Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Life Lately...

We were back to CBS this week and it was so nice!  We only have a few more weeks of Bible study left - I'm going to miss it when we're on summer break.  

The girls have been playing with their dollhouse a lot.  

They've been allowed to choose tiny furniture to go in the dollhouse as a reward for different things.  They picked out a bathroom set today. That tiny toilet and toilet paper holder make me laugh! I'm amazed at how much they love this cardboard dollhouse. And I love that it doesn't take up much space.  

We've had several April showers but we've also had some pretty days to play outside. 

I bought Sydney a bike helmet since it's tornado season.  Call me crazy but I will straight put a bike helmet on my girls to protect those noggins!  She also likes to wear it outside while playing in the yard.  Sidenote: look at those big, blue eyes!!

We love our new neighbors!  They come over every time we're outside to play!

A picture in our sunglasses. 

So I threw away most of the girls' play food a few months back.  It was chewed on and gross.  Zulily had these little sets on sale and I just loved them.  They come with healthy snacks and dinner food. 

The girls love cooking their Daddy a meal of salmon and sweet potatoes. HA! 

I've had some hard parenting days lately.  Y'all, sometimes I just forget to start our day out with prayer and on those days - it's usually bad.  I've felt so defeated lately, in the area of being a mother.  I feel exhausted and lots and lots of tears have been shed.  After much prayer and some counsel on how to handle certain situations, I'm happy to say, the past two days have been SO MUCH BETTER.  

I wanted to do something special for Sydney this week and decided we were starting our day with Jesus and biscuits! ha!

She loves homemade biscuits and I love watching her enjoy them. :)

Love this smile!!

I took the girls to a new restaurant in town.  They have different types of grilled cheese.  Mine was really good but the girls didn't care for it.  Amelia said the homemade chips were too spicy and the grilled cheese was too crunchy. She said she just wants chicken next time. HA!

Sydney Faith waiting patiently for her food. 

Speaking of Sydney...all of her test results came back.  She tested positive for e-coli and has almost finished her medication for that. She'll be tested again to make sure it's gone. Poor thing, I'm thinking that's why she was so sick last week and week before.  

Her blood test results came back today and show signs of celiac disease. They've made us an appointment with a pediatric gastroenterologist.  From what they've said, the next step is usually a biopsy of the small intestine and then switching her over to a gluten-free diet.  *sigh*  

I know it could be a lot worse.  I also know how gluten seems to be in EVERYTHING.  I'll need to really study up on how to cook for her and places she can eat away from home. I'm just praying this helps her feel better.  She is still so young and it's hard for her to tell us what's wrong/what's hurting.

We went Easter dress shopping today.  I tried ONE dress on each of the girls and that's what we bought. I didn't have it in me to spend hours in the store, forcing them to try on clothes. I also didn't want to risk ordering online and their dresses not fit. I'm certain it's the fastest shopping trip we've ever made.  And for that, I am grateful.  

Alex is out of town for a business trip.  Sydney was saying, "I miss you, Daddy." I just had to get it on video for him.  Her new thing when someone is leaving the house is to stand in the doorway saying, "I MISS YOU!!" Or when we put her to bed, we'll hear her saying it over the monitor. I love to hear her say it...she sounds so sweet.  

Alex, if you're reading this...I MISS YOU!! :)

Love to all,


Joannah said...

Just got caught up on your most recent blog posts, Jill. I love how you continue to chronicle your family's activities here. The girls are so darling! I love the things Amelia says.

I'm glad everybody is feeling better. :)

Lauren and Eddie said...

I'm so sorry she's had e-coli and has a stinky gluten intolerance diagnosis. The good news is that there is SO MUCH information out there for it now. I'm reading Wheat Belly right now and it's eye opening!

Faith said...

How neat to have sweet neighbors for playmates. I love Amelia's little arm around her friend =)

I'm so sorry for all that y'all have had going on with sweet Syndey. How is she doing now? Praying for her health and healing.

Love y'all!