Thursday, September 22, 2011

All About Amelia - 23 months old!

Amelia, you're 23 months old!

You weigh around 31 pounds.

You wear a size 6 diaper.

When we know you need to be changed, we'll ask you to go get a diaper. You run to your room and get a diaper and wipes from the drawer and come back with a huge grin on your face. You're so proud of yourself!

You wear 2T clothing and a size 6-7 shoe (depending on the brand). You love to try on clothes and shoes. This makes your Mama giddy.

You go to bed between 8-8:30pm and wake between 9-10am. You take a 2 hour nap in the afternoon.

You've been a picker eater over the last month. Mama needs to come up with some new food options!

You tell Mama when your nails need to be cut. You can't stand to have long nails or a hang nail.

You love to dance. Doesn't matter where we are, if you hear music and feel the need to dance, you're out of your seat! You like to move it...move it!

You've started singing a lot and will make up songs. You also sing "White Christmas" and it's hilarious to watch you. You almost look/sound as though you're in pain when you sing it. It's precious!

Granny played dress-up with you for the first time this month. To say you LOVED IT is an understatement. When she pulled the feather boa out of the box, your mouth dropped open like it was the most beautiful thing you'd ever laid eyes on! It's obvious by this picture that when it comes to believe MORE is MORE.

You check your baby's blood pressure constantly. We have an old bp cuff and you wrap it around the baby and say, "check your bud pessure, baby." You also like to say, "oh no, the baby nose running"..."oh no, baby dirty"..."oh no, wash the baby."

You love to have tea parties. You pour us a cup of tea, lift your cup to tap ours, and say, "CHEERS!"

You've learned to call the Hogs. We hear you over the monitor after laying you in your crib at night or even after waking up in the morning and you'll be saying, "Wooo...Pig...Sooie." (LOL)

A few new things you're saying lately:

"A-mile-ya Joy" (when we ask your name)
"TWO" (when we ask your age)
"Watcha doin'?" (this is your new favorite question)
"Read story" (as you bring us a book)
"Rub back" (as you lift up the back of your shirt)
"Rock it" (asking us to rock you before nap time or bedtime)


Just when we think you couldn't be any funnier - you learn something new and have us rolling. You have a really good memory...we're always surprised at the things you remember. You're speaking in sentences a's so much fun to carry on a conversation with you.

We're only a month away from your 2nd birthday, sweet girl!

Time certainly has flown.

We have no clue where time has gone but we do know one thing...we've enjoyed every single minute of it.

We love you,
Daddy & Mommy

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I'm a little late on this post (I've been sick since Saturday evening). Morning sickness is better but I have a killer sinus infection/cold. Praying the meds I just started kick in soon.

My parents were in town last week (or an hour away from where I live), so we were excited to celebrate their birthdays as a family. We celebrated on the 15th which is my Daddy's actual birthday and today is my Mama's actual birthday.

Happy Birthday, Mama!!

They live three hours away so family gatherings with the entire family are few and far between and extremely special. I was so happy that all of my brothers and sisters were able to be here. It meant a lot to my parents.

The menu: filet, wedge salad, roasted brussels sprouts, red potatoes, and tomato pie.

For dessert: strawberry shortcake (for Mama) and PW's blackberry cobbler (for Daddy).

I was most excited about the tomato pie. When we told everyone what it was - some were a little iffy.

Until they tasted it. There wasn't a piece left! It's the perfect savory side dish. I'll share the recipe soon.

My sis, Joy, came and cooked all of the side dishes and desserts at my house. She really is the best. Alex grilled the steak (all 20 of them!) It was perfect and delicious.

I really had it easy this time around - I didn't have to do a thing!

As soon as Amelia saw her Aunt Joy in an apron, she wanted hers on and wanted to help. She's the best helper in the kitchen.

She loved having her family here and I loved seeing her play and interact with her cousins. They play and fight like brothers & sisters. Just as it should be. :)

Hanging out on the deck with her Papa and baby.

My brother and his fam from Missouri were able to be here too! I miss them so much.

My brother, Chris, w/Daddy & Mama.

My sis, Jayna, w/niece, Joylyn.

We ate, laughed, ate some more, opened gifts, laughed some more, and of course it wouldn't be an evening with the Weaver Fam if we didn't cry at some point. (LOL) I love my family so much. I look forward to the holidays when we'll all be together again.

You don't choose your family. They are God's gift to you, as you are to them. -Desmond Tutu

Love to all,

Monday, September 12, 2011

Football, Food & Family...

I'm just now writing about our weekend. I've been having computer issues for a while, so that has hindered my blogging. I need a new computer badly. I'm afraid this one is going to bite the dust any day now.

Football season has arrived so that's what our Saturdays will consist of for many weekends ahead.

Amelia sounds so cute calling the Hogs. I will post a video soon. She can't say her "H" sound yet, so Hogs actually comes out as GO DOGS! She has the PIG SOOIE down though. :)

So if you're watching football - you gotta have food! I made this dip that Faith posted on her blog. It was really good! I went to the store to get all of the ingredients and having pregnancy brain - I forgot the scallions! They would have added even more flavor, so next time I'll make sure to put them on my list twice. That way I might remember them.

I also made frito chili pies. Because I love them with all my heart.

And for dessert I made Oreos and Reese's Peanut Butter Footballs. :)

Amelia was invited to a friend's birthday party on Saturday. Here she is mesmerized by Yo-Gabba-Gabba on the big screen. At one point they had music playing and she headed to the front of the room and just had to dance. She could care less that no one else was up there or that people were watching her. She certainly does not get that from me! She had a fun time.

Alex had a business dinner this evening, so Amelia and I had a dinner date of our own. I love going out to eat just the two of us. We went to Panera because I've been craving their french onion soup. We picked up CFA for Amelia because she told me she wanted nuggets, fries, and lemonade. Girl knows what she wants.

After dinner we walked over to Orange Leaf and had dessert. It was a fun night just me and my girl. I seriously love this kid.

We have family in town, so we have two family dinners this week. I'll be hosting one at my house. Joy and I will be trying some new recipes and that always excites me! If they're good - I'll share.

Love to all,

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Build-A-Bear...or Rabbit.

Amelia and I had a fun Friday! We were invited to lunch by these two pretty ladies. This is my Aunt Sandi and our friend, Jen. We had a yummy lunch at Panera Bread. I had their french onion soup for the first's delicious.

Amelia made Aunt Sandi feed her baby a bottle. (LOL)

After lunch we headed to the mall. My girl (who no longer needs a paci) earned a trip to Build-A-Bear!

I thought she was going to choose a Hello Kitty but once she saw the rabbit (or as she calls it, "raggit") she had no interest in looking at anything else.

Here she is picking out a heart. She actually put two of these inside of her "raggit." We also chose a heart that you can feel beating when you touch the rabbit's chest. So this rabbit is good to go...she has three hearts.

Watching her rabbit being filled with fluff. She pushed the pedal once but it sounded like a vacuum, so she had no interest in helping. She just watched.

And here she is putting her paci inside of her rabbit. Alex asked her what's in the rabbit's tummy and she says "paci in raggit tummy."

She brushed her rabbit before leaving and chose a special shirt for GameDay. They even gave her rabbit some bows to match her outfit.

She slept with it last night and had a tea party with her rabbit this morning.

They're best friends.

Love to all,

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wednesday Randomness...

The weather over the last few days has been near perfect. We were getting ready to get out and enjoy the weather on Monday when Amelia fell and hit her eye on a side table in the living room. It was such a loud bang, I thought she hit her head.

Oh how she cried. :(

I had no clue if it needed stitches or not. She has never had a cut until now. It was right in the crease of her eyelid and luckily, she didn't need stitches. She just needed some extra TLC for the rest of the day. And a cup of pink lemonade.

It's turning all different colors and we expect her to have a cool black-eye in the next few days.

Amelia and I went out for lunch yesterday. We tried a new burger place in town and I loved it! Amelia didn't care for it because she refuses to eat hamburger meat. She liked the fries though. I will be choosing this place over those 5 Guys from here on was that good! Amelia wore these glasses most of the day. People would look at her so funny and it took everything in me not to bust out laughing. I hope she always has such confidence. :)

My girl is back to sleeping until almost 10am and WITHOUT HER PACI. She was waking up earlier at first but is now back to her normal schedule. I've seriously done a little happy dance every morning. I just can't believe it has been this easy. After trying to take it away from her and going through the worst week of our lives without it - it was important to me that she give it up on her own. Thank you to those who suggested cutting a hole in the paci!! We celebrated with powdered donuts for breakfast and will be going to Build-A-Bear this weekend!

I love these last two pictures. She has to make sure her baby has her own seat and food lately. She fed her 3 bottles this morning as well.

I have a feeling she's going to claim this new baby as her own when he/she arrives in March. :) She's going to be the best helper.

Amelia is spending the night at her Daddygrand and Nana's tonight. I know it's silly but I miss her already. Being away from her at night is a huge deal to me. I know she will have the best time...she always does. And Alex and I will get to have an evening just the two of us...those are rare! :)

And I have a quick/random question for those of you who are pregnant or have been pregnant. I've had a couple of times where I'm sitting still and start seeing "sparks" flying around. It's so weird and doesn't last a long time. Have any of you ever experienced this or know what causes it??

Love to all,

Sunday, September 4, 2011

What's Going On...

It has been forever and a day since I last blogged. I've been nauseous. Very, very nauseous. Pretty much from the time I wake up until I go to bed. I've also felt like I could sleep all day long. Taking care of my girl takes every bit of energy that I have right now. I know this will pass, so I'm just trying to make the best of it until it does.

I had a little scare last week. I woke up with bleeding and cramping. My doctor asked me to come in so he could check things out. He couldn't find the heartbeat so he ordered an ultrasound immediately. They found the heartbeat as soon as they started the ultrasound. Music to my ears. The baby was perfect. The ultrasound showed blood under the placenta - that's what's causing the bleeding. No worries. So thankful.

Amelia had her ENT follow-up appointment. She's had her tubes for 6 months now. She wouldn't let the ENT look at her ears until he checked her baby's ears (which he thought was pretty funny). He played along and looked at both of her baby's ears and then she agreed to let him look at hers. Both tubes were still in place - no signs of coming out any time soon. She hasn't had an ear infection since getting them, so I want them to stay in as long as she needs them.

She did so well at the doctor so we celebrated at Mimi's over some scrambled eggs.

After leaving Mimi's we went to Target to pick out a new toy. She chose a Minnie Mouse handbag and glasses. She makes this face every time she wears them. She looks like a little old lady. Makes me laugh.

We made a quick trip to my parents on Friday evening and then drove back on Saturday night for church the next morning. The Hogs played on Saturday and WON!! Amelia wore her Razorback dress to church on Sunday. Sweet girl.

I need to do a pregnancy post...I'll be in my 2nd trimester soon! I feel like I already look 4 months pregnant. Every one has told me this is normal with your second pregnancy. Good to know.

Biggest news of all...Amelia has gone two days without her paci! I decided last week to cut a hole in the top of it. She chews on it and then hands it back to me saying "I no like it." If she goes this entire week without it - she gets to go to Build-A-Bear at the end of the week. I know her paci has been such a comfort to her while sleeping. Now she sleeps with three of her babies and that seems to have taken the place of the paci. My baby is growing up. I'm so proud of her!

Love to all,