Monday, March 22, 2010

All About Amelia - 5 Months!

Amelia, you're 5 months old!!

I KNOW...we can't believe it either!

You weigh 15 lbs - 11 ounces. You had just dirtied your diaper before I put you on the scale...I'm fairly certain some of that weight was from your diaper alone. HA!

You're 25.5 inches long. You're in the 90th percentile for both weight and length.

Dr. A mentioned how happy of a baby you were all smiles for her. :)

You had to get two shots at your last appointment. You only cried when they first stuck you and then as soon as I picked you up, you stopped crying. And Mommy didn't cry at all this time!!

You're wearing size 1-2 diapers.

You're in size 3-6 month clothes (except for your undershirts, I had to buy 6-9 month for length!)

You're sleeping 7 hours at night and sometimes you throw in an extra hour or two for Mommy to sleep in.

You have moved from the bassinet by Mommy's bed to the pack-n-play by Mommy's bed. :) I'm just not ready to put you in your crib yet!

You still eat 6 ounces every 4 hours - during the day.

Dr. A said we could introduce you to rice cereal!

You didn't like it. At. All. You make this gagging sound like it's the worst thing you've ever had in your life. Can't say that I blame you - that stuff smells terrible.

This was your face after we stopped feeding it to you.

You're "talking" a lot. You have a deep voice - I think you're going to be an alto, just like your Mommy. :)

You've started doing this fake cough - cracks us up every time!

You love to pull your shirt or dress up. It's your new favorite thing to do. Like Mother like Daughter.


You're reaching for things and if we lay your paci on your chest, you will pick it up and put it in your mouth all by yourself.

Dr. A said to up your tummy-time to several times a day. Evidently your disinterest in rolling over isn't such a good thing. We aren't worried though...we know you won't be 16 years old and unable to roll over. HA! You will do it when you're ready.

You have discovered that Mommy has long hair. And you like to hold onto it with a death grip! :)

It was so warm last week, we were able to take our first stroll around the really enjoyed it. Looking forward to many more this spring/summer!

You're doing well with sitting up for a little bit on your own (on the couch or in your chair).

But as soon as I look do this.

We're just madly in love with you, sweet girl.

We love you so much it hurts.


Mrs. Alex P said...

She is so sweet. I think you and I posted our little ones 5 month update at the exact same time, no joke! I posted mine, refreshed my google reader and there was your post.

Yay!! Here's to the 5th month being the best so far :-)

PJ said...

LOVE this! She is growing up soooo fast! Love that you are able to get out now and enjoy the weather. :)

Anonymous said...

How cute is she!! I love all the pics and for some reason it made me laugh when you said she has a deep voice. I guess I just imagined her saying mommy in a really deep voice. lol

- nat

Jesse and Mandy Peterson said...

So precious! I love the way you told all of her info and the cute pictures! Trust me, it just gets more and more fun too as the months go on!

bb and mtb said...

Happy 5 months, Baby Girl!!!

kristin fulghum said...

love that first pic! and i love seeing what i have to look forward to in a couple of months.

Mel B. said...

She is just so sweet. Cute pics.

amy said...

looking at your sweet girl makes me SO HAPPY! What a blessing! Happy 5 months, precious Amelia!

Linda Lou Rogers Averitt said...

time flys and she is a living doll!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, It's me again and I still love reading about your little miracle! God sure saved the best for you...she is absolutely precious. I don't even know you but I can tell she is so loved...I just wish every child in this world could be blessed with such wonderful parents like you and Alex.
God blessed, my husband and I with a daughter twenty one years ago through adoption...God is good.
Love, from Wisconsin

Eric and Emily said...

cute, cute, CUTE!

Momx6 said...

She keeps changing - I love her so much! That smile - makes me smile too!

Faith said...

That second picture is my favorite!! Oh, that little grin is just too much! I would stare at her and hug and kiss her all day long if I were you =)

Happy 5 months Amelia!!

Mom of 3! said...

Love it! Amelia's legs remind me of Peyton's legs at that age. So sweet!

And about the baby breath... I think about the time they get some teeth and start eating food it starts to get less sweet... but I still think my big girls' stinky morning breath is sweet because it's theirs. :) Gross, I know!

Newlywed Next Door said...

Awww she's sooo cute!

Funny that she hated rice cereal!

Mel said...

That little personality is REALLY starting to come out in pictures now. She is so beyond adorable and I can only imagine such a true joy to be around every day. 5 months really flew by! It is simply crazy how fast time even begins to pick up from here on out... it'll be the big first birthday party time before you know it. :)

Rice cereal was not a hit here the first time, either, but L figured it out pretty quickly. And we started doing oatmeal cereal a few weeks after that and THAT was a monumental success. I will never forget how excited she would get when that oatmeal bowl came out... arms flailing and mouth wide open. Ah, I miss that!

Melissa said...

she is so adorable! I cannot believe how much she has grown. 5 months goes by so fast uh? Just wait til they turn my wee ones just did!!! Cherish every second ! She is precious!

elainaann said...

LOVE the new look!!!!