Saturday, May 22, 2010

All About Amelia - 7 months old!

Amelia, you're 7 months old!!

You weigh 18lbs - 7 ounces and you're 26 3/4" long.

You're wearing size 2 diapers.

You're wearing 9 month clothes.

You're sleeping 10-11 hours at night.

You slept in your crib for the very first time. It was actually an accident. I put you there for a nap, but you stayed asleep through the night and I didn't want to wake you.

You didn't cry that night, but I sure did.

You're eating 8 ounces every 4 hours during the day. You also have baby food once or twice a day.

You like everything we give you. You've had green beans, sweet peas, squash, sweet potatoes, carrots, bananas, pears, and peaches.

You would lick the bowl clean, if we'd let you!

You sat in a high chair for the first time at one of Mommy's catering jobs. You liked it. We're going to have to buy you one soon!

You're teething, but no teeth yet.

You rode in your stroller like a big girl this month! I usually just click your car seat into the stroller, but your Granny insisted you could do it. Even though your Mommy tried to tell her that you're still a teeny-tiny baby.

You proved Mommy wrong. :)

You love to snuggle and take naps with Mommy & Daddy. Whenever I lay you on Daddy's pillow and walk around to the other side of the bed, you immediately start smiling because you know that I'm going to take a nap with you. :)

Not only do you love to play with your feet. You love to stick them in your mouth.

I say, go for it. You won't be this limber forever. Trust me.

You continue to improve on sitting up by yourself, though we can't walk away and leave you just yet.

When on your belly, you push up on your arms and raise your rear like you're going to take off. You're rolling all over the place. If there is something you want, you just roll until you get it. :)

I love how when you get really tired, you will laugh at anything and everything. You get that from your Mommy. :)

You're ticklish from head to toe!

You reach for EVERYTHING now.

You love sticking your tongue out. Especially for the camera.

Maybe you're trying to tell me something. (LOL)

You love it when your Daddy is home from work. He gets up with you on the weekends and takes care of you for Mommy. He loves that time with you.

Amelia, I love staying home with you. I love watching you figure things out for the very first time.

I love seeing you smile behind that paci.

I can be feeling down and you immediately lift my spirits.

You're my best-little-girlfriend. :)

You have the sweetest personality.

You just wait for Daddy & Mommy to talk to you, so you can flash a smile.

We love you, baby girl.

You're a dream come true.

Daddy & Mommy


Jesse and Mandy Peterson said...

Happy 7 Months Amelia! She is absolutely precious!

Anonymous said...

Awww..I just got tears in my eyes when I read this..I hope I have a happy sweet baby like this one day :) You are going to have to bring her to any parties you are invited to in upcoming weeks :)

amy said...

FABULOUS pictures! She is the most precious, GORGEOUS little girl. What a blessing. :)

kristin fulghum said...

leighton and amelia are destined to be friends. they have so many of the same outfits and pajamas! she is just too adorable!

Jenna said...

SOOOOO sweet! Oh my word, she is just so precious I can hardly stand it. And her mama is pretty darling as well! Loved reading this and seeing all these pictures. She is truly one of the cutest babies ever - that smile could light a small country. :-)

Love you friend!!!

bb and mtb said...

Oh so sweet!!! She is getting to be such a big girl! Love all those smiles.

Linda Lou Rogers Averitt said...

oh I this and needs som hug frommiss Amela, se you tmorrow night at church

Caroline said...

i love her! she is so cute and her smile just melts my heart. this was so very sweet jill!

Charnè said...

she is one beatufiul and perfect little girl!

to darn cute!


Faith said...

Oh my goodness, there are so many things that I love about this post...that pic of her in the striped leggings all sprawled out on the chair - SO cute!! And, the nap in your bed thing is so completely adorable - I love that! I think she looks so much like you in that last pic. She is such a doll baby! I just love her (and you too)!! I'm crossing my fingers that I'll get to love on her in person soon ;-)

Melissa said...

Happy 7 months Miss A! She is such a happy baby! So precious!!!

Eric and Emily said...


Mrs. Alex P said...

Hey girl, I gave you an award today! You can check it out on my blog.

Happy 7 Months to our little ones!! I can't believe we are closer to one year than we are when they were born :-( the time is going by way too fast!

The Lynchs said...

What a sweet post - I love it! She has the most beautiful smile I've ever seen!

Mel said...

Such a little beauty. Happy 7 months! It just keeps getting better!!!

Heather said...

OH MY WORD. Tell me she is not seven months. SAY IT ISN'T SO!!!!! Slow down, time!! Jill- she is absolutely ADORABLE!!! JUST PRECIOUS! What a sweet baby girl. My favorite pic is the one of you two napping together. SO SWEET. And I love her smiling behind the paci! AK does that too and it melts me every time. What a sweetie Amelia is!!!!!!!
Hope ya'll are having a great weekend! Let's play soon!

PJ said...

I LOVE these All About Amelia posts!

Gosh Jill, she is so absolutely beautiful! She seems like such a happy baby!

So, has she been sleeping in a basinet with you guys? I'm so torn about where to have our twins sleep. We're short on space, so I would kind of like to have them sleep together in one of the cribs right away, but I might have a hard time being that far away in the beginning (across the hall, lol!).