Saturday, March 7, 2015

Sydney Faith is THREE!

We started off the birthday weekend with dinner at Outback. 

After arriving, we asked Sydney where she wanted to go to dinner on her actual birthday.

Her response, "NOT HERE, I wanna go to McDonald's!" 

My gift to Sydney was allowing her to dress herself.

She chose a beautiful lavender top, jeans, and a burgundy headband around her forehead. (HA!)

She has a very strong opinion on what she wears. We have many an argument over it, so I'm TRYING to give a little and just not care if she matches all the time.

We were all happy to be out of the house.

The ice/snow had finally melted enough for us to be free!

Saturday was Sydney's actual birthday.

She was excited for her birthday party at Build-a-Bear!

She was in her own little world much of the time. 

They played games before filling their animals with fluff.

Time to fill her puppy!

This was our first "away from home" birthday party.

The kids seem to enjoy it and it was so easy on me. 

We may never have a home party again. *wink*

Sydney and her friend, Caitlin.

After Build-a-Bear, we headed to the food court for lunch and cookie cake.

Sydney and her cousin, Kandace.

Birthday girl with Daddy and Mommy.

Sydney is really into pigs right now.

She watches Charlotte's Web all the time and holds a little ceramic pig that was given to her by her Nana. It belonged to her Great Grandmother. Makes me a nervous wreck every time she holds it, but it's hers and she adores it.

And she can't watch the movie without it!

She actually asked for a real pig for her birthday.

The best I could do was a cookie cake with a pig's face.

Our Roo-Roo.

Sydney is the mini-version of Victoria.

They're best buds.

Sydney was scared to death of the CFA cow, but Amelia really wanted her picture with him.

We were at the mall all afternoon and Sydney had a little bathroom accident.

I don't think I took her to the bathroom all afternoon. OOPS!

We had to stop by a store in the mall for some new pants before heading to dinner.

Uncle Drew and Aunt E were in town and stopped by to give the birthday girl a gift.

Sydney changed her mind from McDonald's to the "place with fire" for her birthday dinner.

She loves the filet at Kobe.

She opened a present from Papa and Granny that evening.

A peppa the pig set!

Amelia baked her sister a cake. 

Sydney was surprised and loved it. 

Make a wish!

Sydney Faith,

You are one of a kind.

You are incredibly smart.

You are tough.

You are sensitive.

You don't back down easily.

You are so observant.

You can read people very well.

It's easy to see the people that make you feel truly loved and accepted - those are the ones you are drawn to.

You love babies.

You love pigs.

You love Wizard of Oz.

You love to be tickled.

You love to make people laugh.

You love to dance.

You love to sing.

You love to run.

You love pancakes.

You love your family.

I love that you belong to me.

Happy 3rd Birthday, sweet girl!

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