Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Catch up...

I feel like there has been no time to sit down and blog over the past few days. It has taken me all day to write this. Amelia is in bed (for now), so I'm going to attempt to play catch's a little update on what's going on in the Averitt House!

Alex arrived home from his business trip on Friday. We had a beautiful weekend! We woke up and put Amelia in bed with us. I just laid there remembering when I used to daydream about mornings like this.

Thank you Father, for Amelia Joy.

We loved on our girl and then we headed to Mimi's. It's one of our favorite places to go for breakfast/brunch. One of my favorite things to get with my breakfast is their mocha latte. They are so fattening & yummy!

Amelia took her glow worm in with her. She likes to snuggle it. :) She almost looks angry in this picture. HA! She was tired.

She used to always sleep when we went to restaurants, but here lately she wants to be held.

We usually take turns. One of us eats while one holds her and then we switch so the other can eat. (Except Sunday night when she didn't care who was holding her. She wanted to go home and go to bed, so I got my food to go and we headed home! HA!) That's the first time she has ever done that (and probably not the last). We just don't ever want her to cry and disturb everyone else in the restaurant. Much easier to just get our food to go.

Anywho, after breakfast at Mimi's, we ran a few errands and then headed home to take a walk around the neighborhood. This is the first time we've walked with Dies and Amelia. Diesel was trying to sniff Amelia the entire time.

And this was Amelia's face when he would put his face in her stroller. Just like her Aunt Joy - you'll never have to guess what she's thinking...her face says it all! LOL!! I'm fairly certain she was thinking, "get your nose out of my stroller, you stinky dog!" HA!

She really did enjoy the walk though. :)

Sunday morning we got up and I made cinnamon rolls & coffee. Alex had some things to finish up, so we got ready and headed to church. Here are a couple of pics before we left for church...

I had my airbrush tan the night before. As you can see....IT WORKED! HA! I showed the girl a pic of what I look like when I tan naturally. She decided I needed the medium color. It was shocking to go from being so fair to so dark! I think it looks darker in pics than it really is in person. I was pleased gave me some color, which is what I wanted. It has already lighted up quite a bit. I think next time, I will do the lightest!

We had home group on Monday night and then Tuesday, Alex left on another business trip. :(

Tuesday evening, Amelia started running fever. This is the first time she has ever run fever or been sick, so I was a little panicked at first. I called Alex and he said, "have you called the doctor?" I was like, ", that's a great idea though!" So I called the after hours line and could barely remember my own phone number. She was so pitiful. Her temperature got up to 102.3. She was burning up from head to toe. I took her sleeper off and she slept in her diaper for the rest of the night. Well, she didn't really sleep. And neither did I. I put her in bed with me and we were up most of the night. She would just lay there and make this little moaning noise. I felt so bad for her. Her eyes were watering so bad, it looked like she was crying. She napped off and on today.

I took her to the doctor this afternoon. They took some blood to make sure everything was okay. This nice man came in to stick her finger and she didn't even cry - just laid there and stared at him. UNTIL he continued to squeeze her finger to get quite a bit of blood. She finally lost it and was crying BIG TIME. I fed her while we waited for the results and that helped calm her down.

This is her trying to get the band-aid off her finger. She kept messing with it, until it finally fell off.

She has a virus that will just have to run it's course. Her fever is already gone. (YAY!!) Now I just have a cranky girl on my hands. I'm praying she sleeps better tonight. We're both tired. I think we'll spend tomorrow in our pjs being lazy!

Alex, if you're reading this...we miss you. :)

Love to all,


Just Believing said...

Faith had the exact same thing a virus nothing really they could find and her temp was 102.7!

Poor babes so sad ;(

Glad she ( and my Faith baby) are feelign much better!

bb and mtb said...

LOVE the smilie faces!!!!! Such a happy and beautiful girl!

Sorry she was not well, and I hope she's already fully recovered. Good job, Mama!!

Linda Lou Rogers Averitt said...

feel better litle Amelia...hope you both get some rest, call me if you need me:) hugs

Faith said...

Bless the baby's heart!! Oh, some of those pics are just pitiful. I love the ones of A and Alex and A and you before church (your tan looks awesome btw!!).

Hope sweet baby girl is feeling better soon!

The Patterson's said...

I think the tan looks great!

Our dog puts his nose right in Drake's face, too.

Hope Amelia is feeling much better today!

Glitter & Bliss said...

She is so darling!! So sorry she has been sick, and so glad she is feeling better. She is such a happy...smiley...little girl. She is precious!!! I know you are in complete love. I can see it in every post. It just hard as that is to does. Mommyhood is amazing!!

Stephanie said...

AWWWWW that is so sad that she is sick. I hated when Willie was sick for the first time. I just couldn't think. And William was gone too so I was really panicking, so I know how you felt.
I hope she feels better soon for both of your sakes.

The Disheroons said...

I hope she feels better soon. The only thing worse than having a sick baby, is having a sick baby that you have to take care of all by yourself.

Mel said...

First, we LOVE Mimi's and do it every Sunday. (though I feel like we've probably already made that connection at some point!) Best brunch place ever--their pancakes and bacon are TO DIE FOR! YUM!

I am so sad that poor little baby is so sick. She looks so cute in her sleeping picture on your bed, though!! AHHH!! I hope she is feeling better today. We have a cold over here with little miss and it is just a MISERABLE day for all involved. Nothing worse than a sick baby. :(

The spray tan looks great! I don't think it is too dark at all!

annalee said...

things i love:
1) that she is feeling better
2) that owl dress
3) the spray tan you got

Heather said...

I am so sorry that Amelia was sick!!! Hope she is all better now!!! I got a spray tan this week, too.....and I LOVE it!!! It's amazing what a little color will do!!! I loved this post and getting caught up with you! I think the pic of Amelia in her stroller so happy is my fav!!! Love you girl!

The Lynchs said...

Poor Amelia! Hope she feels better soon!