Thursday, April 22, 2010

All About Amelia - 6 months old!

Amelia, you're 6 months old!!

It's your half-birthday sweet girl. :)

We can't believe how fast you're growing. It seems like you're doing something new every day!

You weigh 17 lbs - 11 ounces and you're 26" long.

You're wearing size 2 diapers.

You're wearing size 6-9 month clothes. In some brands, the 6 month is already too short, so we've moved you up to the 9 month for length.

You continue to sleep 7-9 hours a night.

You still sleep in your pack-n-play beside Mommy's side of the bed.

You're eating 8 ounces every four hours.

We've also introduced you to rice cereal with peaches! Of course, you like it much better than the plain rice cereal. :)

We'll introduce a veggie next week. I'm hoping you like veggies more than your Daddy - he's not a big veggie-eater! First on the list...sweet peas!
*can you hear your Daddy gagging??*

You continue to fake cough and think it's so funny.

You've discovered your feet. They're your new favorite toy.

You seem to be tired of your swing, but love your play gym more than ever!

You also love your exersaucer that Uncle Chris & Aunt Kerri let us borrow!

You're sitting up for a few seconds without our help. We know you will be doing it all by yourself very soon!

You've started sticking your tongue out at people. Just like Mommy when she was little. She always had her tongue out in pictures. (LOL)

You smack your lips constantly and it's so cute. This is one of your Daddy's favorite things that you do. He's constantly getting you to smack your lips!

You had your first drink of water out of a straw and you LOVED it! You just kept opening your mouth for more. Your dress was soaked afterwards! :)

You are definitely teething and we feel so sorry for you. You chew on EVERYTHING.

You love to put the burp cloth over your face. You think it's so funny when we finally pull it away from your face. We think if we didn't pull it away, you would sit under there for hours! (LOL)

How you love for the burp cloth to be on your face is amazing to us, because you HATE for any type of clothing to go over your head. When we dress you, you immediately start freaking out when a shirt goes over your head. We have to be quick when dressing/undressing you.

You can roll from back to stomach and stomach to back, but don't do it every time we lay you down. Not sure when you will decide to roll every time we put you down. We're making sure not to walk away and leave you - unless you're on the floor (just to be safe). :)

You're Mommy's best little shopping buddy. If you have a full belly and a clean diaper, you'll shop til Mommy drops!

You love to hold hands. A lot of times when you're upset, all it takes is to let you hold our finger and you're happy again.

When we lean down to give you kisses, you will put your hands up and want to hold our face. We think this is just precious!

You continue to be the happiest baby we know. We can't take you anywhere without someone commenting on your beautiful eyes and sweet smile.

Amelia, we never knew that our hearts could hold so much love for someone. We love you more than words can say!


Jesse and Mandy Peterson said...

So sweet! She's such a precious baby girl, and I love seeing her continue to grow and develop such a big personality.

Hillary said...

She is soooo cute! Saw some Sam's clothes in those pics!! The pick and white one is the one I just monogrammed!! I have a bond with that little outfit!

Mom of 3! said...

Amoolya (Amelia)- you've come a long way baby! You are such a sweet baby girl and I'm proud to be your Aunt Jen!

Good grief - is she really 6 months old?! Where has the time gone?

Faith said...

Jill, she is seriously beyond cute!! Those gorgeous eyelashes and smile. I love the one of her sitting up by herself - she looks so big! And the one of her holding Alex's face - my word, so precious!

I sure wish I could love on her this weekend, but I'm so glad I'll get to see you!

oliviasmommy07 said...

She is so beautiful! They all grow entirely too quick though!!
Oh and sorry about that random email from me~my email was hacked~I apologize!!

AmyC623 said...

What a precious post! I cannot belive she is 6 months old already! And such a doll!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BTW - you look GREAT in the pic of the two of you together!

annalee said...

what a precious 6 month old!
ps- i'm in love with that owl dress! zutano right?!

Mel said...

That personality is really just beaming through in photos now. She is so precious. Fastest 6 months of your life, right? Ugh. The next 6 go even faster, believe it or not!!! Enjoy it!

Melissa said...

She is getting so big and cuter every minute! Can you believe how fast it has flown by? Enjoy every second of her because time will start flying by faster and faster!! Happy 6 months to you all!!!

Shannon said...

How sweet!! She is just so pretty and so smiley!! :)

Hilary said...

Such a cutie..Happy 6 months :)

Eric and Emily said...

She could not be any sweeter!

Lauren Kelly said...

Your daughter is beautiful!! Just found your thru Betsy's blog!! :)

Mandi said...

Girl, it was soooo good meeting you this weekend! I'll be following the Averitt Fam from now on!

Mandi said...

And it must be said that Amelia is ADORABLE! What a blessing