Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Life Lately...

I have so many pictures to put on the blog. I love being able to look back and see my girls grow right before my eyes all over again! 

Miss Amelia is four years old and keeps me laughing my head off. 

We've been making bracelets and rings on Amelia's Wonder Loom. 

I actually find this relaxing. :) 

This was actually when Sydney was sick a couple weeks ago. She's all better now! And we have some important doc appointments this week for this little one. We're praying the tests show everything is just fine.

She woke up one day, talking in sentences that I could fully understand.

I love her little voice!

My Aunt and Uncle came by to pick up Amelia while Sydney was sick. 

She told my Aunt that it was nice to go places sometimes without her little sister. HAHA! She needed some time away and I'm thankful for my Aunt and Uncle who provided that. They took her to CFA for lunch and ice cream and she got some playground time. She was a happy girl!

It gave me some time alone with my baby girl. 

We colored...

And watched Charlotte's Web for the 300th time. She loves this movie right now.

We went to one of Pryce's AAU games. He played so well and they won!

My poor Mama. Sydney always shares her germs. Granny caught her cold but is all better now too!

We've been baking around here. Mini strawberry muffins were just what Granny and Sydney needed!

I volunteered at Channel 4 to answer phones for The Salvation Army. They're doing so much to help the tornado victims in our area. 

We made chocolate chip cookies for our nephew, Jack! He had surgery on his ankle. We're thankful the test results came back with the words BENIGN. He'll be back to playing baseball soon!

We spend time outside every single day. Sometimes in our pajamas. 

We had our last day at CBS for the summer. We gave all the teachers these cups with tea inside.

They turned out really cute. I'm always able to find the cutest, FREE labels on Pinterest for just about anything.

They seemed to really like it!

Amelia's teacher kissed her goodbye. She refused to wash the lipstick kiss off her cheek. She said she liked it there. 

Love to all,

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elainaann said...

Those bracelets are extremely popular among my students. I have quite the collection myself. They are constantly making them for me. :)