Friday, March 29, 2013

A Good Friday...

So my house looks like a bomb went off.  
A laundry bomb for the most part. 
I'm ignoring it.  

Alex has a full weekend.  
Between speaking at a conference, Secret Church, and 
preparing for Easter Sunday...
We won't see him much until after church on Sunday.  

The girls and I have stayed busy doing stuff around the house.  

Not laundry.  Other stuff.  

Amelia dyed eggs for the first time and loved it.  
She kept asking me to cook more eggs after we finished.  

She also kept asking why we dye eggs for Easter. 
Um...honestly, I have no idea.
Just dip the eggs baby.  We'll google it later.

She is her father's child. 
I'm certain I could care less at the age of three why we were dyeing eggs. 
And Alex was probably researching it in his personal set of encyclopedias.

We used kool-aid to dye the eggs.  
I'm sure you've all seen it on Pinterest.  
It works and it makes the eggs smell fruity.

We've blown bubbles. 

Sweet thing dressed herself this morning.  
I love seeing the outfits she puts together. 
Girl has style.

She made our lunch yesterday. 
I gave her pizza dough and she went to town.
It was actually really good.
She made half cheese for her and my half was tomato and artichokes.


Sydney is fighting sleep. 
And I don't use the word fight lightly.
I've never seen anything like it.
She fell asleep like this yesterday.
And that was after MANY hours of me going in and wrestling her.
I mean rocking her.
Hoping this is a very short phase. :)

We're reading our books about Easter.
I asked Amelia, "what's Easter about?"
Her response: "um...Jesus being born?"
Nope, good try.  Let's keep reading. 

Makes me cry reading all of the scripture on social media today.
How refreshing.

A Good Friday, indeed.

"God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son."
- John 3:16

Love to all,

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Momx6 said...

Good post!
I know you are weary.
"This too will pass..." Doesn't help while you are going through it I know.
Love you!