Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas 2010

Tell me something.

How does a baby go from this...

To only a year???

I can't believe how much our girl has grown.

We had three family Christmas celebrations. Each one was special and I enjoyed the time with our families. We had Alex's family over on the 23rd. This is the only pic that I took of the food. I made several things, but had to make chocolate covered peanut butter balls. I only make them during the Christmas season, so they're a special treat!

Amelia was pretty solemn the entire evening. Once her bedtime rolls around - she's pleasant, but not in the mood to smile. She has gone to bed WAY past her bed time for almost a week and has been such a trooper.

I handed her over to take this picture and she wasn't too happy with me. Here she is with all of her cousins on the Averitt side. I love how Laila & Mika are looking at Amelia! (LOL)

Opening her presents.

Her favorite gift of the night was her magna doodle. She has carried that thing around with her all over the house!

My M-I-L asked Santa to stop by and see all of the kiddos. Amelia wasn't a fan. (LOL)

We had our Christmas Eve service on the 24th. It starts at 11:30 and we end at midnight, Christmas morning. All of the kiddos come in their pjs and look so cute.

I don't know how Amelia was still awake at this point. She has that glazed-over look. :)

We were so excited for Christmas morning! At one point, Alex asked me if I wanted him to go wake Amelia. (LOL) Since we didn't put her to bed until after 1am, I thought it best to let her sleep. She woke up after 9am and we brought her out to open her presents.

We did a couple of "big gifts" and then a few little things. We didn't want to go overboard. There were so many things that we wanted to get her, but my Mom reminded us to keep her gifts age-appropriate. So we're saving some of those ideas for next year. :) One of her big gifts was this chair. She was so funny. She would just climb in and out of it and prop her legs up on the arms. She loves it!

Her other big gift was the Fisher-Price "Learning Home." It's so cute. It has a door that she can crawl through, a working doorbell, a mailbox, a window that goes up and down, etc. It was a big hit! She also received some new bath toys, a purse, clothes, & sing-a-ma-jigs. Her stocking had a personalized video and some other little things.

We had my family over on Christmas day. In regards to gifts, we did something a little different this year. We usually buy for everyone, but the 6 of us kids and our spouses decided to draw names and fill a stocking for that person.

It was a lot of fun and we've decided to do this from here on out. My stocking was full of wonderful goodies. This one made me laugh out loud. My brother drank bad milk from my fridge, 10 years ago, and just won't let me forget it. It obviously scarred him for life. HAHA!

A few more pics from the day...

Aunt E with Millie.


More of the kiddos.

On Sunday evening, we headed to my Uncle & Aunt's home to celebrate with my Mom's side of the family. This is the entire gang!

I found myself watching Amelia this Christmas and my heart felt like it could just explode. I am so grateful for the gift of her precious little life. I don't want for anything.

I have all I need.

It was a very Merry Christmas for the Averitt Fam! Looking forward to what God has in store in 2011.

Love to all,


Todd and Courtney said...

wonderful update! beautiful! Those chairs are fantastic too. Lauren got it her first year and its a hit :)

Charnè said...

Merry Christmas!

Looks like u had an amzing time!! Love Amelias learning house its awesome!!!

Emma-Lynn loves her sing-a-ma-jig too!!

where did u get hat beautiful chair? been looking for one for Em


Amber said...

It looks like a wonderful time with family!! I love the chair with her name on it. I'm thinking that's a good gift for Drake next year. Love the stocking idea, too! We started drawing names with my parents and siblings/spouses a couple years ago. It's nice because we increased our limit so you can get a little more, but you only have to buy for two people.

Faith said...

What a special time! I love all the pics and reading about your wonderful Christmas. I love all of A's outfits - she is just too darling for words.

Love you all!

Linda Lou Rogers Averitt said...

we all had a wonderful Christmas, I love having Christmas at your home, your the best hostess:)) and party giver:)) I do not know how they grow so fast, it is sad but so much fun:) They never get too old to rock, maybe a little big, but never too old:) A mother's babies always stay in their heart:) love you so much!! lookinf forward to a fun and blesseed 2011!

Jen said...

Love the pictures. I'm so glad you had a wonderful Christmas. We did too - it is the best gift to be a parent and watch your children enjoy Christmas. I love that L and M are looking at Amelia in that picture - my girls all love her so much.

Sara said...

How fun! I cannot believe Amelia is able to stay up that late and still be sane. My daughter would be bouncing off of the walls!

I had to comment because we got Payton the same chair this year. However, he doesn't sit for long. SHe likes to use it to climb onto other furniture! She is very adventurous. :)

Glad to had a Merry Christmas!

Shannon said...

Sounds like a wonderful Christmas! I loved all the pictures. Christmas with a baby was way more special than I ever thought it could be! I loved every second.

Mel said...

Your holiday looks amazing, as always. Your family is truly one of a kind. I am so glad you enjoyed it so much! That baby girl is just a dream.

Betsy said...

I know EXACTLY what you mean about having all you need. God is just so good. Your Christmas looks alot like ours....full of family and friends and lots of good times together. I LOVE Amelia's little Snow Belle outfit! What a cutie pie. And her little chair is so cute, too!

I hope she's feeling better today!

Jen said...

Merry Christmas!
Just came across your blog and wanted to say hi.
Your daughter is beautiful!
hope you don't mind if I follow along :)