Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day 2014...

It has been one of the busiest weekends that we've had in a long time. But fun and worth the tired.

I had a Moms' Night Out with a bunch of my friends.

We rented out the entire theater for the movie Moms' Night Out!

This is my friend, Tricia. She wrote the novelization of Moms' Night Out. She's so talented and sweet. I'm so proud of her!!

Few pics from the night. 

Me and my Mama, sisters, and niece!

Me with some of my LG sisters!

The movie made me laugh and it made me cry, so that's a winner in my book.

We saw Sleeping Beauty at the Children's Theatre on Saturday.

I had never really read/watched the entire story of Sleeping Beauty. It was scary to the girls at the beginning but midway through, they let go of my hand. HA! Amelia said she enjoyed it. I love taking them to the Children's Theatre. The girls are always so still and just glued to the stage. 

The weather showed some love on Saturday. It was beautiful.

I saw my nephew, Waylon graduate from high school on Saturday evening. So proud of him! I can't believe he's heading to college in the Fall.

Alex took the girls shopping on Saturday while I was at the graduation ceremony. One of Amelia's love languages is gifts. I know this because she loves to give gifts. She made me giggle with her ideas on what she was going to buy me for Mother's Day.

I arrived home late on Saturday evening. Alex let the girls stay up late. They led me to the kitchen with my eyes closed and yelled "Happy Mother's Day!!" Alex let them pick everything out themselves which I love. Amelia's card played the song, "You're Unbelievable" and Sydney's card had cats all over it, playing "Kung Fu Fighting." 

They came up with a holiday called Family Day. It's on this day that we'll purchase a bouncy house. Well played, Daddy. Well played. 

Amelia told Alex to take her to the store where we bought her ring. He thought that was Brighton (it was actually James Avery) but when Amelia saw the Brighton storefront she remembered they serve warm chocolate chip cookies to you while you shop, so she told him, "yes, they sell rings here." HAHA!! He said she shopped the entire store and decided on this ring for me. I wore it proudly to church today. 

This Sunday was just like any other. The girls and I were rushing around to get ready and out the door on time. 

And we did it!

But not before snapping our Sunday picture.

I love this picture of Amelia with Laila at church. They love each other like sisters. 

Journey Kids had a little video for the Mamas this morning. It made us laugh!

They made flower bouquets to hand out to their moms and it was so sweet. 

We usually go out to eat on Mother's Day but the wait is SO LONG. 

I don't know if you know this but kids do not wait well. And neither do some adults.  So we chose to grill at home. Alex grills the best filet! It was so yummy. We had salad, green beans, potatoes, and biscuits with our filet, chicken, and hot dogs. It's exactly what I wanted. 

While Alex grilled, the girls and I went for a walk and bike ride. 

Up and down the street. Up and down the street. Up and down the street. 

While Amelia said things like this: 

And Sydney smiled as if she had just received the best compliment ever.

And then we jumped on the trampoline. 

When trampoline time was over - it was time to eat!

It was a wonderful weekend. A beautiful mother's day with my family. Alex said something in the message that really stuck with me. I'm going to study that for a bit and write some more later. It was a good message. One that I needed to hear. 

Happy Mother's Day!

Love to all,


Lauren and Eddie said...

That video is awesome. And I love that Nathaniel has on no clothes since he's always the best dressed baby I've ever seen. :)

Joannah said...

Oh, gosh! The things Amelia says are hilarious. What a wit she has. Keep sharing them. I need the laughs. :)