Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day - 2010

I had the best Mother's Day! Last year I was pregnant with Amelia, but this year I could actually hold her and love on her, which made it even more fun!

Alex let me sleep in, but as soon as I got up - I wanted to see this face!! :) Every day is Mother's Day because of this precious baby girl.

Then I headed into the kitchen and had a muffin and a cup of coffee in my new mug. It says "Being a Mom is a Holy Privilege." So true!!

Alex and Amelia gave me some sweet cards...

And this pretty necklace that says Mom. Alex is taking it to have Amelia's date of birth engraved on the back. The perfect gift for my first Mother's Day.

And look what my sister Joy surprised me with! I have been wanting some flowers for the top of my mailbox for awhile. I came home this weekend and found these. All of the flowers haven't even started blooming...can't wait until it's completely full. I can change the flowers out with the season...I just love it!! Let's just hope I can keep them alive! :)

These are all of the pretty packages for different Mothers in my life. Just a little something to show my love and appreciation. I have some wonderful women in my life!

I bought these hydrangeas for my Aunt. I may have to go back and get myself pretty!

After we had some time at home that morning, we got around and headed to my S-I-L's home to celebrate Mother's Day with Alex's family. We had Corky's bar-b-q with all of the sides and birthday cake for dessert. I made fudge pie too!

Amelia with her Nana. :)

Aunt Connie and Amelia. We loved having her here for a few days!

We bought these necklaces for both of our Mothers. We each have 5 brothers and sisters. We had all 6 kids names put on them. I thought they turned out really cute.

This Alex's Mimi with Alicia and Victoria. We celebrated Mimi's birthday on Mother's Day too!

I love this picture of Sawyer & Laila. They couldn't go outside by the pool, so they stood by the window and watched. :)

Me and Amelia. :)

My two loves. :)

Some of the guys eating by the pool.

After lunch and spending time with Alex's family, we headed to church. It was nice to have some of our family in church with us last night. :) After church we headed to celebrate with my family!

This is my Uncle Kev & Aunt Sandi...they hosted last night. Love them!

We had nachos for dinner. I would have taken a picture, but we all cleaned our plates too fast! HA!

I made Ghirardelli cupcakes to take. All I can say is...OMW. I made half with chocolate icing and the other half with chocolate peanut butter icing. They're my new fave.

My brother Chris with his daughter Kandace. Isn't my brother so handsome!? And I just want to eat Kandace up every time I see her...she's a doll!

Aunt E gave Amelia lots of love last night. :)

Me and my Daddy

Oh how I love my Momma. She received some lovely gifts, but her favorite was this Vera Bradley curling iron cover. Who would have thought that a curling iron cover could bring tears to her eyes!! LOL

My Grandma with her two babies. :)

My Momma with 5 out of 6 of her kiddos. We missed Cary, Sara, Jackson & Millie!!

My sister Joy with her three handsome boys. They tried to argue with me over taking a picture...I had to remind them who was boss! HA!

My sister Jayna with her two beautiful daughters. Joylyn had already changed into her pjs for the long trip home! :)

Amelia was getting so sleepy from the long day...she had to rest on Granny's lap for a bit.

All the pretty ladies...

Some of the guys...

This was Amelia in the backseat when we arrived home. It took all of 2 minutes to get her in her jammies and to bed. She slept for 10 hours!!

It was a long yet WONDERFUL day. Thank you to Alex for making it so special for me. I love you, babe. :)

Love to all,


Just Believing said...

wonderful pictures! amelia has such an infectious smile!

happy belated mother's day!

Betsy said...

What a wonderful Mother's Day!! Your baby is just the CUTEST thing ever. I could eat her up!! I love the necklace you got your mom! And you got such nice things, too. But the best part is just hanging out with family, right?? I love that! So glad you enjoyed your first Mother's Day!

PJ said...

Wow! So many pictures! What a great Mother's Day you had!

That necklace is wonderful! Did you get it from They have some really great artists on there that do some great customized jewelry like that.

Amelia has grown up so much! I'm glad to see you're still using that carseat. It's the Chicco Keyfit, right? We have those and I'm hoping they last a good while.

Motherhood suits you so well. :)

MomMom said...

Jill, I'm so happy for you and your family. So thankful you had a wonderful Mother's Day. Amelia is beautiful--what a gift from God. Linda

Mandi said...

You did a lot of celebrating on your first Mother's much fun! You certainly waited long enough to feel joy instead of sorrow on this day. : )

Linda Lou Rogers Averitt said...

tks for this blog I loved it:)))

Hillary said...

I would like to have Amelia and a cupcake right now! Please and thank you!

Lauren Kelly said...

So sweet! So glad you had a wonderful first Mother’s Day!! Great pictures!! :)

Mel said...

I know you know this, but your family is simply amazing. You guys have such a wonderful group and I am in awe of how precious you are all to each other.

Happy 1st Mother's Day! I am so glad you had such a good one!

Faith said...

What a special day - exactly what you deserve!! As always, great pics of your fam. I really love the necklace from Alex and those beautiful flowers from Joy. And, that picture of Joy with her boys just made me smile - so good lookin'!

Glad you had such a great day! Lots of love, Faith

P.S. Ditto to what Hillary said =)

Shannon said...

Sounds like a perfect Mother's Day! Love all the pictures and love your new necklace!