Monday, January 28, 2013

A story about vomit...

I'm sure the title of this post just pulled ya right in.

I don't know about y'all but our Monday has been rough.

The girls have been sick for what seems like a sweet forever.  Neither of them have been sleeping well unless in bed with Daddy and Mommy and even then I use the word sleep lightly.  We get a week of wellness here and there but it seems like this time of year just brings germs and colds and boy am I ready for spring. 

We decided to go ahead and pull out our Valentine attire since February is right around the corner.  I love these little shirts from Milk & Honey.  She's local and makes them out of her home.  I was stopped several times today by different Moms wanting to know where to find them.  They were both sporting their pink converse and looking oh so valentiney. 

I took the girls to the doctor today.  Sydney was diagnosed with a nasty cold/cough and Amelia has double ear infections.  Poor babies.  This is Amelia's first ear infections since the tubes fell out.  I'm hoping another round of tubes will not be in our future but would rather have them vs. ear infections every month. The girls were really well behaved at the doctor's office.  

After the appointment, Amelia expressed that some pretzel bites sounded really good.  She has had ZERO APPETITE over the last week.  Per the doctor's scale, she has even lost some weight.  So I was going to give her whatever her tummy desired.  We headed to the mall (the only place to buy pretzel bites) and she asked if we could do a little shopping afterwards.  That's my girl! ;)  So we walked around for a bit and did some window shopping.  

And then it happened.  

Sydney started coughing and couldn't stop.  

When she does this I begin to panic because it always leads to her losing her lunch.  Or her breakfast.  Pretty much whatever is in her belly.  

She was in her car seat and lost EVERYTHING.  We pretty much ran to the car because it was so bad - there's was no change of clothes going to fix it.  She needed a bath and her car seat needed to be taken apart and scrubbed.  Or thrown away.

Don't look at the next picture if you're against mothers taking pics of their babies covered in vomit.  Or just imagine I spilled something on her.  Like oatmeal.

Amelia started gagging from the smell in the car and I immediately looked at her and said, "if you even throw up, Amelia, I'll die!!"

Dramatic much?? hahaha!

She held it together while we drove home with the windows down but when we pulled into the garage she said, "Mama, can you please get this stinky baby out of the car?!?" 

Poor Sydney. 

I was up to my elbows in vomit and even though I've scrubbed/sprayed everything it's still in my nostrils or something.  Oh the smell. *gag* 

The girls are finally down for naps and I should be picking up the house but instead I'm sitting here in a daze.  Typing a story about vomit.  

You're welcome. 

Here's to a healthier, vomit-free Tuesday. 

Love to all,


Susy said...

Thank you for brightening my Monday! Ha! From the outside, this is hilarious...from your side...not so much. I honestly thought the picture was going to look like Will does after a big spit up. Um, no. Not even close. Bless your heart!! I hope the girls are feeling better!

Brigitte said...

I know how terrible that vomit is!! My kids vomited all over our couches and our bed this past week thanks to the stomach flu. Getting that smell out all the way is near impossible :( yuck!

Cheryl said...

Oh, I am so sorry! This story does crack me up! Hope your babies get to feeling better very soon! And, sleeping better!!!

Sara said...

Oh my, you poor thing! I have been there and it is no fun! I am so ready for spring as well!!! I could say that over and over! We have not had great luck with sickness this winter but it cold have been worse.

Hope Syndney feels better soon and that pesky cough gets better!

Courtney said...

I loved this story. Thank you for sharing, and yes, it's gross, but it's a story for the ages (and by ages I mean rehearsal dinner at her wedding).