Monday, February 11, 2013

It's a Valentine tea party...

We had a fun time at our Valentine party this year!  
The theme was "You're my cup of tea."


Alex stayed up the night before and helped me set everything up and did so much the morning of the party.  I couldn't have done it without him.  I asked him if he gets tired of our party planning and he said he loves to help me because he loves to see the smile on my face, the same way I love to see the smile on Amelia's face.  He's so good to us.  He knows that I throw these parties for our girls.  Sydney is too young to even remember it right now but Amelia is at an age that she loves any party and loves to help me.  She's a list maker just like her Mama and it makes me laugh.  She will pull out her paper and crayon and say "I'm making a list of all we need for this party, Mama."  She woke up on Saturday morning and it was like Christmas. She was just in love with everything! 

These were the girls' mailboxes for their Valentines.

I didn't go all out in the way of decorations.  My mantle is so bare right now, I just strung some hearts.  These were made of them.

I think my favorite thing on the table was the plastic teacups with straws.

Food table

The Velata fondue was my favorite.  It was so easy to melt and tastes great!  
We had pretzel sticks, strawberries, bananas, rice krispies, and marshmallows to dip.

Heart cookies from Ed's, heart pb&j sandwiches, and chocolate & vanilla cupcakes. 
Amelia requests her Aunt Joy's cupcakes for every party!

It's just not a party without a CFA nugget tray.

Cheese and crackers.

Lots of candy!

And our favorite raspberry lemonade from Cracker Barrel.

Amelia said the blessing and the girls had lunch.

Sweet Sydney.  
I think she had fun at her first tea party.

Will was the only boy.  He enjoyed himself.  
Except when Sydney was pulling his hair. :(  
Sorry Will!

They headed to the tea table after lunch.  
We had a pretend tea party. 

At first, they were all like, "what are we doing??"
And we were all laughing.  
The mamas had to explain how to have a pretend tea party.  

I bought these little felt tea bags from etsy.  
My girls will get to have lots of pretend tea parties with these!
I also purchased some inexpensive flea market tea cups and borrowed the rest from my friend, Hope.
She had purchased hers for the same reason, so neither of us cared if they happen to be dropped and shatter!

But the girls did great and we didn't break even one tea cup! 

We colored with some teapot crayons. 

We had a little craft time too.  
They all made a Valentine to give to the love of their life.  
Their Daddy! :)

Me and my girls.

After making our craft, they exchanged Valentines.
Pure chaos but fun. (LOL)

They each went home with a goodie bag of candy and stickers and a personalized pearl bracelet with a little teapot charm. 
We wanted them to always remember their first tea party! 

 I think everyone had a great time. 
I know Amelia did!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Love to all,


elainaann said...

So fun!!! Love all the pics.

Sarah said...

What an ADORABLE party! I'm so glad to see you blogging again. I cannot believe how grown up A is looking!!!! :)

Ellery said...

I wish I had your creativity! Looks like everyone had a delightful time!

Megan said...

Aww! I love this!! First of all that hubby of yours is a good good man! Secondly the party looks sooo fun! You are such a great momma! Thirdly, I'm glad you loved the Velata and Fourth(ly?) I LOVE that dish that you have the strawberries and bananas in! So pretty!

annalee said...

i will be recreating this in texas in the next few years, and referring back to this lovely post for ideas:) i love every detail.

Faith said...

This is just the sweetest!! So badly wish we were closer so we could join the fun =)