Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Vacation 2011...

I thought I should take a minute and update the 'ole blog since I've been absent for awhile. We just arrived home on Sunday from a wonderful vacation to the beach! We were so ready for a week away and even though morning sickness arrived while I was there - I made the best of it and enjoyed the time with family. I haven't taken the pictures off my camera yet but have a few that were taken with my phone that I figured I could post.

I have to brag on my baby girl. She was such a good traveler! It wasn't until the last 30 minutes on the way back home that she lost her mind and was over being in the car seat. And we couldn't blame her...11 hours is a long drive, no matter how many stops you make to stretch your legs.

It was fun to see Amelia at the beach this year. She was so little last year and wasn't able to really play. She hated the sand last year and because of her current need for shoes at all times - it wasn't a surprise that girlfriend didn't care for sand between her toes. She would only play in the sand if sitting on a towel...while wearing shoes. We were surprised that SHE LOVED THE OCEAN. Alex took her out into the waves and she would just laugh when they came crashing over her head.

Sipping on her pineapple juice.


Playing by the pool.

Cooling off with a milkshake.

Donuts at the Donut Hole.

More beach time.

Donut Beignets at Broken Egg Cafe.

If you're going to have morning sickness...it's best to have it while on the beach.

Me and my man.


No place like home. We were happy to see this sign!

I'm sure I'll share more pictures soon...once I catch up on laundry...and more laundry.

Love to all,


Taylor said...

So jealous!! Glad y'all had a great trip!!

Ashley said...

Sounds like y'all had such a great trip! Amelia is just precious. And I can't believe she made it 11 hours. She is such an angel! Y'all have done a good job w/ that girl! Hope your morning sickness calms down soon!

Ashley E. said...

Jill you look absolutely GORGEOUS in those pictures! You are glowing!!!

AMW said...

A is so cute! And deserves such a big prize for doing so well in the car... 11 hours?!?!? WOW!!! We've been back and forth out of town for the past several weeks and I havent gotten to tell you Congratulations yet on being pregnant again! So excited for you! We were actually at the river for the week when I was reading blogs on my phone and I squealed when I read your post! So exciting!!!

Immeasurably More Mama said...

Love all the beach pics! It looks like y'all had a great vacation...minus the sickness.