Sunday, June 13, 2010

A trip to my parents...

Alex was out of town last week, so Amelia and I decided to go stay with my parents for a few days. We hit the road on Wednesday and headed towards Osceola! We made it to town in time to go to church with them. They have such a sweet church family.

Upon arrival, we put our things in the guest room and my Momma had these pretty flowers on the bedside table. They were flower stems from an arrangement that me and my siblings had sent for my Grandmother's funeral service. She had little arrangements all over the house. I love having fresh flowers sprinkled around my home.

Amelia loved the accommodations.

While there, my Momma baked this yummy banana bread cobbler! She's going to share the recipe on her blog. It was delicious. I won't share how many pieces I consumed.

Each morning, Momma would ask me what I wanted for breakfast. She made me chocolate gravy & biscuits one morning...yum! Another delicious breakfast was this french toast. She made it from homemade bread that she had made before I arrived. She sent a loaf of the bread home to Alex...he LOVES homemade bread. :)

The next morning we headed to Cary & Sara's. This was my first time to see their new church and home. Amelia had a good nap on the way. Most of her naps while at my parents, took place in the car seat. We were on the go and she was a good, little traveler.

We made it to New Madrid, met Cary & Sara at their home, and headed out to lunch.

We drove to Sikeston to have lunch at Lambert's!

Jackson checking out the menu. :)

Millie Beth on one end of the table...

Amelia Joy on the other!

As you may know, Lambert's is home of the throwed roll. This is Jackson's face while watching them throw rolls all over the restaurant. LOL

They would push this little cart around and when you raised your hands that you wanted a roll...

They would throw you one across the restaurant! So much fun!

Jackson would raise his hands and say "HOT ROLL...HOT ROLL!" haha!!

They also walked around with yummy things, like fried okra and fried potatoes...constantly asking if we wanted more! I ordered the broiled chicken breast and it was the largest piece of chicken I've ever seen in my life. You could have fed 4 people off of this one piece of chicken!

Amelia thought it was loads of fun!

My sweet Daddy & Momma.

After lunch, we went to the outlet mall. I hit up the Carter's outlet. Heaven help! I found some summer outfits for Amelia. The girl is growing like a weed. Some of the outfits she's wearing are 12 month! We borrowed Sara's double stroller, since I didn't think to bring mine. Amelia loved being in the front. She just kicked back and enjoyed the ride.

After our shopping trip, we headed back to New Madrid and I took a tour of my brother's new church (where he's pastor).

I'm so proud of my little brother. I have no doubt that God has great things in store for NMBC!

They are living in the church parsonage, but as always, Sara has put her personal touch on everything and it's just adorable! There are still things that she wants to change (like the fireplace and there is a lot of wood in the dining room/kitchen area that isn't her style) but I think it's already looking so good.

Sara & Millie in the dining room.

I also received a tour of Jackson's bedroom! He is so cute and couldn't be more proud of his new room. Love this kid.

The next day, we headed to downtown Blytheville. There isn't a whole lot in this little town, but there are a couple of places that I always want to visit when I'm there. I love to eat at Sharecroppers.

I made a healthy choice of grilled chicken salad for lunch, so that I could have a piece of fresh strawberry pie for dessert. :)

After lunch, we visited this little store.

We had a great time with my parents. Alex has been out of town a lot on business, over the past few months. It's always nice to have help while he's away. There is nothing like your Momma cooking for you and helping you with your baby. Momma let me get a little more sleep, by getting up with Amelia in the mornings. Daddy would entertain her, so that I could get a shower and get ready. Momma cooked delicious meals for me, just like when I was little. May sound silly, but it's just nice to feel taken care of by your parents. To feel like you're the child again. Home is wherever they reside. I love them so much.

Love to all,


The Patterson's said...

Looks like a wonderful trip! How awesome that you are able to get away when Alex is gone. We love Lambert's and that strawberry pie looks amazing!

Rebekah said...

I love Lambert's although I haven't been in years. My in-laws were there on Monday! I was so jealous. Sounds like a great trip!

Heather said...

It does not sound silly at all, and I love that!!!! Makes me want to pack up my kids and head to my mommas!!! So glad you had a fun time! Amelia is ADORABLE and I love the Carter's outlet!!! And Lambert's too! SO FUN! I loved hearing all about your trip!!

Glitter & Bliss said...

What a great trip you and Amelia had!! Looks like so much fun. The food pics looked yummy.

amy said...

loved reading about your trip!! so fun!

Cuddles and Chaos said...

Amelia's last outfit looks like the material from my purse (night and day by Vera Bradley).

I'm glad that you had a great visit home.


Linda Lou Rogers Averitt said...

sounds like a fun week:)Glad you got to be mommed...if that is a word;) hugs

Mel said...

You have such a great family! I often wish I were so close to mine. I think it is so special you can be with them when Alex is gone... I get so lonely when J travels!

And why is that your posts always make me hungry???!!!

Faith said...

I am SO hungry after reading about all this yummy food you've been enjoying - man!! What a fun getaway you guys had. I'm so glad you were able to enjoy this time with your sweet family.

I really like Sara's style and what she's done with the house. Very cool!

I'm gonna be looking for that recipe of your mom's. Love you girl!

The Lynchs said...

What a fun trip! Sometimes it's nice to have mom cook! :-)

And can I just say - I've ALWAYS wanted to go to a restaurant where they throw the rolls! I think that is so much fun!

Lauren Kelly said...

Looks like a fabulous time filled with great family and great food!!! :)

sara said...

I'm so behind on commenting - but I am so so sorry about your grandma. She will be in my thoughts and prayers and you as well ((hugs))