Saturday, July 13, 2013

Amelia's First Ballet Recital...

After the first day of ballet, I thought it was over. 
Amelia loved it but wanted me to stay with her and watch through the glass window. 
She insisted she wasn't going, unless I stayed or her cousins were there. (ha!)

There were tears shed.
We decided we weren't going to make her go. 
She's only three years old and this wasn't something she HAD to do.
And then I received an email from the sweet owner of the dance company.
She told me there were other mothers staying to watch too
and to just stay with Amelia every day if that made her feel comfortable.
Amelia was so excited that I was staying with her.
I found it funny that she never looked for me while I was sitting there - 
just knowing I was there made her feel at ease.

So we were back in the ballet business early Wednesday morning!

Daddy went out of town on Tuesday. 
He was supposed to be gone overnight but surprised us 
and was there when we woke up on Wednesday morning!

Me and my big girl.

Thursday before class.
It was like playing dress-up all week for this girl.

They had craft time which she LOVED.

And snack time. 

She made some new friends this week.
They would make up "jokes" that made no sense and just laugh hysterically at each other. 

Question: "how do you take a snack to the doctor?"
Answer: "in a SNACKULANCE!"

And just so you know...this joke can go on forever. 

And ever.

Just choose any word and put "ULANCE" on the end. 

On Thursday evening, she had her first dance recital.
She was SO EXCITED to show us what she learned. 

Still excited!

I'm pretty sure this face is "enough with the pictures, Mama."

Granny came to see her dance!

Aunt Joy came too and brought her flowers!

She was in the 4-5 year old class. 
Amelia was the youngest in the group, though she was as tall as a lot of the girls.

Getting a little nervous...biting that lip.

Time to start!

I had big tears running down my cheeks the entire time.

I was thinking back to when she was just a longing in my heart.  

And there she was. 

She was singing the words to the song and smiling. 
They taught them to praise Jesus through dance and I just love that.

New Creation Dance Company performed too. 
Such talented young women!

Sydney danced and raised her hands the entire time.
So sweet!

Me and my girl.
So proud of her!

Daddy brought her flowers. 
Her roses!

Amelia and her teacher, Ms. Sarah Jo.

Ready to leave and get some dinner!

Alex took us to All Aboard afterwards!

The girls love the trains.
I really need all of our favorite restaurants to have a train that delivers the food.
It kept Sydney's attention the entire time. 

Telling Aunt Joy and Granny a story.

She is such a mess.
So funny!

Mama and Joy

Amelia Joy

Sydney Faith

Our family of four.
This picture cracks me up.
They wanted nothing to do with the camera.
And Amelia kept saying she was tired.
Come to find out - she was sick.
She's a little better today but still has a tummy ache and is tired. 

A little video of her dance recital.


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