Monday, March 29, 2010

Celebrate good times!!

I can't believe it has been a week, since I last blogged. Things have been busy in the Averitt House!

Alex and I leave little notes for each other to find in the mornings. Little I love you...I miss you...thank you notes. One of the things on my last note to him was, "our weeks are passing way too fast!" I feel like we go to church on Sunday, go to bed, and it's Sunday again!

Being away from the blog for a week, means a long post and lots of pics. Sorry!

We've been celebrating over the past week. My S-I-L has some wonderful friends who threw her a surprise birthday party. I think you can tell by this picture - she had NO IDEA what was going on! (LOL) She was laughing and crying all at the same time. I love surprise parties. I wish I had taken a picture of the awesome brownies that our friend Heather made. OMG. I ate way too many. She topped them with a chocolate coke-a-cola icing.

Heather, can we just say my birthday is this week and you make those again!? :)

Amelia taking it all in...

I had so much fun at Alicia's party. I got to spend some time with a group of girls that I used to spend time with on a weekly basis. We had a Bible study, ate sweets, laughed A LOT and really loved/supported one another. When we started the church, I really felt like I was supposed to take a break from it. Every time I see these girls, it makes me miss them so much. Sooooooooo....I'm starting back tonight! I really need this right now and I love that I can be away for so long and pick right back up with these girls. Needless to say, I'm REALLY looking forward to it! :)

Here's a pic of some of those girls. Sure, there was a pic where we were all looking/smiling at the camera, but this one best describes what it's like when we're all together! HA!

We had two of my nieces and my nephew with us for a few days. We don't get to see them very much, so it was nice to have them while their parents had a little get-away. Joylyn loved Amelia. She was there to give her a paci, teething toy, stuffed animal...whatever Amelia wanted, Joylyn was at her beckon-call! They became best friends fast. :)

Over the weekend, we celebrated my nephew, Ty's birthday. I don't know how it happened, but he turned 17. This is the baby boy that made me an Aunt for the very first time. I simply can't believe he is 17 years old. He's a young man with a huge heart and I love him dearly.

My sister, Joy made THE BEST meal of mexican food!! Homemade guacamole, salsa, tacos, dip & punch. It was fabulous!

Chris & his baby girl. :)

Aunt Elaina w/Joylyn

Aunt Kerri w/Jessica

We were supposed to go bowling after his party, but little miss Amelia was so tired and bordering on cranky-britches, so we went home.

Here's the tired baby girl with her Aunt-Aunt. :)

I put Amelia in her pjs as soon as we got home and went to fix her a bottle. I walked into our bedroom to get her and found this. They were both passed out on the bed! (LOL)

Another exciting thing that happened - Amelia tried to roll over this weekend! It was on Saturday afternoon. She was sitting in her bouncy seat and started turning to the side and arching her back. I thought if I put her on her tummy, she might try to roll over and sure enough! She was so close to doing it. I know it's silly, but I was so proud of her! (LOL) I'm such a goober.

This week will be full of Bible study, play dates, catering, home group, dental appointments, and preparing for Easter Sunday. Amelia's basket is jammed packed with goodies! I'm sure she'll be so excited to go through them on Easter morning! Ha! I'll take a picture of her basket and post it this week.

Oh, and thanks to my friend, Faith. She did some "spring cleaning" on my blog and freshened things up a bit. As with everything she does, I love it!

I hope you've had a lovely Monday!

Love to all,


Mom of 3! said...

I'm so jealous that you are going to group tonight. I've been wanting to go back so badly, but it falls on the wrong week for me because of Jared's schedule :(

Love the post and all the pictures!!

Rebekah said...

It sounds like your week was busy but really fun! I love the picture of Alex and Amelia on the bed. I'm also loving your new look!

Faith said...

I'm glad you are getting back together with those girls - that will be wonderful for you!

Love that pic of Alex and A so much!!! Just precious =)

Hope you are having a good week so far. I'm praying for you!

andreajennine said...

Cute new blog look!

Mel said...

Good times with awesome family!! :) I am so glad everything is going so well, the photos are awesome!

Linda Lou Rogers Averitt said...

love the pics:) and you!

Heather Bug said...

Jill, I just saw this post! I'm so glad you liked my brownies!! YAY! :) I made them for Easter,'s the icing that makes it and is super easy!
1/2 stick butter
3 TBS Cocoa
6 TBS Coke
1 lb. powdered sugar
1 tsp vanilla
Also, I KNOW Kerri, the one you said is Amelia's aunt!! How crazy is that? She was married to one of my ex-husband's friends who was a police officer. I haven't seen her in YEARS!! She was beautiful I(still is) and worked for Southwest. How is she related to you? Small world! Hope you are awesome, girl!