Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What we're up to...

Amelia and I headed over to my sister's house yesterday. I wanted to help with things at the house and also wanted to run some errands for her. She's still building her strength and needs to rest. I'm just happy to be able to serve my sister and help her in any way. She has taken care of me after so many surgeries. Amelia watched TV with her Aunt Joy for quite some time...so sweet.

We headed to Walmart and picked up a few things that my sis needed. Pryce came along to help. Amelia loves her Pryce. She only says his name 1,000 times while he's around. :)

I feel like Amelia and I had the best day today! She is so much fun right now...we can sit and play together and then when I need to do housework - she'll sit in the living room or her bedroom and "read" her books or play with her toys. We went for a walk after lunch today. She just loves to be outside.

We have a dresser in the living room where we keep CDs. She loves to pull them out and put them back in. Today I noticed she was sitting with a CD between her legs, looking down at the CD, and had her hands on her cheeks with her mouth wide open. I didn't think much about it until she continued to do it.

I go over to look at the CD and this is what she's looking at! I could not stop laughing. She cracks me up.

I have put myself on 1200 calories a day because I want to lose the rest of this IVF weight. I'm so over it. It needs to go away. So I'm serious about this...I'm counting calories and it's working! I've lost almost 5 lbs since Saturday. I was so excited to find whole grain tortillas that only have 60 calories each. I made chicken tacos tonight and they were delicious. So here's to getting this weight off me!!

And this is random but does your child like to have their teeth brushed? It has become the biggest issue with my girl. I think I would pay someone to brush her teeth twice a day if I could. Tonight went ok but only because I acted a fool and danced around singing some made-up song about brushing her teeth. I may just count brushing her teeth twice a day as my exercise. For real.

I ordered this too-cute-for-words Baby Lulu outfit for Amelia...and it's too short for my tall girl. BUMMER. It's so stinkin' cute - I was upset that she can't wear it. So....if any of you are in need of an 18 month outfit - email me! I'm selling the set for $25 which will include shipping. It has a cute ruffle at the bottom of the pants that's in the polka dot material.

Okay, I'm going to say goodnight. I'm.so.tired.

Love to all,


Just Believing said...

Could you please share what program you use to watermark your photos? I know we are all concerned about the safety of our kiddies and I would like to start watermarking too!


Kaysie said...

Continuing to pray for your sister. Amelia is such a doll!


Ashley E. said...

Y'all need to come over and play one day! I just know that Amelia and Addi would have a blast! I'm going to have to try those tacos too! They look good!

Immeasurably More Mama said...

D went through a stage where he HATED having his teeth brushed. We bought a Thomas spinbrush and now he doesn't mind at all. :) Do you use Windows LiveWriter for blogging? Is that how you watermark your photos?

Patterson Family said...

Way to go, Jill! It's so hard to be disciplined to lose weight, but you can do it!! I counted calories a couple months ago and it worked for me, too. I'm finally at a weight I know I can maintain and not feel like I am giving up those special treats.

That picture of Amelia copying Home Alone is hilarious! So funny the things they pick up on, isn't it?

Hope your sister's recovery is going well.

Ashley said...

Glad to hear from you. What a great sister you are!

As far as teeth brushing, we brush the boys' teeth and then let them have the toothbrush and tell them to do it themselves. They love it. Sometimes we also help them squeeze toothpaste onto the toothbrush so they are more motivated as well. I hope this helps.

Amelia is precious. I love that the kids are at an age they mock things. So fun to watch!

Paige said...

i always let callyn play with her toothbrush for a few minutes while i diaper, lotion, comb the hair, etc. by then she is ready and we sing "brush, brush, brush your teeth, brush them everyday, brush, brush, brush your teeth, brush the germs away." then we do a cheer. works everytime. to the tune of row your boat. and yes, i did teacher kindergarten:)

elainaann said...

I need the brand of those tortillas. Your brother would love them!

Mel said...

Prayers for your sis.

L went through a phase where she hated/refused teeth brushing. As someone who has has numerous dental issues, this was not something I was willing to compromise on simply because she was being uncooperative. I began explaining to her it was a necessity and we could do it the "easy way or the hard way." The hard way involved me lying her down and forcing it on her, resulting in her screaming (which actually made it easier for me!). I'm sure that sounds just awful but after only a handful of the "hard way" nights, she totally got on board with the "easy way." I was able to get her to sing while brushing, mostly just by singing "AH." Now she lets me get in, get the job done and then I'll let her play with her toothbrush afterwards for as long as she wants. She even lets me brush her tongue on command. Good luck finding a solution!!!!