Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day 2011

I called my Daddy on the way to church this morning. I was wishing we lived closer so I could hug his neck. This seems like the first year ever that I haven't seen him on Father's Day. He would rather us be faithful to our church home than to miss just to be with him. He's a pastor - he taught us the importance of such things. :) No matter how old I get - I've always felt like his little girl. I will always be his Jill "Pill." He's one of the smartest men I know (Alex is the other) :) He loves God and shows that love to others. He has a huge heart. He's the only man I know that will drop what he's doing, take all of the money he has in his wallet, and give it to a complete stranger. No questions asked - nothing expected in return - just because the person needed it. He's a Godly man and I'm proud to call him my Daddy!

This was a picture on Father's Day 2010. They made duck tape ties at the restaurant just to get a discount on our meal. HA! Daddy, I love you so much. I hope you had a wonderful truly deserve it!

This was Father's Day 2010. How is this even the same child? She has grown SO MUCH in just a year.

Alex, you are the best Daddy to our sweet girl. You make a point to spend quality time with her on a daily basis. I love watching your relationship with Amelia grow. You're setting the bar very high for the young man that will want to marry our little girl someday. You're the love of her life and mine.

Amelia was surprised to wake up and have Daddy at home with us on a Sunday morning. He usually leaves the house very early to head to church and we come later. She was happy to see him and even happier that we were going to ride in the same car together!

Daddy and his girl.

We headed to Red Lobster after church. Here are the Daddy's with their kiddos. This is my FIL...another Dad that I love so much and appreciate greatly!

We had a pretty long wait but the girls did really well. We waited outside so they could walk around and play.

We came home after lunch and gave Alex his cards and gifts. We gave him a grill cover and grilling utensils. Since Amelia has been sick all week, we had plenty of time at home for a few crafts/projects. This was one of them that I found online - I traced our hand prints and then framed it. I thought it turned out really cute and Alex loved it.

I also took some pics of Amelia for her Daddy, Papa, and Daddygrand. We haven't given Papa his yet, but I'm sure he will love it. :) Amelia was actually running fever and sick when we took these. I was so proud of her for sitting there and giving me a few smiles. As soon as our little photo shoot was over - she wanted back in her pj's and out of the dress and bow! Can't say that I blame her.

Happy Father's Day to all of the Dad's out there!

Love to all,


PJ said...

She is so adorable!!!!!

LOVE the and tracing idea! Also, the pictures with the chalkboards. So creative!

Courtney said...

oh my goodness, she really has grown a tremendous amount this year. What a great legacy she has from both your husband and father (and you!)

Lauren said...

Precious post!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Kevin said...

Alex is support to set that bar "really high". Thankful for his heart for his family.

Kevin said...

Alex is supposed to set that bar "really high". So thankful for his heart for his family.

Patterson Family said...

You are so creative! I love the hand "picture" and the ones with her holding the chalkboard...such cute ideas!! She is a doll!

andreajennine said...

Bookmarking your gift ideas for future use!

Faith said...

Your crafts turned out so cute! I know the guys had to love them. That collage is so precious - she is blessed to have such a wonderful daddy!