Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A day with K...

We had the pleasure of spending a day with my niece, Kandace. This was actually last week but I'm just getting around to posting a few pics. Amelia was so excited to have company for the day. She kept hugging K so tight and wouldn't let go until I made her. Poor Kandace. (LOL)

We started out with having a little lunch before leaving the house.

After lunch we headed to The Wonder Place. I've been wanting to take Amelia for quite some time and purchased a Groupon awhile back.

They LOVED it. There was so much to do. I think they could have played in that kitchen all day. We stayed for over 2 hours and then went to have ice cream.

When I asked K what kind of ice cream she wanted, she said "PINK!"

Amelia copied everything she said, so she wanted pink ice cream too. :)

After we finished our ice cream, I told them we were going to Sam's. Kandace told me she would rather go home and take a nap. HAHA! So we skipped Sam's and headed home. They both napped for over 2 hours...they were exhausted from playing so hard.

Before we knew it, it was time for K to go home. I made my brother promise to bring her back more often...we enjoyed our time with her. She's such a sweet girl and Amelia loved the time with her.

Nothing like time with cousins and Amelia is blessed to have LOTS of them! :)

Love to all,


Momx6 said...

Love it! Sweet girls!

Faith said...

Look at Kandace! She is really growing up and is so cute! I'm glad these two sweeties had fun playing together!

Hilary said...

That is super sweet!! What a blessing to have a great cousin like that too... :)

Kristen said...

I grew up with TONS of cousins, and have so many wonderful memories! Such fun pictures!

Laurie said...

Pretty little girls! I am sooo happy you are pregnant!!! VERY VERY funny about the cousin being locked in the closet till he accepted Jesus! HAHAHAHA!

Rebekah said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!!!! CONGRATS on another little blessing to your family! I have been gone lots lately and have not been keeping up. I hope you are well.
These girlies are so cute playing together!