Monday, September 13, 2010

Our Weekend...

We had a busy weekend! Alex and I had a rehearsal dinner for two of our sweet friends/church members on Friday evening. I was so excited for them. I knew from the time that Jen started dating Will that he was the one for her. :) Since Amelia was at home with a babysitter, we went on a hot date to Target after the rehearsal dinner. HA!

We got up on Saturday and started getting ready for the wedding. Alex was officiating and I played wedding coordinator. Amelia came to the wedding with us and did so well. This was us afterwards...we were hot and sweaty by this point.

My Aunt Sandi was sweet enough to hold her throughout the wedding. It was outdoors and very warm, but Amelia sat on her lap through the entire thing.

Here's the lovely couple. Jennifer was such a beautiful bride!

It was such a pretty setting for an outdoor wedding. That's Pinnacle Mountain and Lake Maumelle in the background.

Here's Amelia giving Belinda sugars after the ceremony. :)

Amelia with her Aunt E at the reception!

After the wedding, we flew home to change into our Razorback attire.

We took Amelia to her Nana's house and we headed to the game!

Here's me and my sweetie at the game. Sweating some more.

Even though we won, it was a frustrating game to watch. I'm hoping we get our act together before this coming Saturday!

Sunday is our favorite day of the week...we get to go to church!! Even though Amelia is almost 11 months old, she has never been to Journey Kids. I always keep her in the service with me. She usually takes her bottle and will play on my lap for the entire service. While I'm singing with the worship team, she sits with a friend or family member. Sometimes I get up and walk her in the back of the sanctuary, but it hasn't been an issue up to this point. We're a family-oriented church...very laid back. We encourage parents to keep their children with them in service for as long as they want. If they get upset, you can take them to the nursery. This was my week to work in Journey Kids, so Amelia came with me. She had the best time! She would just sit and watch the other kids. She LOVED this little toy where she could stand and play. Yes, my child is barefoot. She still refuses to wear shoes. I'm praying that by the time it gets cold, she'll let me put them on her feet. She was so tiny last winter, she wore those fake "shoe-socks." She's a little old for those now. HA! Anyway, look at that sweet face...she was having the best time.

I went today and bought her a couple of new toys. I looked for the Leap Frog table that people told me about and couldn't find it, so we settled for this Fisher-Price table. She loves it!

I also bought her a Melissa & Doug wooden puzzle. She takes them out, slams them back down, chews on them, and repeat! She looks so big in these pictures.

The weeks are flying by, aren't they!? My baby turns a year old next month. I've been working on her first year video and can't even watch it without crying. How on earth did this happen? I love each and every stage, but I would go back to those sleepless nights with my tiny baby girl in a heartbeat. Probably best if I don't talk about it anymore. I feel the tears coming.

Love to all,


Cuddles and Chaos said...

Amelia is growing up so fast. I know every doctor is different, but ours always said that shoes were only necessary for walking outside for maybe by then she'll like some shoes or some robeez.
My youngest loved to take her socks and shoes (yes, even Robeez) off so she could put her toes in her mouth. I was always terrified of her feet freezing.


Stephanie said...

Wow she is getting so big! I always put shoes on Willie but they always end up coming off so we are about in the same situation. I am hoping that he will keep them on his feet when he starts walking which will be soon!

Nitzia said...

that is sooo great that Amelia can sit with you during worship time to this day, i had all the intentions of doing this with my kids but it just didn't work out... too many interruptions and alot of wiggling and very loud noises, my kids are not the laid back type :( i was sad about it because i totally agree with you about letting them be in worship since they are very little.
I cant believe she will be one year old already!!

Ashley said...

I totally understand your tears; I do the same thing. It looks like your week was eventful. Can you even believe how fast time is flying? I feel like I blinked and the boys are eleven months.

Are you having a first birthday party? Have you decided on a theme? We're doing Dr. Seuss, and I can't wait!

We're in the same boat with the shoes. Guess we'll see how that goes this winter. Fingers crossed we both have luck!

Momx6 said...

Enjoyed every photo!

Lauren said...

What a fun weekend! And that could not be a more beautiful location for a wedding!!!!!

Amber said...

That wedding looks beautiful!

We have that same Fisher Price table and Drake loves it. Jason and I were actually singing a couple of the songs this weekend when the table wasn't even around...funny how they can get ingrained in your memory.

Faith said...

How in the world is it possible that she is almost a year?!?!? Time, please slow down! Although, I can't wait to see the bash y'all throw for this princess!

She is looking so big and just as cute as ever. Love y'all!

Rathi said...

K has the same fisher price table.. she loves to play with it, can't wait till she stands and plays like that.. One year old, are you done planning the party.. K still has six more months but i feel like i should start planning now! A is just too cute in the pics! Have a great week!

Jen said...

We got to see Amelia Saturday night and my girls just loved on her. Friday should be much fun! :) I can't believe she is almost a year old.... seriously? Before you know it she'll be 3 and you'll be in even more awe at how fast time goes by!

I would get her some Robeez for this fall/winter and get her used to wearing shoes. That way her little toes will stay warm :) In fact, I have some of Laila's that will probably fit her if you want to let her give them a try.

The Disheroons said...

We are to the georgia game this weekend. I say we loosely me and a friend are going to shop while the guys go to the game. It is suppose to be 90 degrees so they will probably be sweating too.

Karen said...

What a fun weekend you had Jill!!! Can you tell me what toy Amelia is playing with in the second to last picture? It looks adorable and I would love to get one for my little Jillian. Thanks!