Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Amelia is 2 months old!

I can't believe it has been 2 months since this little girl came into our lives!

Amelia, you are the sweetest baby girl. Your Daddy and I love waking up to your sweet face every day!

Here's what you've been up to lately...

-You are now wearing size 1 diapers. Though they are a little big, you are definitely too big for the newborn size.

-You are wearing more 0-3 month clothes. It has been so much fun to dress you every day! You are too long for most of your newborn sleepers. I decided it was time to put them up when your toes started curling up in your footed pjs. (LOL) I think you're going to be a tall girl, like your Mommy!

-You've started cooing when we talk to you. The first time you did it, I burst into tears! It was such a surprise and so sweet. Your Daddy was right there when it happened - you would have thought we'd just won a million dollars, we were so excited and proud of you!!

-Doesn't take much to get a smile from you these days...we just say your name and you give us a big grin! Melts my heart every time.

- You still love having your hands in your face.

-You are now eating 6 oz at every feeding. You make the cutest sounds when you eat...like a little pig. We affectionately call you our little piglet.

-You usually go 5 hours between feedings at night, 4 hours during the day. Though I'm tired, I love getting up with you in the middle of the night. You are my little cuddle-bug. I'm sure the day will come when you will get tired of our thousands of kisses a day, but until then - those sweet cheeks are all ours! :)

-You are staying up a little more after your feedings during the day, but nap really well.

-You are incredibly patient on us to feed you. You will take your paci and sit in your bouncy seat and not make a peep.

-You don't care for baths. You don't cry, but you get so red in the face and I just know that you are going to lose it on me at any point. (LOL) Mommy is still sponge bathing you...I'm hoping that once we start putting you in your little bathtub, you will enjoy it more.

-You love the sound of running water...any noise really. I think being in the NICU helped you block out noise or find it soothing in some way. There were lots of crying babies and beeping noises around you while you were there. For example: we can vacuum right under your bassinet and you stay sound asleep or Mommy can dry her hair right beside you and you just keep on snoozing!

-You are mesmerized with the ceiling fan...it's not even on, but for some reason makes you smile so big!

-Though you are a little wobbly (we call you a little bobble head), you are holding your head up like a champ! Your neck is getting so strong.

Happy 2 months, baby girl! You've truly made this the happiest two months of our lives! We love you!!


The Disheroons said...

Love the picture of her smiling. She is a cutie.

amy said...

happy 2 months sweet miracle baby girl! :) merry christmas to you!

Heather said...

Love it! But how on earth is she already two months!!??!? I feel like she was just born yesterday!!!
Love you bunches!!

Mel B. said...

She is so cute!

Momx6 said...

Love it!

PJ said...

Love it! Especially the picture of her smiling, OHHHH so sweet!

5 hours between feedings... I hope we are so lucky. ;)

PJ said...

You'll have to tell me what you thought of the recovery from c-section, and in general about the experience. Was it horrible? I know it's early, but I'm of course knocking that whole thing around in my head.

annalee said...

what an exciting thing to celebrate! she is just beautiful.

twondra said...

Awww, so sweet! Absolutely love the pictures! Thanks for sharing!!

Faith said...

2 Months already?!?! She is so adorable and I love that sweet smile!

Merry Christmas to you my dear friend!

bb and mtb said...

Happy Birthday, Amelia!!!

She is so sweet and you are an amazing Mama!!!!!!!!!

Happy Holidays... I know this will be the best one yet!

Melissa said...

She is precious and getting so big. Cherish these times! THey go by so fast...trust me. I never believed people when they would say that until I woke and my twins were 9 months old! What a wonderful Christmas gift! Happy Holidays!

Courtney said...

Those are great pictures. What a good way to remember everything that is happening!

Mel said...

I cannot believe it has already been 2 months. It simply amazes me how FAST baby time flies by. She is so precious and she just sounds like an absolute DREAM baby. You are all so blessed to have one another. :)

Joy (When Does Daddy Come Home?!) said...

Oh I bet she'll love a big girl bath submerged in warm water! I made the mistake of making the water too cold with our first daughter so make sure it is warm enough for your wrists and she'll LOVE it!

It's so fun to see our babies paralleling a lot of things. Is Amelia starting to giggle or laugh yet?! That's the one thing I'm waiting for Zoƫ to do and I cannot wait!

Kelly said...

Adorable blog! What a sweet little girl!