Saturday, August 25, 2012

My Very First Picnic...

Today was a beautiful Saturday, the high was only around 86 degrees!  Much cooler than the 110 degree temps this summer has brought us.  We're so ready for Fall! 

We usually go to Mimi's for brunch every Saturday, that's our thing, but since it was such a beautiful day we decided to go for a picnic at the park. 

It was one of the things we put on our summer time list and had yet to do!  Looks like the only thing left now is story time at the library. :)

We picked up boxed lunches from Jimmy's and headed to the park!  Amelia had a hot dog and fruit...her favorite thing in the world.  I had the turkey swiss guac on a wrap with a twiced baked potato...YUM!  Alex had some sort of man sandwich, it contained lots of beef tenderloin served on a hoagie roll. Sydney had her favorite, 6 ounces of Gerber Good Start, stirred not shaken.

Amelia was so excited.  She kept saying, "this is my very first picnic!"  We pretend to have picnics at home every day but we've never actually gone somewhere, put down a blanket and had a meal.  Which is why we put HAVE A PICNIC on our summer time list. :)  We'll definitely be doing this more often once fall weather is here. 

We let Amelia pick the perfect shade tree and then started in on our lunch!

She enjoyed watching the cars drive by and rolling all over the blanket. 
She would also say, "I hear birds...I hear birds!" (LOL)

Smiles all around!

As Amelia says, "this is our fam-a-wee."

Me and my girls.

Our Sydney Faith.
It's near impossible for her to smile without her mouth being wide open.
I love this baby so much.

We headed to find a fishin' hole after lunch.

The only way to fish is with a pink barbie fishing pole. 
Amelia caught a big one!

Telling her sister about her ginormous catch!

We ended the day at Haagen-Dazs. 
We were hot and in need of some ice cream.

It was a lovely day.

Love to all,


Lacy said...

You have a beautiful family. Your girls are so cute.. Ameila seems like such a little sweetie. :)

Lauren said...

What a PERFECT day!!!!!!! :)

annalee said...

y'all picnic with style! i love each detail of your precious family's special day.
ps- we do not know boy or girl... hopefully will be surprised at delivery once again. already had the 20 week ultrasound and got to see a healthy looking baby though, so thankful!

Kristen said...

I love picnics! Amelia looks like she had SO much fun! I love the picture with her in the sunglasses - so cute!

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

I thought I had commented! Oh, I love every single picture, what a fun fun day! You are all adorable, as always. This is our fam-a-wee, I hear birds, hehe, I loove it. Sweet girl! :)