth until we just can't fit anymore!  And how much fun to go back and see how we've all changed. 

I bought Amelia a new floor puzzle.  She was given a floor puzzle for her birthday and puts it together A LOT.  These are so good for kiddos.  She had it put together in about 20 minutes.  I need a good Melissa & Doug sale to come my way so we can stock up!

Alex and the girls gave me an early Mother's Day gift.  We started one of these bracelets for our Mothers last year and I wanted one myself.  This is the bangle bracelet - it only holds about 7-8 beads so you can switch them out as you receive new ones.  They ordered me an "A" bead to represent Amelia to go on the opposite side of the "S" for Sydney.  The red bead in the middle represents the month of July - the month we married.   I just love it!

Okay, so this is one of my favorite pictures.  It was taken this morning!  Our strawberries are growing and turning red and we're SO EXCITED!!  Amelia is excited to see strawberries.  I'm excited that we're keeping the garden alive.  I'm already dreaming of the new things we'll plant next year.  I want my Mama to teach me to can tomatoes if we have enough!

I have lots to do over the next two days.  Alex keeps reassuring me that he will take care of everyone/everything and I know he will, but there's still something inside of me that always feels so unprepared before surgery.  Like I should be doing something!  

Love to all,

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Fun weekend!

Our weekends seem to always start out here. 
Amelia says Sam's and Target are her favorite stores. 
She kept asking if we could go to Sam's to buy Sadie a birthday gift. 
I kept trying to explain that Sam's doesn't have anything Sadie would want!
So she settled for Target.

I woke up early on Saturday and made a couple of things 
for the Rogers Family Reunion.

This tomato pie is one of my favorites.
Tomatoes, sweet onions, cheese...YUM!

Alex's Mom is a Rogers. 

Amelia checking out some of the family photos. 

Alex's Uncle and Aunt had so many fun things for the kiddos. 

Amelia rode this train most of the time!

She also rode a horse for the first time.

She was pretty proud of herself.

Sydney just sat on the horse. 
She wasn't up for a ride.

They had a place to go fishing. 

There were lots of fun things to do in the gymnasium.

Sydney has been sick so she was a little serious yesterday.

This picture cracks me up. 
They had a whole hog at the reunion. 
Amelia didn't know what to think about it.
She kept saying, "that's so gross." HA!

Amelia and I left the reunion a little early. 
We wanted to wish our friend, Sadie a Happy Birthday!

The party was so cute.
Hillary was beyond generous and gave the kiddos all sorts of goodies. 

Amelia loves a handbag and this one had her name on it.
She loves it.

This family was worn smooth out. 
Sydney was fighting a nap with everything in her.

We headed to pick up our raised garden beds after the reunion and party!

Amelia is beyond excited about this. 
She loves to water it. 
She has already spotted some strawberries.  
We're just hoping she lets them turn red before picking them! 

We're growing our own strawberries, cucumbers, squash and tomatoes.
I sure hope we can keep this garden alive!

We headed to the mall to pick up a few Mother's Day gifts 
after we watered our garden.

This was Sydney's first time to ride these little rides. 
She's at an age that when she sees Amelia doing something,
she wants out of the stroller to do it too!

We ended our Saturday with a nice, relaxing, cookie bath.
Amelia wanted to take a bath and eat cookies at the same time.
For some reason I said yes.
Alex said this was so gross. HA!
After she was finished eating her cookies, 
we rinsed out the tub and she took a real bath.

My girls before church this morning. 

We napped in our church clothes and then played in our church clothes!

What a fun weekend!

Love to all,