Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The perfect day to a three year old...

Since we had Amelia's birthday party on the 13th, I decided she could choose what our day would look like on her actual birthday.

She woke up and immediately dressed herself. 

Because that's what three year olds do!

I gave her a little gift that I had stored away and she thought they went perfectly with her outfit.  She loves her new kitty slippers.  I've never seen a child love house shoes like this one.  She has quite the collection. 

We've been working on holding down our pinkie with our thumb for the past couple of weeks and she can now officially show how old she is.

How old are you, Amelia??

She asked for a breakfast of cinnamon rolls and chocolate milk and then we put together her new floor puzzle that she LOVES.  She knows how to put it together all by herself now! 

After playing a few of her favorite games, it was time for lunch. She requested Chick-fil-a.

Shocker. :) 

She ate and then played on the CFA playground for two hours. 

The playground really took it out of her so we headed home and she took a nice, long nap. 

She had a surprise from her Daddy when she woke up from her nap!  He did this on his own and it made my heart happy to see her so excited.  She loves balloons. That 3 balloon was as big as she is!

We let her choose wherever she wanted to eat dinner so we headed off to Cracker Barrel. She wanted some chicken, mac-n-cheese, and green beans. She insisted her baby have a high chair of her own.  We obliged and the young waiter thought it was hilarious. 

I told him we expected him to take the baby doll's order as well. 

He did not oblige. 

After dinner it was time for cake and ice cream!

I see a resemblance in my girls in these pics. ;) 

Poor Sydney couldn't have any cake or ice cream. 

Amelia explained to her that it was because she's still a baby.

She took the news well but it didn't stop her from licking her lips at the sight of that cake.

After singing Happy Birthday and eating cake/ice cream, she looked at me and said, "thank you for my party, Mama."

Melt my heart.

I love this kid so much.

It was a day that was all about Amelia.  She hasn't had a day like that in a very long time.  I loved hearing/doing what she wanted to do all day. 

She received lots of birthday messages, phone calls, videos and ended the day face-timing with her Papa & Granny.  She thought that was pretty neat. :)

Everyone should feel special on their birthday.


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Lacy said...

What a wonderful birthday she had. :) Glad she had such a awesome day. And what a sweet gesture of her Daddy to get her balloons. So sweet!