Monday, July 6, 2009

The holiday weekend...

We had a very laid back 4th of July. This is what I prefer anymore...does that mean that I'm old? Mainly, I just never want to fill our calendar to the point that when Alex does have a day off, it doesn't feel like a day off for him. He works very hard 6 days a week. Time off for him is precious. I just like for him to go back to work on Monday feeling rested. Gotta take care of my man!

We had our nephew, Pryce, for 4 days. We really enjoyed having him here. He was such a help to me! We actually celebrated his birthday on the 4th! He gets to pick what he wants on his cake every year. This year, he wanted a kayak. He and his Uncle Al have been talking about buying one for a long time. They love to fish together and they are always telling me that this would be very helpful when they go to the Little Red River. I'm thinking after the baby gets here, we'll have to break down and buy one. :)

I can't believe he's 11 years old. I remember when my sister brought him home from the hospital. There was a period of time when my sister and her husband had sold their home, so they stayed with us until they found a new home. Alex and I LOVED this. We would get up to get ready for work and go get Pryce out of his bed (he was just a baby then). We would sit him in the empty jacuzzi bath with his toys, while getting ready for work. He was always so happy...he would play and talk to was the perfect way to start our day. We have the most precious memories from when they stayed with us. He loves spending time with his Uncle Al. The other night, I was sitting in the living room and he and Alex were at the kitchen table, reading the Bible together...discussing what the scriptures meant. It melted my heart. There has always been something special about this kid and I'm excited to see what God has planned for his life. I asked my sister if we could keep him, but she didn't go for it. Can't say that I blame her. We love you, Pryce!

Here are a few more pics from our weekend...

Lil' J...just a-swingin'

Momma with Kandace

My brother, Chris with his family (minus Kaitlyn)

Andrew & Elaina

Cary and his family

We took Pryce and his friends to see the new Ice Age movie for his birthday...they loved the 3D glasses! LOL

Cody & Kevin

As we were leaving my brother's house...a little accident happened. I was driving. We waved goodbye to Lil' J and I immediately put it in reverse and stepped on the gas. Not even looking in my rearview, I hit my brother, Andrew's car! This isn't the worst of it. Alex tells me to go forward, so I punch the gas again, not putting it in drive and hit his car again. I proceed to do this TWICE! Honestly, I have lost my mind. As my brother, Cary said, "the baby is taking every bit of brain juice I have!" Luckily, cars today are made of some weird rubbermaid plastic that just pops back out, so there wasn't any major damage, but I felt like an idiot. LOL

We had plans to go see fireworks that evening, but ended up staying in and just listening to them all around our house. Totally fine with me...I was sleepy.

Our church has changed their service time from 10:30am to 6:00pm on Sundays, so we slept in and then went to brunch on Sunday morning. It was weird at first, not having an AM service, but in the end - I LOVED it. I didn't feel rushed like I usually do. We had an awesome time of praise and worship and started a new series that I'm excited about! It was a wonderful weekend, all around (minus the fender-bender LOL)

I've decided on a color for the nursery and have started picking out accessories, so I will be sharing those soon. :)



Joy said...

Can't wait to hear the color choices!

Faith said...

Y'all have the neatest family! So glad you all had a great 4th of July.

Looking forward to seeing your pics for the nursery!

Mom of 3! said...

Ok, I'm curious about the nursery colors. And I'm glad you guys had a good weekend. We decided to take it easy as well.... and it was so nice!

Love ya girl.

Shannon said...

Sounds like a fun party and fun 4th! Sorry about your accident but glad there was no damage. :)

becca said...

you should have come out and enjoyed them with us! Cracks me up that our whole street lights them when we have the Fire Chief on our street!

Eric and Emily said...

What a great looking family you have! And you get to add another cutie pie to the mix soon!

Linda Lou Rogers Averitt said...

sry about the car, missed seeing ya'll sunday, will be there this sunday, I am glad its a night too, it will make it eaiser for me and Steve:) hugs and love on the sweet little girly for me:) and my handsome son!!

Jenna said...

Jill!! I am so behind on blog reading and just caught up with you and your cute self. CONGRATS CONGRATS CONGRATS on that baby GIRL. I am so excited for ya'll! Hope ya'll are having a great weekend!