Thursday, September 22, 2011

All About Amelia - 23 months old!

Amelia, you're 23 months old!

You weigh around 31 pounds.

You wear a size 6 diaper.

When we know you need to be changed, we'll ask you to go get a diaper. You run to your room and get a diaper and wipes from the drawer and come back with a huge grin on your face. You're so proud of yourself!

You wear 2T clothing and a size 6-7 shoe (depending on the brand). You love to try on clothes and shoes. This makes your Mama giddy.

You go to bed between 8-8:30pm and wake between 9-10am. You take a 2 hour nap in the afternoon.

You've been a picker eater over the last month. Mama needs to come up with some new food options!

You tell Mama when your nails need to be cut. You can't stand to have long nails or a hang nail.

You love to dance. Doesn't matter where we are, if you hear music and feel the need to dance, you're out of your seat! You like to move it...move it!

You've started singing a lot and will make up songs. You also sing "White Christmas" and it's hilarious to watch you. You almost look/sound as though you're in pain when you sing it. It's precious!

Granny played dress-up with you for the first time this month. To say you LOVED IT is an understatement. When she pulled the feather boa out of the box, your mouth dropped open like it was the most beautiful thing you'd ever laid eyes on! It's obvious by this picture that when it comes to believe MORE is MORE.

You check your baby's blood pressure constantly. We have an old bp cuff and you wrap it around the baby and say, "check your bud pessure, baby." You also like to say, "oh no, the baby nose running"..."oh no, baby dirty"..."oh no, wash the baby."

You love to have tea parties. You pour us a cup of tea, lift your cup to tap ours, and say, "CHEERS!"

You've learned to call the Hogs. We hear you over the monitor after laying you in your crib at night or even after waking up in the morning and you'll be saying, "Wooo...Pig...Sooie." (LOL)

A few new things you're saying lately:

"A-mile-ya Joy" (when we ask your name)
"TWO" (when we ask your age)
"Watcha doin'?" (this is your new favorite question)
"Read story" (as you bring us a book)
"Rub back" (as you lift up the back of your shirt)
"Rock it" (asking us to rock you before nap time or bedtime)


Just when we think you couldn't be any funnier - you learn something new and have us rolling. You have a really good memory...we're always surprised at the things you remember. You're speaking in sentences a's so much fun to carry on a conversation with you.

We're only a month away from your 2nd birthday, sweet girl!

Time certainly has flown.

We have no clue where time has gone but we do know one thing...we've enjoyed every single minute of it.

We love you,
Daddy & Mommy


Susy said...

Could those little feet in those little TOMS be any more adorable?! And I love her all dressed up! So cute!

Ashley said...

Aww! I love how she takes care of her little baby doll. She'll be the best big sister! And I love the picture of her all dressed up. She's so precious!!

Jenna said...

Your Amelia updates always make me so happy. Her middle name is just perfect - because she is PURE joy!! Love ya'll!

Faith said...

That first picture in her "big sister" shirt is just too much! And, just when I thought that I saw the dress up picture. My word, that child is CUTE!! She's getting so big. I love her!

Jenna said...

Such a sweet post! I love those Tiny Toms!!!

Immeasurably More Mama said...

Those little Toms are SO cute! It's almost time for a birthday party! ;)

Lauren said...

Oh, Amelia is just precious!!! Love that dress-up picture!!! Adorable!!!!! :)