Thursday, October 25, 2012

Amelia's Ballerina Party...

Amelia chose a ballerina party for her 3rd birthday.  It was a fun, girly theme and because of that, I decided it would just be a party for the girls this year.  So we had 9 of her friends/cousins over that are around her same age.

I started with the invite.  I asked Natty Michelle to design something for it and she did a beautiful job.

Invite read:
Come dance and twirl with the birthday girl.
A tutu awaits you on arrival.

*Click on picture to enlarge*

I started early on the invites and got them in the mail, but due to a busy couple of months leading up to her party, I didn't really start doing anything until the week before the party.  I know.  I'm crazy. 

I really needed to do this party on a budget and thanks to some family help - I did it!

*Pictures taken by Ashley Diggs Photography*

My SIL helped me make 12 pink tutus.  There's no way I could have made these without her!  Each girl received one to wear at the party.  Amelia wore light pink and her guests wore hot pink.  I actually used them as decoration until it was time for the girls to wear them. 

I set up a dresser in front of the mantle with their tiaras and wands.  This was Amelia's Great Grandma Fern's dresser that she gifted to us.  I love it because it was hers.

The beautiful ballerina painting was Amelia's Great Grandmother Jean's.  Mimi recently passed away and I loved having a little piece of her at the party.  My SIL was kind enough to let me borrow it for the party.  I was a nervous wreck carrying it from her house to mine. I treated that baby like it was a Monet.  I knew how much it meant to my SIL and would have just died if something happened to it.  I think it looked just perfect though.  I had a few pictures of Amelia sitting out as well.

Dollar store is a great place to find favors for kid parties.  I just put each of them in a plastic bag and tied with a little tulle!

My SIL also made a birthday sign for me to hang on the mantle.  I'm thinking I need one of these machines that she has...she just tells it what shape/letter she wants and it spits it out.  She made me this banner in a matter of minutes!  Once again, Jen, you're the best. :)

I went simple on the table. 

A little damask material in the center and added some gerbera daisies. 

My SIL wrote each of their names on the mason jar lids for me (because she has pretty handwriting) and that served as their place setting.  I think we bought the plates and utensils at Kroger. This is why I love kid parties.  You can go inexpensive and pink flatware is totally acceptable. :)  I finished by hanging a few balloons and streamers from the chandelier and that was it!

At the food table I hung streamers and pinned tulle around the table to make it look like a tutu.  We had a variety of Amelia's favorite snacks to eat.  I don't really know what real ballerinas eat but by the looks of how thin they are - I'm thinking it's very little. ;)

On the menu: 

Chick-fil-a nuggets with different sauces.

Pink chocolate covered popcorn.  I found out that Amelia doesn't like this, but Daddy did, so it was all good.

Sandwich cookies with pink icing.  I just bought sugar cookies and put pink icing in the middle.

Ballerina Cupcakes.  Chocolate and vanilla with pink buttercream icing.

Amelia's Aunt Joy made these for her.  They were very pretty and so delicious!

Apples w/caramel dip & grapes.

Pringles potato chips.  This is Amelia's favorite chip.  She calls them mongo chips and we have no idea why.

We had a little craft and it turned out so cute.  My sister and I found this on Pinterest.  Alex drew the tops of the pink leotard for me and my sis cut them out and put them on card stock.  I painted their hands and we used their hand print as the tutu. 

They became decoration as we hung them up to dry.  We did this early on so they had time to dry really well and they could take them home.

I asked my niece to come over and give the girls a ballet lesson.  The girls looked so cute twirling and pointing their toes. 

I set up a mirror for them to look at themselves while they danced.

Sweet Sadie.

Pretty Peyton.

I have to share a picture of the smallest ballerina at the party. :)

She slept in her high chair through most of the party. Sweet girl.

We had cake time and they played in Amelia's room every chance they could get.  The party was over before I knew it.  Two hours flew by!

Here are a few more of my favorites from the party!

Opening her gifts.

Love this one of the birthday girl.

Most all of our ballerinas.  I think we're just missing one!

Amelia Joy and her cousin Millie Beth.

How on earth is she three years old??

Birthday girl with her Daddy.

Family picture.

The girls went home with their tutu, tiara and wand as favors.  We hope they had a good time.  I know Amelia had the best time with her friends.  She's still talking about it!

Love to all,

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Pumpkin Patch 2012...

We took our annual trip to the Pumpkin Patch last weekend! 

Sydney was in my belly when we went last year. :)

I remember saying to Alex last year, "next year we'll have two sweet babies to bring!" 

Taking pictures of the girls surrounded by pumpkins is my favorite.

Loved this one of Sydney. HA!

But then she turned on the smiles for Mama!

It's near impossible to get Amelia to look at the camera these days.

She will smile but look off somewhere else.

The key is telling her a joke.  She can't help but look at me then!

Alex loves taking her to the petting zoo.

Here they are feeding the nasty goats.

I may or may not have told Amelia they would bite her finger off if she touched them.

Alex told her that wasn't true.

But she believed Mama.

Good girl.

She loved the swings.

Serious Sydney.

Playin' a farmer's wife ain't no joke. 

Big 'ole tractor heading to the pumpkin patch!

Mommy and Amelia

Pretty pumpkins

Silly girl.

She was getting sleepy and decided she needed to ride in the wagon.

This slide scared me to death.  She flew down this thing!

Sweet Mommy loves.

I asked someone to take our family picture. 

I told her Sydney's name so she could talk to her while taking the picture. 
Otherwise she was looking at me.

Sydney's face cracks me up. 

She's thinking "do I know you, lady!??"

I love my family.