Sunday, September 26, 2010

Game Day...

We were so excited about yesterday's game! We had ESPN on the tv and all was right with the world. We spent the morning being lazy around the house. Amelia took her morning nap and then we started getting ready for the game.

Here's me and my girl before we left the house.

Here's Daddy calling the Hogs. Amelia found it quite humorous!

I've had to pick some things up for Amelia to wear on game days. I didn't realize that everything in her closet (for razorback games) is 2T! She'll have quite a variety next year. I found this little dress a couple of weeks ago. She looked so sweet in it. The bloomers have a razorback on them too. :)

We watched the game at my B-I-L & S-I-L's home.

Some of the fam & friends...

This was before the second half. When we still had something to smile about.

I didn't get a pic of my S-I-L...she was a wonderful hostess. She had lots of goodies to munch on during the game. I took those ginormous razorback cookies. I cheated and ordered them from a local bakery. The box weighed about 10 pounds and when I opened it up, I realized why...they were huge!

Our Hogs played so well during the first half, but unfortunately we just didn't pull through in the end. We were all so depressed afterwards. We went to Shorty Smalls after the game...decided to drown our sorrows in fried catfish & quesadillas. Amelia drowned her sorrows in sweet potatoes & vanilla custard.

Even though we lost, we still love our Hogs!! We actually gave the #1 team a run for their money!! I hope your team actually won yesterday and that you're having a wonderful weekend. :)

Love to all,

Friday, September 24, 2010

Crazy Love...

I am happy about so many things right now. One of them being, I started back with my LG gals on Monday night! I have missed these girls. For a while now, I've had a church-related commitment on Monday nights. It just worked out that my church commitment changed nights, so I can now go back to LG!! A couple of the girls left before we took this photo, but this is most of them.

We're going through the book Crazy Love right now. This book is crazy-good and crazy-convicting. I ordered some special cookies for our first night. We discussed the preface for the longest time and barely got through chapter one! There was so much to talk about. I told Alex that I hope I didn't talk to much and they let me come back! (LOL)

I'm also happy that it's Friday!! Amelia had trouble sleeping Tuesday & Wednesday night. She woke up at 2am and ended up in our bed both nights. I just can't sleep when she's in our bed. She ends up stuck to my side and I wake up all night moving her over. I think she's experiencing discomfort with having four teeth coming in. :( We had home group last night and as soon as we arrived home, we all went to bed. I pray over Amelia every night before bed, but I have to admit, I said a few extra selfish prayers last night. We all needed sleep. God answered my prayers...she slept until 9am this morning! She also took two lengthy naps today. PTL!

In other news...I've needed to de-clutter a few areas in my home, so yesterday I scheduled for Amelia to spend the day with my friend, Heather. Her husband had taken the day off, so they loved on my baby girl and took such good care of her. Heather has a love for children like I've never seen. I just thought I loved babies, but this girl would have a baby on her hip at all times, if she could. Amelia got to play with new toys and pull out all of Heather's tupperware...she was in heaven! Heather sent me photos all throughout day of her playing, which I loved. She's the first non-family member to keep my baby and I'm so thankful for her and how she just loves Amelia like her own.

Joy came over to help me work on the areas that needed attention and this was one of them. She actually worked on the pantry. I wish I had thought to take a before picture, but trust was ridiculous. She threw out SO MUCH. Thanks sis!!

Amelia and I had a lazy day at home today. No plans. It was wonderful. I took a blanket outside and believe it or not, this is the first time that I've done this with her. We go on walks, but she's in her stroller...this was the first time she has played outside on the ground.

She just looked around...taking everything in. Now that it's getting cooler, we're definitely going to spend more time outside. She was watching the fed ex guy in this pic. I'd give anything to know what she's thinking. She doesn't look too impressed.

Playing with her puzzle...

She wasn't a fan of the grass. As soon as she would put her hand on it, she would get back on the blanket. She's going to be just like her Aunt Joy! (LOL)

I was taking her picture while we were outside and she started taking the lens cover and putting it up to her eye. I think she was mocking me! How cute is that?

Definitely a fan of getting out of the house and playing outside!

And she's also a fan of this guy coming home! She now crawls as fast as she can to him when the door opens. She loves her Daddy.

We have big plans tomorrow. Our Hogs play Alabama!! We're watching the game at my B-I-L & S-I-L's home. I can't wait!! My S-I-L made this sign. She painted it freehand. She's working on four different ones for me right now. I asked her why she hadn't painted before and she said, "I didn't know I could." If you're a Hog fan and interested in ordering one of these, let me know...I'll share her info!

Wooooo Pig Sooooie!!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

All About Amelia - 11 months old!

Amelia, you're 11 months old!!

We have no clue how much you weigh right now. We'll find out at your next doctor's appointment. Daddy says you've outgrown your car seat, so we'll be shopping for a new one soon!

You're wearing size 3 diapers.

You're wearing 12 month clothing and size 4 shoe. I bought you a few pairs of shoes and you've actually kept them on your feet!

You're sleeping 12 hours every night. You take a morning and afternoon nap that range from 1-2 hrs each. We love those sleepy eyes right after you wake up!

You're taking 8-10 ounces of formula, four times a day. You eat baby food at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We've added ramen noodles, fried rice, and yogurt to the list of things you love. You can hold your own bottle, but usually want us to hold it for you.

You think it's funny to spit while eating your food. Mommy only thinks it's funny when Daddy is feeding you! :)

Daddy taught you to say YUM-YUM. If hungry, you will immediately start saying YUM-YUM as soon as you see food! It's so cute. You started getting a little impatient, so we taught you to sign "more". I'm amazed at how fast you learn things!

This pic is of you watching the "show" at Kobe Japanese Steak House. This is where we learned that you love fried rice!

You've started waving hi and bye-bye without us prompting you. We walk into Target and you start waving at the first person you see. We walk out of Walmart and you wave bye-bye to the employee by the door. It's hilarious!

You've started blowing kisses to people when asked.

We'll say "patty-cake" and you stop whatever you're doing and start clapping.

You have four top teeth coming through!

You LOVE bath time. You start trying to get into the bathtub as soon as you see the water...usually with your clothes still on your body.

You continue to pull up on everything. We've seen you let go and stand on your own for about 20 seconds, but you have no interest in taking any steps.

You can also bend over and pick things up while standing.

We think you're the coolest kid on the planet.

We can't believe you're only one month away from being 1 YEAR OLD, sweet girl!!

We love you,
Daddy & Mommy

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Momma!

You're my best friend.

You're always the first person I call.

You can always make me feel better.

You've been by my side through it all.

You're my cheerleader.

My prayer warrior.

You're my beautiful Momma.

I love you with all my heart.

Happy Birthday!


Saturday, September 18, 2010

Woooo Pig Soooie!!

Alex always gets up with Amelia on the weekends. He lets me sleep as late as I want and boy do I appreciate it. I woke up this morning to find he and Amelia playing in the living room. He was out of town all week on business, so he has wanted to take care of her all day. He has changed every diaper, given her every bottle, etc. He is such a good Daddy. While he and Amelia played, I enjoyed a cup of pumpkin spice coffee that my S-I-L, Jen gave me. If you have a Keurig, you need to try it. It tastes like pumpkin pie in a cup! So yummy.

I fixed some of our favorite dip before the Razorback game. Heather shared this recipe a while back and I almost always have the ingredients for it in my pantry/fridge. Only 4 ingredients. Cream cheese, black beans, rotel & shredded cheese. Warm through in the oven and serve with fritos or tortilla chips. So easy and good!

Alex chose Amelia's outfit for the game.

I have to admit...I wanted to eat her up with a spoon.

She looked so sweet.

She can't call the Hogs just yet...

But we're working on it. :)

Speaking of the Hogs. WE WON!!! I watched the first half with Alex, before having to leave for my mani/pedi appointment. When I arrived at the salon they were watching the Ole Miss game, instead of the Razorbacks!! I had to get a play-by-play from friends. Once I received the text from Hillary that we had won, I screamed out-loud during my manicure! HAHA! There were only 4 people in the place, so I could care less. Our win made for a good afternoon. :) I ran by Target and Old Navy and then headed back home.

Joy has been telling me about this salad, so I made it for dinner tonight. These are the ingredients you need to make it.

Right before serving, you toss it in ranch dressing & crushed lime tortilla chips. Alex and I loved it! I will definitely make it again.

Several have asked if I'm planning a party for Amelia's 1st birthday. The answer is YES!! :) I have lots of ideas in my head, but have accomplished very little. I've started on her birthday video, looked at cakes, booked the photographer, made a few other phone calls, but nothing is really done. I have to get on the ball. October 22nd will be here SOON. I'll keep you updated as I choose the color scheme, food, cake, decor, etc.

Love to all,

Friday, September 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Daddy!

I would have normally had this post up on Daddy's actual birthday (the 15th), but Amelia and I were driving to Osceola to surprise him on Wednesday! We arrived at their house after lunch and after taking a little nap, we headed to my Daddy's church. They surprised him with cake & ice cream after the service. These pics are poor quality...I took them with my phone.

Blowing out his candles. :) My Mom also made a banana cake with chocolate icing. LOVED IT!! It was so good.

Papa let Amelia help open his birthday cards.

We got up Thursday morning and had chocolate gravy and biscuits. YUM! This is Amelia and Papa right after they woke up. :)

We ran some errands with my parents, had lunch at Sandbar Grill, and then we had to head back home. It was a quick trip, but so fun!

I love you, Daddy!!

Jill "Pill"