Wednesday, December 22, 2010

All About Amelia - 14 months old!

Amelia, you're 14 months old!!

You weigh 25 lbs - 2 ounces.

You're 32 inches long.

Size 4 diaper.

You're wearing 18 month clothing (tall girl!) and size 5 shoe.

You continue to sleep well. You sleep at least 12 hours every night. You've been taking a late morning nap, so you don't always take one in the afternoon.

Our struggle with food is meat. The only meat you will eat is chicken. You still would rather have pureed veggies vs. steamed. I try hiding meat & veggies in things like chicken quesadillas and it works. You love anything with cheese! You just started eating mac-n-cheese and you love it. You also love bread. You cried for a piece of bread the other day. A plain piece of bread! So I gave it to you to see what you would do. You ate it all.

We still haven't given you peanut butter, chocolate, or eggs. We get to try those in another month!

You're still taking a bottle of milk right before bed. It's the only bottle you receive during the day. You drink water or as you call it, "juice" in a cup throughout the day. We recently bought you a cup with a straw and you love it!

You have 6 teeth - still no molars. You love to have your teeth brushed and aren't biting Mommy anymore when I brush them for you. Thank you for that.

You still grind your teeth. YIKES!

You still have your paci. You have it during nap time or at bedtime. Or if you're sick, I let you have it whenever you want it. (LOL)

You are officially a toddler. You have been walking for quite some time. When you fall down, you get right back up and take off again. At times you try to run and it scares us to death! You're still a little wobbly.

You like to go sit in front of your bedroom door. You go very quietly and know that as soon as I don't hear anything, I'll be looking for you. As soon as I see you, you stand up quickly and open your bedroom door and run in. Like you've gotten away with something!

You can open all of the doors in the house. You get on those tip-toes and stretch those long arms to get just about anything you want.

You love to go into the pantry. You immediately grab a to-go cup and a can of sprite! You've never had sprite, but it obviously looks tasty in that green can.

You're a pro at getting on the couch and crawling off. Though you lost your mind last week and leaped off. You landed on your back and just laid there - staring at the ceiling. I busted out laughing and then you started laughing.

You love bath time. You get more water on Daddy & Mommy than on yourself! We cover ourselves with towels while we sit and watch you play. Trust me, it's necessary.

You're still shutting every door behind you. I'm still telling you no.

You can say Daddy, Mama, Nana, Papa, Pryce, hat, hot, shoes, juice, cheese, bath, baby, night-night, ba-ba (bottle), hi, yeah, no, no-touch, & bye.

You sign "more" & "food."

You're still nodding your head no, even when you're saying yes with your mouth. We're working on it.

You take very good care of your baby. You walk her, burp her, and push her in the stroller.

You're still scared of the vacuum. And I'm officially a bad mother because I've decided that cutting your fingernails while the vacuum is on = best idea ever. You sit very still and watch the vacuum...not moving a muscle. Brilliant.

Now when I ask "where's Daddy?" You point to the front door and try to open it.

When we ask you "Amelia, where's God?" You pat your heart. It's so sweet.

When we ask you a question that you don't know the answer - you put your hand up like, "I don't know - why you asking me?" (LOL)

You love to touch & pull on people's earrings. Your Granny said she was going to put earrings on you and hung these soft ornaments from your ears. You LOVE them. You bring them to me every day and want me to put them on your ears. I think it's so funny that you walk around wearing them.

I actually think you've started a fashion trend.

You love your new rain boots (Thanks Uncle Cary & Aunt Sara!) think they go with anything.

You've been sick with another ear infection. We'll be seeing an ENT this month to get an opinion on tubes. We're trying not to think about it until we talk to the doctor. We'll do whatever is best for you, we know that! :)

We can ask you to bring us just about anything and you go pick it up and bring it to us. You really love your Melissa & Doug farm animals puzzle and are getting better at putting the pieces in by yourself.

When we say, "check the mailbox." You go to the little mailbox on your little house and get the letters out.

We love that we can ask you what you want and so often, you can actually tell us. You understand so much!

We love you, beautiful girl.

Daddy & Mommy


Charon Benton said...

so sweet--she is growing up! What a precious girl!!! Both my boys ended up with tubes! BEST THING EVER!!!!!

andreajennine said...

What a sweetie! Love the pics, especially bathtime, burping baby, and "I don't know."

Blue-Eyed Bride said...

she is so stinking cute! that smile and those eye lashes! wow!

i need to see close- up photos of those gorgeous framed photographs!

Shannon said...

Love all the pics! The one where she is burping her baby is precious!

I'm so sorry about all her ear infections! My friend has a baby about the same size and her Dr. recommended taking Ava to a chiropractor before tubes and from what I understand it has helped tremendously!! It sounds so weird and they were soooo skeptical but he was wonderful and specializes in babies and toddlers. I can email you her email if would like to ask her about it. They may have a recommendation for someone in your town.

Linda Lou Rogers Averitt said...

They just grow up toooooooo fast!

MiMi said...

Such a beautiful little girl! I enjoyed seeing all the pictures and can't believe how big she is getting! She is so adorable and I am so thankful that the Lord blessed you with such a special gift! ( :

elainaann said...

Sounds like my kind of girl when it comes to food. :)

Anonymous said...

Love the "i don't know" and the earrings!!- nat

Mel said...

The God in the heart thing about made me melt. What a sweetie. I've not ever even thought of teaching L that and I need to do it!

That girl is heaven sent!