Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Great Escape... was the day. I was exhausted from the time I got up and was very much looking forward to nap time today. It was officially a pajama day. We've had lots of these lately. My sis & nephew came over for a little bit. Amelia loves when her Aunt Joy and cousins come to visit. Cody was sweet and read her Goodnight Moon. He really had no choice. Girl was harassing him until he read the book. :)

After Joy and Cody left it was time for a nap. I put Amelia in her crib and then went to my room to lie down. I could hear her over the monitor, she was counting to 6 over and over. And then she got quiet. Sleep...sweet sleep.


I saw a shadow coming towards my bedroom door and then what do you know...Amelia walked through the door. She said, "hi, Mommy." She was very cool about it, as though she was exactly where she was supposed to be.

I on the other hand was having a slight heart attack. I could barely form a sentence. How on earth did she get out of her crib?

I took her back to her room and asked her to show me how she climbed out.

She gladly demonstrated.

This is when I almost had a panic attack. She got up on her tiptoes (she has extremely long legs) and threw her leg over the crib.

After throwing one leg over, she slowly lifted her tummy up on the rail and threw her other leg over. And then she mission-impossibled it down the crib. I had to stop taking pictures and go spot her because I was so scared she would fall on her head. She was so high in the air!

I still can't believe she tried this and I fear she'll try it again.

I'm bummed because I really wanted to keep her in the crib until she was at least 3 or until her legs were just too long for it. (LOL) We were planning on buying another crib for the baby on the way, so Amelia could stay in her bed. I'm just not one to rush anything. I usually have to be told by her pediatrician that it's time to try something new or change something. She sleeps SO WELL in her crib...I guess I'll just pray she'll do the same in a toddler bed. I certainly can't go through the panic of seeing her climb out again. Heaven help.

Guess we're going toddler bed shopping.

Love to all,


andreajennine said...

Oh my!

Courtney said... I have heard of that happening, and I have to admit, I'm glad you took pictures, because I just didn't believe that that is how these little ones break out of their cribs.
I have been debating about when to move Macie to a 'big girl bed', before or after baby, and I'm thinking (now) that before is probably a good idea. But it does seem so hard to keep them in that bed! Yikes! Let us know what you decide and how it goes. What a fright to have her walk in your room!

Ashley said...

I dread this day! That would scare me half to death! She sure is a cute little dare devil! : ) Good luck with the toddler bed transition. She seems like she has always slept great, so I'm sure a toddler bed will be the same!

Ellery said...

At least you're saving money on cribs, since toddler beds are a lot less expensive.

My son will be about 26 months when we have our baby girl, Amielia (yes, I know it's spelled wrong. It's a family thing.) We are just buying a twin mattress and putting it on the floor when we move him into his "big boy room". Then, as he (and we) gets used to no bars to hold him in and not fall off the mattress, we'll add the boxspring and then a frame.

Perfectly Imperfect said...

I know it's bad, but I laughed out loud when you tweeted this the other day! But terrifying!! I dread this day!!

Sara said...

I know exactly how you feel! My daughter turned 2 in July and has just discovered that she can get out of her crib. I had hoped she would never figure it out! Scary!