Thursday, July 4, 2013

The 4th of July...

I'm behind on posting 4th of July pictures, so this is a really long picture post. 

We had a wonderful 4th because of these two people right here.
My Uncle Kevin and Aunt Sandi.
They invited us to come up to the lake house for a few days over the holiday!
They have two of the biggest hearts of anyone I know. 
We're blessed to serve right along side of them in ministry as well. 
They're two of our best friends. 
Love them!

This is their grandson, Kaleb and his beautiful girlfriend, Abbey. 

Amelia getting ready to head to the lake.

It's just a short walk down to the boat.

But Amelia thought she needed a ride every time!

Sydney and I stayed back at the house. 

Sydney's best friend, Shelby was there too!  

And her best dog friend, Missy!

Sweet Shelby in her sun hat.

Amelia and Shelby in the pool.

Me and Sydney on the boat.
This was her first boat ride.
This 4th of July brought several firsts for my girls!

This was on the fourth.  
Amelia was so tired, she fell asleep on the way out to see the fireworks.

Daddy and Sydney

I love this baby.

Trying to decide if she wants to go in...

Sydney with her Nana. 
This was her first time in the lake. 

Amelia enjoying Uncle Kevin's grilled hot dogs on the tank!

Hanging out on the tank with family.


My brother and sister-in-law met up with us on the fourth to watch the fireworks!

Waiting on the fireworks.

Alex's favorite thing. 

Uncle Kevin and Daddygrand.

Uncle Kevin and Gracie.

Uncle Kevin and April.

Uncle Kevin and Amelia.
The man doesn't take a bad picture.

Me and Amelia. 

Alex and Roo having a swimming contest.

The girls hanging on their Daddy. ha!

Still waiting on the fireworks!

And there they are!

Me and Sydney watching the fireworks.

Amelia watching the fireworks.

Freezing on the ride home!

Amelia kayaked for the first time!


Alex got up at dark to go fishing. 
Was still going about 4 hours later. 
He loves it at the lake.

Sydney and Missy keeping an eye on things.

Aunt Sandi keeping Sydney busy with bubbles.

She preferred to drink them. :)

Amelia at sunset.

This is the most exciting thing that happened at the lake.
My husband, 36 years old, decided he likes corn! 
Made me so happy! HAHA!

Uncle Kevin and Missy taking a swim.

More fishing...

Me and my family of four.

A smile from Sydney.

Our cousins came up for a day too!  
Amelia LOVES playing with her cousins.

Sydney Faith.

Amelia rode the tube for the first time!
I was surprised she did this (she's usually a little scared of new things).
So proud of her!

Alex decided to ski for the first time in years!

Our friends Will, Jen and Shelby came back on Saturday!

Alex and the girls taking a swim. 

It was such a fun-filled, memorable, three days. 
We loved every minute of it. 

Love to all,

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Kaysie said...

The picture of Sydney peaking out over the boat is adorable! It looks like y'all had a great 4th!!!