Monday, April 16, 2012


I'm trying to catch up on blog posts and have several to do for Sydney's arrival. We had lots of visitors at the hospital and at home afterwards. This was really nice because we weren't allowed any visitors when we had Amelia. I was really sick even after my c-section so my doctor wouldn't allow anyone but Alex and a few family members in to see us. So when people asked if we were up for visitors this time around, I quickly said, YES! I was asleep most of the day (I think day two of being in the hospital) so I don't have pictures of everyone, but here are some of our friends/family that stopped by to see sweet Sydney.

Here's my doctor. Love Dr. S and his entire staff.

A very special visitor had to come see her baby sister. She loved holding her and was so gentle. Looking at these pictures, I realized not only has Sydney changed but Amelia has changed a lot in just 6 weeks as well! Craziness.

Time, please stand still.

Aunt "Fecia", Uncle Drew & Aunt E, Papa, and our friend, Heather.

Granny, our friend, Niki, Uncle Gerry & Aunt Joy, and Papa.

Our friend, Rachel, Uncle Kevin & Aunt Sandi, Mimi (Sydney's Great Grandmother), and Nana.

Daddygrand, Aunt Joy, Uncle Chris, and Laila.

Aunt Jen

Uncle Cary & Aunt Sara

Aunt E

She's one loved baby girl. That's for sure!

Love to all,


Whitney said...

Sooo sweet! I can't wait to meet her. I LOVE her leopard swaddler! I agree with you... don't you wish you could freeze time?

Brigitte said...

What sweet memories! She will have so much love around her :)

Melyne said...

Congrats Jill! Your girls are precious!!

Momx6 said...

It is crazy how Amelia is maturing so quickly - love the pictures of your two girls together.