Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A baby shower for Nathaniel...

I wanted to share the pictures from a baby shower I hosted for my friend, Niki, a few weeks ago.  I had a lot of fun with this one.  I haven't thrown a shower for a baby boy in a long time. :)  Niki mentioned they were going to add airplanes to the room so I decided to go with that for a "theme."  I didn't go over the top with airplanes but added them here and there. 

I started with the invite.  My favorite etsy seller for invites is Natalie at NattyMichelle.  She does the artwork by hand and I think it just adds a special touch to the invitations.  I've used her for several showers (bridal and baby) and she always comes up with something that I just love! 

I wanted to do something special that Niki could save for Nathaniel.  One of the things I've seen on Pinterest is where the guests write a special blessing or wishes for the baby.  I went with Wishes for Nathaniel.  I ordered the cards from this etsy shop.  The guests filled out a card for him and then I displayed them on bakers twine with little clothespins.  I gave Niki an album with Nathaniel's name on it to hold them.  Some of the things people wrote were so sweet and some were so funny!

A picture of the Mommy and Daddy along with an u/s picture of Nathaniel.

My sister-in-law, Elaina made this airplane and banner for me to hang on the mantle.   I thought it turned out really cute!

Niki is a vegetarian so I was determined to only have a vegetarian menu.  It was pretty easy since we were having brunch. She has also developed several allergies while pregnant, bless her heart, so I did my best to not serve anything that would send her straight to the hospital. HA!  I think she enjoyed the menu and as far as I know, she didn't break out in hives from anything I served!

My sister, Joy made all of the food.  I decided I would rather hire the Catering Girls (our catering company) instead of making it myself. HA!  Best decision ever.  I didn't have to stress over anything that morning!  Everything my sis makes is delicious so I knew my guests would be happy. 

She made blueberry scones, tomato pie, hashbrown casserole, and donut holes (the only thing she didn't make).  The tomato pie was a hit.  It's one of my favorites!  I found the little berry baskets at this etsy site.  They added some color to my table and I thought the scones and donut holes looked sweet in them.

Sour cream biscuits with jam and honey.

I love mason jars so I had to use them somewhere in the shower.  I decided they would make great containers for our fruit cups.  We had yogurt and granola to go on top!

We had Ed's petit fours with airplanes and Nathaniel's initials. 

The drink station had brunch punch, caramel coffee, iced tea, and blueberry water.  I learned something about infusing water with blueberries.  You need to do it about two days ahead of time for it to really taste like blueberries.

I served the drinks out of these glass milk bottles.  They were so cute.  I'll be using these a lot at future parties.  Niki said folks were asking where to find these.  I ordered the glass bottles from here and the straws from here.

Niki received some of the cutest personalized items!  I love seeing a new Mama open gifts with her baby's name on them.

Some of the guests who came to love on Niki and Nathaniel. :)

Niki with her Mom and Grandmother.

It was a joy to host a shower for Niki.  She and Tyler will be wonderful parents. I just can't wait to meet their sweet boy next month!!

Love to all,


Todd and Courtney said...

That has to be the cutest shower. You did such a great job and you're such a great friend. Of course, we love the airplanes :)

Lauren said...

SO SO cute!!!!! Can't wait to meet sweet Nathaniel! So wish I could have been there!!!! :) Love y'all!!! xoxox

Faith said...

So, so darling!! I love it all. Wish I could have a precious shower by Jill ;-) I know Niki loved it!