Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Just the girls...

I see lots of venti lattes in my future.  Well for the next three days anyway.

Alex is away on business for a few days.  So it's just me and the girls. 

We had a tiring day yesterday.  I took Sydney back to the doctor.  When I pulled her out of the car seat to take her in, she had a blow out and it was all over her and at that point, me.  I almost started crying in the parking lot.  Bless her heart, she has never been on antibiotics and it just tears her tummy up.  

The reason I almost started crying is because I'm always the over-prepared Mama.  I have more snacks/crayons/drinks/diapers/tissues/meds/etc than my kids or a pack of kids (they come in packs, right?) would ever use. 

I'm prepared. 

Yesterday, I was not prepared.  I pretty much had a clean diaper, wipes and burp cloth.  I almost took her in without pants but thought I would be judged less if she had poop on her pants than no pants at all.  Which is worse?

This is the second time this has happened and I've learned my lesson.  I'm going back to being the over-prepared Mama.  No more laid back, surely she won't poop on you, throw a diaper in a bag Mama.

Sydney started a new antibiotic yesterday.  I'm praying this one will get rid of the ear infection.  Her left ear is better but her right is still infected.  She keeps pulling at it and will cry.  She does seem to be in better spirits today though.  I haven't slept in my own bed in weeks.  Seriously.  When Sydney gets sick, she won't sleep in her crib at all so we've been sleeping on a blow up mattress (no guest room) in the living room every night.  Do what ya gotta do. :)  Her appetite is better so I'm thinking the strep is officially gone.  We've all been treated for strep and are over it, so I went to Target yesterday and bought a load of cleaning supplies.  I'm going to Lysol/Clorox everything in sight.  We have a Valentine party on Saturday and I don't want anyone getting cooties from our house!  I'm sort of obsessed with hand washing.  I bought these for the bathroom and kitchen. They aren't the cutest thing but during flu season, we're using them!

Here's a picture of Sydney from yesterday.  Amelia keeps putting house shoes on her.  So far, Sydney isn't as big of a fan of house shoes as Amelia.  She just wants to pull them off and chew on them. 

Amelia likes that they're "twinkies". 

Alex has a green hard hat in his office at work.  Amelia always puts in on when we visit his office.  He surprised her last night with a pink hard hat. (LOL)  I love this picture because this is Amelia Joy's true smile.  She was so excited about this hat.  She put it on first thing this morning after crawling out of bed.  The first thing she asked me this morning, "is it Saturday so Daddy doesn't have to go to work?" She has been really attached to Daddy lately.  I haven't told he's out of town for three days.  We'll deal with that tonight at bedtime. 

We're going to start hanging decorations for the party today.  Amelia is so excited to have her friends over.  I'm most excited about using our new Velata Fondue Warmer!!  I bought this to use for at-home date nights.  We can't always go out but we can spend time together after the girls go to bed.  What's better than a movie over chocolate fondue!??   We just received it and I thought it would also be fun to use at the Valentine party.  The kiddos might not want any but I bet the Mamas will!  

Could this post be any more random?

Love to all,


Immeasurably More Mama said...

Dean had an ear infection once that took several rounds of antibiotics to knock out. He even had a rocephin shot. Septra (a sulfur based drug) cleared it up. I hope Sydney feels better soon. Have fun at your party...can't wait to see pics!

Kaysie said...

I sure hope S starts to feel better soon. For her sake and your sake. Can't wait to see how the Valentine party turns out!

Joannah said...

That's what would happen to me if I left unprepared!

I hope Sydney will be feeling much better soon. Poor little dear has been sick too long.

Faith said...

I love that picture of Amelia with hard hat so much. That smile!!