Friday, October 17, 2014

Amelia's First Sleepover...

Amelia wanted to celebrate her 5th birthday with a sleepover. 

She has a lot of cousins who are also her best friends, so we had 8 little girls in our home to celebrate!

Whenever Amelia is allowed to choose flowers at the market, she always chooses roses and most often, pink roses. Even though I try to talk her out of them. ha!

They are her favorite. 

So I decorated the mantle with pink roses just for her. 

To say she was excited is the biggest understatement ever made. 

This was the most excited I've ever seen her before a party. 

Aunt Joy made her yummy chocolate and vanilla cupcakes with buttercream icing. 

Our favorite!

I bought the girls matching pajamas for the party.

My friend, Ashley let us borrow her inflatable movie screen for the party. 

The girls thought it was pretty cool to watch a movie outside. 

I set up a little snack area for them to help themselves during the movie. 

My girls don't drink soda (they don't like carbonated beverages), but I couldn't resist these tiny bottles of coke.

Amelia and Sydney drank lemonade, but their friends enjoyed the soda!

We had popcorn.

And lots of candy!

I had my niece, Victoria and our friend, Shelby come over to help with the party.

I was so thankful for their help!








And the birthday girl!

And we can't forget our Roo!

We ordered pizza for dinner.

Doing all of this outside made for easy clean-up! :)

I loved the glow-in-the-dark balloons.

We came in to open gifts after the movie. 

Could she smile any bigger!??

Amelia is really into Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles right now. 

She received this hat from her cousin, Kandace. 

Peyton read all the cards aloud, since Amelia doesn't know how to read. 

So sweet. 

Most all of the girls made her a card. She put them all in her special box after the party.

She loves homemade cards.

Shelby drew this picture for her. She's quite the artist!

Time for group pictures!

And cake!

Singing Happy Birthday.

Make a wish!

 I set up a little manicure station for the girls.

Victoria and Shelby painted their nails.

My friend, Christie is selling these "polish pads" on her website.

I thought they were so cute for mani/pedis.

Sydney wanted Aunt Joy to paint her nails. 

Seven little girls all in a row.

It was time for one more movie after we brushed our teeth.

They all went to sleep at midnight.

I'm pretty sure that's the latest any of them have ever been allowed to stay up - like ever!

I went with a feast of donuts, cereal, fruit and yogurt for breakfast. 

This was my first time to make a donut cake. ;)

I made the table look like a bed.

This was my living room on Saturday morning.

I couldn't help but smile at eight sleeping bags all in a messy row.

I told Alex, this was the easiest party I've ever thrown for one of my girls. 

It was laid back, they all played together, and were so well behaved. 

It was just great fun.

And the best part, Amelia said it was the best birthday party ever!

Love to all,


Anonymous said...

you just gave me some great inspiration! My daughter is having a sleepover this weekend and I am using lots of your ideas! Especially the breakfast set-up.
Thanks so much for helping this mama!

Maydelin said...

wow Amazing party/sleepover!!! it seems like they all had a great time there!!!

Happy Birthday Sweet girl

Lauren and Eddie said...

This was so cute! James was ECSTATIC about turning five a few weeks ago! Must be the age. How are they already FIVE?!