Monday, November 10, 2014

Potty Training 101: Just Wait

 She can swim by herself.

She can work electronics by herself.

She can dress herself.

She can feed herself.

She can brush her teeth by herself.

And she now goes potty all by herself!!

Two weeks ago, she decided she was ready! And girlfriend hasn't looked back.

She even spent the weekend with her grandparents and kept her panties dry during the night. She got up and went potty in the middle of the night! She doesn't even do that at home, she wears a pull-up to bed.

The best advice I was given on potty training was from my friend, Niki.

She told me that trying to potty train a one or two year old was insane and to just wait until she told me she was ready. She said most children aren't ready until they're three years old.

Sydney has been in pull-ups since outgrowing her size 6 diapers.

And ya know, there's always that part of us as mothers that compare our kid to other kids. Or we compare our own individual children to each other.

And ya know what that leads to? It leads to stress and tears and lots of outfit changes.

Because my kids do things later than other people's kids.  And Amelia and Sydney have not done one single thing at the same age. Not ONE SINGLE THING.

Every kid does their thing in their own time. And we know that and we say that, but much of the time, we still try to push our kids to do things when we're ready for them to be ready.

Sydney is 4 months away from being three years old. Amelia was even older than Sydney before deciding she wanted to get rid of the pull-ups.

And even though there were times that I was tempted to go all 24 hour/potty training bootcamp on her, I kept hearing Niki's advice in my head.

And I was okay.

How crazy, that it's more about us (as parents) being okay than about our kids. Sydney was totally okay peeing in her pull-up, it was me that had issues with it.

I refused to be the parent that was constantly frustrated with accidents, every time I turned around, because I was trying to force her to do something she wasn't ready to do.

I'm so glad that I chose this route. It was easy and it was a happy experience for us both.

Now if she would just tell me she was ready to get rid of that paci. :)

Maybe by the time she is 3!??

Still waiting on that one.

So potty training 101 = JUST WAIT. Let them decide when the time is right.

It's way less stressful that way and makes for a happy baby and mama.

We're so proud of you, Sydney Faith!

Love to all,


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Lauren and Eddie said...

This is SO true. James (Amelia's age) was potty trained by 2.5. Will will be three in February and isn't interested in the LEAST. I asked him the other day if he knew when he needed to potty and he said, "Yes." And then I said, "Do you know how to go to the potty on the big boy potty?" And he said, "Yes!" And looked at me like there was a horn growing out of my head. He might as well have said, "DUH!" I'm entirely convinced he knows how to go and it will happen one day when he decides he's ready. I'm not pushing...yet. LOL!