Monday, April 14, 2014

Life Lately...

Thursday was the day my daughter became a vegetarian. 

I needed to run by the grocery store after ballet on Thursday morning.  This is the first time Amelia really took notice of the meat section.  I was waiting for the butcher to hand me my order when I looked over at her - she had a disgusted look on her face.  

And then came the question.  

Amelia: "Did that used to be an animal?"

Mama: "Yes."

Amelia: "Like what...what was it was a pig?

Mama: "No, it's a chicken."

Amelia: "Oh gross...ewww...gross...ewww."

Amelia: "Would you want me to go shoot a pig and make you pig soup!??"

Mama: (laughing hysterically) "No, no I wouldn't."

Amelia: "Well don't ever tell me what those animals are again then!"

My girls still nap every single day. 

And there's something so sweet about watching them sleep.  They still seem like babies to me when sleeping.

I received a surprise package on Thursday and it just made my day.  I love the strawberry body butter from The Body Shop.  It's all I use after showering.  We don't have a store here, so Alex usually picks it up for me when he's out of town.  He knew I was out and even though he wasn't where he usually picks it up, he called them and they shipped it to me.  He even had them add a sweet note and bubble bath.  It was so thoughtful and made me feel loved.  It was just the pick-me-up I needed while my man was out of town.  

Friday was the day that Alex was coming home!  I was exhausted and decided we would get in the car (girls still in their pajamas) and get donuts and coffee.  

I even let the girls play outside in their pajamas when we arrived home. 

This girl and her paci. HA!

Picking Mama some flowers. 

This one loves to ride her bike.  She has been asking about taking her training wheels off but I don't think we're ready just yet.  Maybe this summer. 

I may or may not consume large amounts of espresso when Daddy is away from home.

We hadn't been outside playing for too long when one of our neighbors walked up the street to introduce themselves.  She has a little boy the same age as Amelia and they saw us outside playing.  They brought some toys over and we ended up visiting for 2 hours!  God just keeps giving me opportunities to meet my neighbors. I love it.  

Her little boy let Amelia drive his Jeep.  She and Sydney thought that was the coolest thing. She started requesting a Jeep as soon as Daddy walked in the door.

Bath time came early on Friday.  

We always get pretty dirty when we play outside. :)

We had Sadie's birthday party on Saturday morning! 

Amelia loved this party.  It was a ballet/dance theme.  They had a rack full of dress-up clothes for the girls.

We changed clothes just a few times.  

We made it a Mommy/Amelia day and headed to the mall.  

First stop was to grab some pretzel bites and lemonade.  

Which is right beside the photo booth.  

Which we love.

I ran into my blog friend, Sarah while at the mall!  I'm always in my own world when I'm out and about, so I was happy she saw me and said hello.  This was our first time to meet in person!

I started feeling sick while at the mall, so I decided we needed to head home.  I was sick all Saturday evening/Sunday. 

I was thankful for my parents.  They took the girls to church for me!  

I asked Alex if anyone noticed they needed tanks under their tops and he said, yeah, just a few. I didn't have a tank top and was doing good to get them dressed and out the door.  My Mom said Amelia was concerned that she was showing too much skin! HAHA!  I think Sydney's is the worst!  Poor thing.  Mama will do better next time.  

I'm feeling better today. Thank the Lord! I woke up this morning and made the girls and my Daddy some breakfast and felt like eating some too! 

The girls have been good to just play and there has been minimal fighting this morning. :)

They both had some iPad time.  Amelia chose to play a game.  

Sydney chose worship songs. HA! She was singing the songs while dancing with her Frozen dolls. 

And now it's already nap time and I need to decide what I'm making for dinner. This Monday is flying by!

Love to all,

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Life Lately...

We were back to CBS this week and it was so nice!  We only have a few more weeks of Bible study left - I'm going to miss it when we're on summer break.  

The girls have been playing with their dollhouse a lot.  

They've been allowed to choose tiny furniture to go in the dollhouse as a reward for different things.  They picked out a bathroom set today. That tiny toilet and toilet paper holder make me laugh! I'm amazed at how much they love this cardboard dollhouse. And I love that it doesn't take up much space.  

We've had several April showers but we've also had some pretty days to play outside. 

I bought Sydney a bike helmet since it's tornado season.  Call me crazy but I will straight put a bike helmet on my girls to protect those noggins!  She also likes to wear it outside while playing in the yard.  Sidenote: look at those big, blue eyes!!

We love our new neighbors!  They come over every time we're outside to play!

A picture in our sunglasses. 

So I threw away most of the girls' play food a few months back.  It was chewed on and gross.  Zulily had these little sets on sale and I just loved them.  They come with healthy snacks and dinner food. 

The girls love cooking their Daddy a meal of salmon and sweet potatoes. HA! 

I've had some hard parenting days lately.  Y'all, sometimes I just forget to start our day out with prayer and on those days - it's usually bad.  I've felt so defeated lately, in the area of being a mother.  I feel exhausted and lots and lots of tears have been shed.  After much prayer and some counsel on how to handle certain situations, I'm happy to say, the past two days have been SO MUCH BETTER.  

I wanted to do something special for Sydney this week and decided we were starting our day with Jesus and biscuits! ha!

She loves homemade biscuits and I love watching her enjoy them. :)

Love this smile!!

I took the girls to a new restaurant in town.  They have different types of grilled cheese.  Mine was really good but the girls didn't care for it.  Amelia said the homemade chips were too spicy and the grilled cheese was too crunchy. She said she just wants chicken next time. HA!

Sydney Faith waiting patiently for her food. 

Speaking of Sydney...all of her test results came back.  She tested positive for e-coli and has almost finished her medication for that. She'll be tested again to make sure it's gone. Poor thing, I'm thinking that's why she was so sick last week and week before.  

Her blood test results came back today and show signs of celiac disease. They've made us an appointment with a pediatric gastroenterologist.  From what they've said, the next step is usually a biopsy of the small intestine and then switching her over to a gluten-free diet.  *sigh*  

I know it could be a lot worse.  I also know how gluten seems to be in EVERYTHING.  I'll need to really study up on how to cook for her and places she can eat away from home. I'm just praying this helps her feel better.  She is still so young and it's hard for her to tell us what's wrong/what's hurting.

We went Easter dress shopping today.  I tried ONE dress on each of the girls and that's what we bought. I didn't have it in me to spend hours in the store, forcing them to try on clothes. I also didn't want to risk ordering online and their dresses not fit. I'm certain it's the fastest shopping trip we've ever made.  And for that, I am grateful.  

Alex is out of town for a business trip.  Sydney was saying, "I miss you, Daddy." I just had to get it on video for him.  Her new thing when someone is leaving the house is to stand in the doorway saying, "I MISS YOU!!" Or when we put her to bed, we'll hear her saying it over the monitor. I love to hear her say it...she sounds so sweet.  

Alex, if you're reading this...I MISS YOU!! :)

Love to all,

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Pictures Of Our Weekend...

We picked lots of "flowers" out of Ms. Ruby's yard.  

I had to take Sydney to the doctor on Friday.

She had blood drawn and they're running some tests.  It could take up to a week to hear back on results.  

She was so brave.  It took them a sweet forever to get the needle in the right place to draw blood. She received lots of stickers.  And a toy.  And ice cream.  And whatever else she wanted that afternoon.

We had a date night on Saturday evening!

We had the creme brûlée trio for dessert.  SO TASTY.

Amelia had Journey Girls on Saturday evening.  They watched Frozen and had a lesson on John 15:13.  This was Amelia's canvas that she painted.  I just love it!

Victoria stayed the night on Saturday so we could have a date night.   She went to church with us this morning!

I worked in this nursery this morning, so I wore my jeans and tennis shoes.  It's a lot easier to sit in the floor and play that way.  

Keds have made a comeback.  I've seen them in stores for a while and decided to bring back memories of jr. high.  

We had the most enjoyable dinner with the girls tonight.  They sat on one side of the booth and we sat on the other.  They behaved so well.  They loved the bread and butter.  I have never seen Sydney eat so much in my life.  Her little belly was sticking out by the end of the meal.  She made up for not eating much of her lunch.

We've been talking to Amelia about thinking before she speaks and how we should use kind words because our words have power.  Words can hurt or they can bring joy to others.

It's nice to know she's listening. :) 

Love to all,

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Wonderfully WELL Wednesday...

I'm happy to report: our family is WELL!!  Praise the Lord!  My Mom was able to go back to work today, Sydney is back to her normal self, and Alex is feeling better.  Amelia and I didn't get it and I'm so thankful for that!

My Uncle Kevin is always so sweet to drop lunch off at my doorstep when we're sick.  This was the first real meal Sydney ate and she devoured it.  It's amazing what your kiddos will eat when they've been on a liquid diet.  She now likes grilled cheese sandwiches and baked potatoes!

We switched diapers for Sydney this week.  We loved 7th Generation diapers but I decided to try Honest diapers through a sale on Zulily and I love them even more!  And the best part, they ship a months supply of diapers and wipes to your doorstep - free shipping.  The cost is less than what we were paying AND they're cute which is an added bonus!

Sydney loves the strawberry print diapers.  

She actually brings me a diaper to change her now instead of running.  I should have switched sooner. 

We love our days outside.  And we love sidewalk chalk.  Sydney received a new bucket of chalk for her birthday and we are breaking it in.

We had neighbors stop by twice while out playing in the driveway.  It made my day, giving me a chance to get to know my new neighbors and the girls are making new friends.  

I love my friend, Ashley.  She always gives me photos of my girls that I just treasure.  I look incredibly tired in this photo and I still love it.  I want to remember the days that I always had dark circles and bags under my eyes.  The days are long but the years are short. 

And this.  

This picture makes me laugh every time I look at it.  If you have girls, you know how dramatic they can be.  My girls hate the sun in their eyes and this is why we own 5,000 pair of sunglasses.  

We have them in the car, their bike baskets, their purses, my purses.  

And in the bathroom.  

She says the sun is too bright in the mornings, shining through the window like that.

*eye roll*

Superhero Amelia - always ready to save the day.

Our beautiful niece won Miss ASU last night and will compete at the Miss Arkansas Pageant this summer.  We're so excited for her!  This is her freshman year and she was nominated to be in the pageant.  It was her first one ever and she won!  Oh, and she waited a week before the pageant to even prepare which I think is hilarious. She loves Jesus. She's smart.  She's talented. And she's one of the sweetest people you'll ever meet. I've loved watching her story unfold as she graduated high school and headed off to college. Love you, Gracie!!  Keep letting your light shine!!

It's my baby brother's birthday today!  Happy Birthday, Drew!!  I love you!

And a recent favorite from Amelia.

Love to all,