Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Christmas Shopping...

Christmas music is playing in the background, there's talk of the Christmas tree going up this weekend, and I've officially started my Christmas shopping. Amelia is at such a fun age. I can tell I'm going to have to show some restraint when it comes to buying for her this year.

We didn't really buy her anything for her birthday. We cancelled the party so we could spend time at my parents after Daddy's surgery. We were actually at the hospital on her birthday, so we took her out to eat and she did receive a baby doll and some super cute house shoes. She was happy as can be! :)

I start making a list for her early in the year. A list of things I think she would enjoy. I received several great suggestions from blog friends last year. So if you have any suggestions for a 2 year old, feel free to leave me a comment.

This is what I have in mind for her big presents this year. A couple of her cousins have this and Amelia loves it. She usually cries when she has to leave this thing. It's the Little Tikes Cozy Coupe.

Amelia loves to play the piano at her Granny's house. There's also a local toy store that has a couple of these out for the kiddos to play and she goes straight to it every time. I'm going to watch Zulily for one of these. They had them at a great price last Christmas! It's the Traditional Spinet Piano in Black 25 Key by Schoenhut.

I was looking for a kitchen and this is the one my friend, Annalee, recommended. She told me about a certain toy last year and it was the best gift ever. Amelia still plays with it daily! This is the KidKraft Pink Retro Play Kitchen and Refrigerator.

So how about you? Have you started your Christmas shopping? Do you have any gift ideas for a 2 year old? Feel free to share!

Love to all,


Lauren & Eddie said...

Jill, James LOVES his Cozy Coupe. He got the trailer attachment this year for his birthday so he can take all of his "babies" (Mickey, Minnie, etc.) on trips with him. I got him the Leap Frog Tag Jr. for Christmas this year, too. I have my fingers crossed that it's a hit. He LOVES to read, but doesn't like to sit and let me read to him. Hopefully, this will be a fun compromise.

The Disheroons said...

I love the kozie kitch. Every little girl should have one of those.

annalee said...

I love your Christmas shopping ideas!
A got the Cozy Coupe for 2nd birthday and kitchen for 2nd Christmas. Both were a huge hit then and continue to be played with almost everyday. Lots of great ideas!


amy said...

We got a KidKraft kitchen for our kids last year. (We got a red one because we have a boy and a girl)
Anyway, I was AMAZED at how well made it is. They are so cute in person and our kids LOVE playing with it.

Mazzy said...

LOVE your gift ideas. L got a kitchen and the cozy coupe for christmas last year as well and SHE LOVES both. We also got her a Melissa and Doug shopping cart (it is metal, looks totally real but shrunk down) and she is crazy about that thing as well. I'm sure you've seen it, but the little people nativity set would be PERFECT for Amelia this year as well. We keep ours on the fireplace hearth all month long.

L is getting a dollhouse this year, I am beyond excited. I love having girls, it is so much fun.