Tuesday, November 18, 2014

First Dentist Appointment...

Our pediatrician told me to take Amelia to the dentist.

That was last year at her four year well-check. 

I sort of put it off for another year. (Mom of the Year, right here)

We brush our teeth very well, at least twice a day, so I've never worried much about cavities, but Amelia just had her five year well-check and I KNEW she would ask Amelia if she had been to the dentist. 

And she did. 

Luckily, I already had the appointment made, so I assured her that we were going in just a few days.

This dentist has the best waiting area for kiddos. The girls would have played there all day.

Amelia went first with x-rays.

Sydney didn't cry but was really nervous.

They just looked at her teeth to check for cavities this go around - no X-rays or cleaning.

We wanted her to have fond memories of the dentist and want to come back.

She enjoyed watching Frozen on the ceiling. 

She was really concerned about where Amelia was, so we let her watch Amelia getting her teeth cleaned and counted.

And then she let the doc count her teeth!

Their favorite part was the new toothbrush, treasure chest, and stickers.

Neither of them had cavities and for that, we are thankful!

The doctor did ask Sydney to get rid of her paci. She shot him a dirty look when he mentioned it. She has 6 months before going back. I'm thinking she'll give it up by her third birthday...we can hope.

Love to all,

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