Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Pumpkin Patch 2012...

We took our annual trip to the Pumpkin Patch last weekend! 

Sydney was in my belly when we went last year. :)

I remember saying to Alex last year, "next year we'll have two sweet babies to bring!" 

Taking pictures of the girls surrounded by pumpkins is my favorite.

Loved this one of Sydney. HA!

But then she turned on the smiles for Mama!

It's near impossible to get Amelia to look at the camera these days.

She will smile but look off somewhere else.

The key is telling her a joke.  She can't help but look at me then!

Alex loves taking her to the petting zoo.

Here they are feeding the nasty goats.

I may or may not have told Amelia they would bite her finger off if she touched them.

Alex told her that wasn't true.

But she believed Mama.

Good girl.

She loved the swings.

Serious Sydney.

Playin' a farmer's wife ain't no joke. 

Big 'ole tractor heading to the pumpkin patch!

Mommy and Amelia

Pretty pumpkins

Silly girl.

She was getting sleepy and decided she needed to ride in the wagon.

This slide scared me to death.  She flew down this thing!

Sweet Mommy loves.

I asked someone to take our family picture. 

I told her Sydney's name so she could talk to her while taking the picture. 
Otherwise she was looking at me.

Sydney's face cracks me up. 

She's thinking "do I know you, lady!??"

I love my family.



Becky said...

so precious! You have two beautiful girls there :)

goatpod2 said...

We used to raise goats and one of them did almost bite my Mom's finger off, they have sharp back teeth but you have to be careful with them especially at a petting zoo, some of ours were bottle babies so they thought our fingers were the bottle nipples. 1st time commenting I think.


Lacy said...

Such pretty girls and a beautiful family.

Something about pumpkin patches just make me think of memories. I hope our kids think of them the same way. :)

And I about died laughing at your comment about goats. I have to agree they are so nasty. However I raised them and showed them when I was in HS. My parents have a friend that have a pygmy goat that lives in their house. I would love to say it's potty trained but um yeah no. My Dad is so disturbed over it he refuses to go to their house. Always makes me laugh since my Daddy is so country. Ha ;)

Andie said...

This is too sweet! :) and I would be the same way about Andrew touching a goat- because I'm paranoid about goat germs. LOL

Faith said...

You got some great pictures. I love the family pic at the end. I can't wait to take my girls next year!!