Monday, September 6, 2010

Lead Me...

It's Labor Day and Alex had the day off! Alex and I were both up before Amelia this morning. She slept until almost 9am. I got up and made Alex some cinnamon rolls. By make them, I mean that I took them out of a can. Thanks to Pillsbury.

We've had the best day as a family. Amelia played so hard with her Daddy. He has chased her all over the house. She took a couple of really good naps because of it!

During Amelia's nap time, Alex and I sat and talked and just shared our hearts with one another. Lots of laughter. Lots of tears. I've had the sweetest time with my husband. While we were talking, he wanted to share a song with me. A song that I had never heard, but that he listens to often. It's called Lead Me by Sanctus Real. It really reminded me of how big of a responsibility he has in being the leader of our home. In being a husband, a father, a pastor.

I love my man. He has the sweetest heart.

The Hogs played on Saturday evening - our first game of the season! I went to put one of Amelia's Razorback outfits on her and it was too big. They were all too big! We're going to have to pick up a few things for game days. We were going to run some errands, so we all had to wear some red in support of our Hogs. I grabbed this hat and as you can see by her face - she didn't like it one bit. (LOL) She's not like her Mommy...I love to wear a ponytail and ball cap!

She was much happier with a red & white bow, which went with the outfit better than a ball cap. :)

We watched the game from home and ate frito chili pies.

I'm making a point to cook more. We had gotten into the habit of eating out a lot during the summer. So much money can be saved by me cooking every night. I made a menu for the week and we went to the market on Saturday. I bought an entire week of groceries for around $70! That's what we spend on eating out just a couple of times.

Last night was Chicken Quesadillas. They look a little burnt because they WERE a little burnt. Alex said they were perfect. Like I said, he's a sweet man. I thought they were okay. I won't be putting them on the menu every week. Maybe every other week. And I won't burn them next time.

Tonight I made pan-fried hamburgers w/a side of roasted potatoes.

What's on the menu for the rest of the week?
Tuesday: Baked Sour Cream & Onion Chicken Strips
Wednesday: Tacos
Thursday: Stuffed Bell Peppers
Friday: We have a rehearsal dinner to attend
Saturday: Kitchen Closed - Eating Out!

I've been looking for some new snacks for Amelia. What do/did you give your 10 month old to snack on? I've tried giving her diced apples and carrots that are really soft. She's not a fan of those yet. She does have a new one that she loves. They're called cinnamon-maple crunchies. After eating them, she smells like pancakes for the rest of the day. :) The last pic is what she does when they're all gone-gone. So sad.

Click on picture to enlarge

I hope you had a relaxing Labor Day and enjoyed some time with your family.

Love to all,


Amber said...

Sounds like a wonderful day!!

I wish you could pass some of your cooking love over this way. We have been so bad since having Drake especially. I've been couponing, but not really getting enough things to prepare meals. oops!

Heather Bug said...

I LOVE Pillsbury cinnamon rolls!! They are as good as homemade to me! :) I also love the song by Sanctus Real....Lead Me. I think it's such a neat song. Hope you are fabulous, girl!!!

Momx6 said...

That Amelia! The change in the two pictures, from hat to bow, made me laugh out loud.
Love "Lead Me" - it is truth in song.

Anonymous said...

Would love your recipe for frito chilie pie. It looks fabulous!

Heather said...

We have made an effort to eat at home more the last couple of months and it makes SUCH a difference in the budget!!! And the Pillsbury Cinnamon rolls are one of my weaknesses! And one of my love languages!!! I heart those BIG TIME!!!! :) Have a great week, girl! And how about those HOGS?!?!?

Mel said...

YUM! All that food looks SO awesome. I go through stretches where I am great about cooking and times where I am awful. Your menu sounds awesome!

I remember that picking foods to give L around 10-14 months was really challenging. The transition from baby food to table food just took a little time. We loved the maple crunchies and I swear they make that smell linger until you bathe it off! Yum! We def did the crunchies, puffs, yogurt melts and entire ger.ber repertoire for a few months. Those soft apples and carrots in the jars were great. I started giving her pasta and red sauce about that time, too. Cheese cubes, shredded deli meat, strips of dry toast, apple sauce, guacamole, macaroni and cheese, YOGURT. I obviously transitioned her on to these things slowly and one at a time, but it was really fun!

KJ said...

First of all yummy. I love Lead Me. I just heard it for the first time a few weeks back when Mark Darr sang it at church. Tears were flowing. We've always had luck with bannanas, alvacado, peaches, and peeled grapes. I also bake a large sweet potatoe a week, cube it up and have it handy in the fridge. Easy and not all the processed stuff involved with the canned foods.