Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Did you know it's March?

I can't believe it's March. The danger of being a SAHM is that you lose count of what day it is. And sometimes you lose count of what month it is! February really flew by.

I know it's silly, but with each month that passes (since Amelia was born), I think of how many months are left until her 1st birthday. The girl is only 4 months old. I seriously need to get a grip. HA! I would be lying if I said I'm not already making plans.

In my head that is.

It's going to be the party of the year.

As it should be. ;)

Do not think that I'm wishing my baby girl's life away. I am not. I enjoy every single minute of it. I just love to plan parties and have been waiting a very long time to plan THIS party. If I could, I would throw her a party on the 22nd of every month.

But Alex wouldn't let me.

I'm singing "Every Party Has A Pooper" in my head right now.

Amelia and I ran errands today. We don't really leave the house a lot. Especially when it's cold outside. It's just so much harder to take her out when it's cold. A few errands take quite a bit of time with a little one. And since it was cold, I was covering her...uncovering her...covering her...uncover...you get the idea. This will tell you how little we get out, since Amelia was born. A tank of gas in my car lasts 2 weeks. Seriously.

I'm okay with it though. When she gets a little bigger and can sit up in a cart or stroller, I think it will be a lot easier than lugging the car seat around. The last time my parents were in, my Daddy was carrying her into a restaurant and he said, "there is no way my baby weighs this much - this seat must weigh a ton!" (LOL)


It's my girl.

She's getting big.

Anyway, we DID get out today and our first stop was the post office. I tried to go twice last week and they were closed. I assumed all post office locations keep the same hours. Wrong. Anywho, we went to a different location today and they were open, so we mailed our packages and headed to Sams.

I *heart* Sams. Something about everything being in bulk. And being able to buy a slice of pizza and a coke for $1.00. How can you not like this place? I bought a huge thing of diapers. Amelia can finally wear size 1-2!! Alex doesn't like that they don't have the little line that turns colors to show that she's wet (like the size 1's). He doesn't have a keen sense of smell like me. (LOL) I told him to just change her every 10 minutes to be safe.

Not really.

After our trip to Sams, we headed to Sonic. I needed a cranberry-limeade STAT. Then off to the bank and home.

Exciting day, no?

Made myself some mac & cheese for dinner (Alex was at the church) and watched Idol. I really need Alex Lambert to get rid of the mullet. I like his voice, but the mullet is drawing my attention away from his voice. It's hard for me to watch him sing with a mullet. How many times can I use the word mullet in one paragraph? Just sayin'.

And now I'm ready for bed. I'm going to give my baby girl a bath and bottle and then we're all going to sleepy-town.

Oh, and I decided that I would do my March giveaway on St. Patty's Day! The giveaway is green of course. I have one for myself and I love it and I think you will love it too!

Love to all,


{:miss v:} said...

I always love the photos of your baby girl! So sweet!

I would have loved to have a birthday party on the 24th of every month if I could have with Evan. We instead opted for a small 6th month birthday party with a home made cake and a candle! It was fun, just daddy, mommy and Evan. I posted about it too! haha!

Why haven't I heard of those diapers that show you when the baby is wet??? Hmmmmm....are those new? haha!

Three Peas In A Kitchen said...

Amelia is such a beautiful baby, and I love reading about the joy you share with her. I'm so glad God blessed you with such a bundle of joy!

Cady said...

I'm already thinking about Lucy's first birthday, too! It's going to be the biggest party ever. As much fun as it is to start thinking about plans, I get sad as every month passes because she's getting so big!

amy said...

your sweet Amelia is melting my heart with that smile! And I was SO like that (still am with 2 on the way)- planning the bday party in my head. It's a wonderful celebration!

I'm with you on the mullet on that cute little boy on American Idol. Ick! Ruining everything. Richey and I were cheering for him last night though- literally- he did so much better than last week!

I realllllly need a Sams card. Can you believe with the twins I've NEVER gotten one? Crazy, I tell you.

Mom of 3! said...

Love the pics! I know how you feel about not getting out much - especially in the cold. We are the same way. The spring makes it easier, although I'm not sure that anything will be easy for me anymore! She is such a doll and we loved having you guys at the party Sunday!

Shannon said...

Her smile is just precious! I love Sams but I prefer the pretzel and coke. :) I can't get over the mullet either!

Momx6 said...

She is so precious and she's going to be so attached to you! As she should be...

bb and mtb said...

Why don't they put the line on the bigger size diapers, I will never know. I thought it was odd at first too!

I wish we lived closer and then we could be real-life sahm friends. Once Amelia gets a good schedule going, you won't want to leave the house because you won't want to mess with that nap schedule. That's where I am.... at home all day. And it doesn't necessarily get easier to run errands once she gets older/bigger.... trust me on this one. BUT, it is absolutely necessary to get out and mingle with other people. I need to remember that every day.

Love the pictures - she is so beautiful!!

Jamie said...

She's adorable! I can't believe how big she's gotten. Don't you just love the role of the stay at home mom, it's the best.

My brother got me an "I Love Mullets" shirt for Christmas a few years ago, because I just love www.mulletjunkie.com .. check it out! If you're ever having a downer day, it will crack you up. Well, if you're into that sort of thing. lol

Faith said...

Time does fly! I honestly cannot wait to see the big bash for this precious girl's first birthday. It will be quite the celebration, just as it should be of course!!

And yes, the mullet has got. to. go.

Stephanie said...

I know all about mentally planning a 1st birthday WAY in advance!!!!!!
She is getting so BIG!!!

Katie said...

Jill ~ I am with you about the mullet. PLEASE!?! I do like his voice though. ; )

Sounds like you had an exciting day to me. Sam's AND Sonic? Nice. ; )

Leah said...

I've been planning Amelia's first birthday in my head for a while now. My only problem is sticking with a theme.
I love going to Sams, especially for diapers and wipes! Can't go wrong with bulk. :)

Annie said...

A is getting so big! She is such a cutie! And your day out sounds like a perfect day in my book! :) Funny how things change when you become a mom! :) And I am totally with you about the birthday planning! I'm already planning AB's 2nd bday and she just turned one in December! HA...

Linda Lou Rogers Averitt said...

ok so do you want us to bring the horse to her party or what???? I love it, you have had so many BD parties to go to an you have iven some for others so NOW it will be your turn to have your own little girl a party...thank youLord!

Heather Bug said...

Thanks for the sweet compliment, Jill! :) Amelia is so precious! I love Sam's, too! :) Praying for you this morning. Happy Thursday!