Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wednesday Randomness...

The weather over the last few days has been near perfect. We were getting ready to get out and enjoy the weather on Monday when Amelia fell and hit her eye on a side table in the living room. It was such a loud bang, I thought she hit her head.

Oh how she cried. :(

I had no clue if it needed stitches or not. She has never had a cut until now. It was right in the crease of her eyelid and luckily, she didn't need stitches. She just needed some extra TLC for the rest of the day. And a cup of pink lemonade.

It's turning all different colors and we expect her to have a cool black-eye in the next few days.

Amelia and I went out for lunch yesterday. We tried a new burger place in town and I loved it! Amelia didn't care for it because she refuses to eat hamburger meat. She liked the fries though. I will be choosing this place over those 5 Guys from here on was that good! Amelia wore these glasses most of the day. People would look at her so funny and it took everything in me not to bust out laughing. I hope she always has such confidence. :)

My girl is back to sleeping until almost 10am and WITHOUT HER PACI. She was waking up earlier at first but is now back to her normal schedule. I've seriously done a little happy dance every morning. I just can't believe it has been this easy. After trying to take it away from her and going through the worst week of our lives without it - it was important to me that she give it up on her own. Thank you to those who suggested cutting a hole in the paci!! We celebrated with powdered donuts for breakfast and will be going to Build-A-Bear this weekend!

I love these last two pictures. She has to make sure her baby has her own seat and food lately. She fed her 3 bottles this morning as well.

I have a feeling she's going to claim this new baby as her own when he/she arrives in March. :) She's going to be the best helper.

Amelia is spending the night at her Daddygrand and Nana's tonight. I know it's silly but I miss her already. Being away from her at night is a huge deal to me. I know she will have the best time...she always does. And Alex and I will get to have an evening just the two of us...those are rare! :)

And I have a quick/random question for those of you who are pregnant or have been pregnant. I've had a couple of times where I'm sitting still and start seeing "sparks" flying around. It's so weird and doesn't last a long time. Have any of you ever experienced this or know what causes it??

Love to all,


ashleydiggs said...

Ok...I'm coming out of "lurking" mode! I'm a friend of Hillary's and follow you on twitter....I saw your tweet yesterday about David's and I have to agree, it's WAY better than Five Guys! And did you know, the fries are endless?!?!

Courtney said...

I haven't seen sparks, but I was hoping others had info! Sounds weird! Okay, I've got to know Amelia's sleeping schedule. 10 am?! WONDERFUL! When does she generally go to sleep? Is she still napping? Macie sleeps from 8pm to 7 (so I'm NOT complaining!), but she's between taking one and two naps a day. but she just gets so cranky if she doesn't take a second nap. So I'm so curious to know how you do it! Sounds great. Sorry about her eye by the way. Ouch. I'm glad the lemonaide helped. =)

Jen said...

Bless her little eye.... now she will have matching scars with Peyton and Laila! I will definitely have to try David's, I love a good burger! I don't remember seeing sparks... mention it to your doc. :) Love ya!

Rob & Lindsey said...

I don't know if I ever said Congrats on the new little one on the way! Congrats! About the could have to do with BP...I know when I had preeclampsia my Dr. always asked if I saw flashing might just want to call to be safe.

Mel said...

Poor baby with her eye!!!! I hate it when they get hurt like that. I accidentally opened the fridge door in to L's face one night and she had a whopper of a bruise for days. I was so afraid to take her out, lest people think I was a child abuser! Hope she hels up quickly.

And 10AM??!! L used to sleep until 9, I cannot remember when that stopped. She is up with the sun these days... SIGH.

As for the sparks? I'd ask your OB to be sure, but I had tons of weird vision issues during both pregnancies. Things would get very blurry from time to time and I would struggle to focus. Especially like when I was driving... it was awful. Hormones do VERY weird things to our bodies. Don't even get me started on the skin/hair changes. But hey, at least my feet stayed the same size and I got to keep my precious shoes!!!


PJ said...

She is SUCH a doll! And WOW, she sleeps a lot!

Sparks? Are you sure it's not just dizziness? I was dizzy a little in the beginning.

I like Mel's comment. It's amazing what hormones will do to you!

Soooo stinkin' excited that you're pregnant!!!

Faith said...

I love her in those glasses. She's a fashionista for sure ;-)

Hope her eye is doing (and looking) better. Bless the baby's heart!